Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dec 30

6.6 mi in 56:44. An 8:36 pace. At 5pm, after sleeping for 12 hrs (on top of a week of sleeping in). First 2 loops no biggie. Tired for the last. Concentrated on short strides w/ no overstriding. Rt thigh pushed to pain for last 100m when I sped up. Wore cotton tee in 52 deg. iPod - good to have a nice run long enough to get lost in again. Rt butt right under bone hurts. Splits> 26:38 r2, 10:50 h2, 8:00 r3, 11:14 h4. Decent slowdown. Cdn't do 7.5 w/o stops in the last 2+ mi a month ago, so finishing 6.6 w/o stops is a recent record, I guess.

Hydrated a lot today, and felt fine drink and fuel-wise during the run. Used to not get hungry til mile 11, anyway, and the 7 mi chills not until... mile 7. Had a lot to eat for breakfast, prob b/c I woke up at 1:40pm. Salmon, cereal, milk, dry roasted peanuts, tangerine.

Day b/f> 40 min strength. 200 crunches, 15 tridips, 30 pushups, 1:00 side planks, 2x2 min plank, 35 supermans, 40/45/40 leg lifts/clam, 3x35 quad dips, 35 calves, 2x60s 6in. Musclers were stiffer that day (dec 29). Inner thigh still hurts.

Oh yeah, today, my inner thighs felt better. Not 100%, but noticeably better. Sleep prob helps.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec 28

Loop> 2.2 mi in 17:35. Splits: 7:30 r, 10:04 h. Effort 7/10, so no biggie. Would've done another, but decided not to, since not bad, but not 100%. 8:00/mi exactly. Great... hold that for 11 more 2.2 mi laps. Afterwards, since I hadn't pushed hard, I decided to work on form. Earlier that morn, I started to read Run for Life. It's a book all about form, it seems. Most books just tell you about drills on a high level, and even the better books merely tell you what muscle it works. This book tells you more. High knees, for ex, are good b/c otherwise, ppl use their hip flexors very rarely in normal life. Butt kicks are key b/c that position reduces the moment of inertia (in my own words), making less effort necessary to pull the leg back out to the front. I also did vert arm drills, since reducing cross-body movement reduces the lateral movement that is both wasteful and injury-inducing. So I did 2x30s of those three, plus 30s ea of lat and vert hop-over-lines. I think it'd be even better if I did them barefoot next time, to hone the proprioception that is deadened by the wearing of shoes. I think I'll even try barefoot running. It definitely sounds good. It should eliminate heel strikes. I think I don't do that much anyways, but we'll see how much of a difference it makes. I'm more scared of splinters in the grass than rubbing my feet raw on asphalt. We'll see. I think my arm swing is good, at least when I'm not tired. I know I've had bad arm swing previously, though, so I think it depends on fatigue. Keeping a palms-up light fist turns your elbow inwards automatically, though, so I'll try to focus on that and maybe even hold something in my hands (to mimic the $40 e3's hand grips). Experimenting is fun (we'll see if my feet agree after the barefoot attempt).

Injury report: This morn when I woke up, my inner left thigh was hurting. Strange b/c usually, it's the right. So I rolled b/f running and played Wii to warm up and felt ok enough to run. During the run, didn't really notice, though a couple times, my rt knee didn't track perfectly. Minimal issues, though.

Bod report: My butt's bigger, I think. Could be the 2lbs I gained in the past 3 days. Cd be bio factors, or cd be the holiday feasting. But it's sore, too, so prob at least it's partially from new muscle. Maybe it's from the squats I did via Wii the other day, or that the more normal (if you can count a couple 4-5milers as normal, since it's still a far cry from the daily 6-8's or the 16ers) running is kicking in, or the extra resistance from a brief shot of double elastic bands triggered hypertrophy.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dec 26

2xloop> 4.4 mi in 36:38 = 8:20/mi ave. That's slow, but it was on wet grass. Splits> 8:01 r, 10:34 h (18:36), 7:41 r, 10:20 h (18:01). So a good bit faster on the 2nd loop (well, 8:11 pace vs. 8:27) - warmup effect. It was a chilly start in a t-shirt (42 degrees), but I warmed up within half a mile and went in sportsbra. By the last half, even the sports bra was too hot... kept that on, though. No iPod, just enjoying running outside, after being stuck on the treadmill for the past 4 months, due to the normal workday making sunlight a stranger to me and the lack of flat, grassy places to run where I live. Plus, I can listen to my injuries better this way.

The day before, strength: 250 crunches/side, 2:00 plank, 90s 6in, 40/45 leg lifts, 15 tridips, 30/30 slow/fast pushups, 2x35 quad dips, 40 pillows, 25-30 doubled resistance bands. The bands had 2x the resistance, so I could pull them only for a shorter distance. It was a diff color, too, so it might've been stronger to begin with. It perhaps strained my muscles and strings (haha, I like that better than ligaments and tendons), esp my rt lower knee. I shd've just said, ok, it's clearly not doing so well, so stop, but I did the exercise through the pain- bad idea. Almost no benefit from the measly 20 or so reps, but it could damage me for future runs. So next time, it's not worth it!

So this all caused me to be pained up in the left knee that night and some the next morning. I was desperate for a run, since I wanted to accomplish something today and take advantage of the flat grass that I'll have for another week+. Thank the Lord, the run went okay. I was tired after the 2nd loop, but felt injury-free enough to go again. It helps to think instead of "one more loop after I finish this first one," to think "I'm going to do 3 more loops after this". It makes just 1 more loop seem less intimidating, and you take it easy mentally (even though not necessarily physically, although it ends up feeling better physically).

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Festival of Lights Xmas Eve Run

Just as the last light was creeping away, I hit the road w/ my sis and dad (on bikes) for an Xmas Eve run. I had taken 2 days completely off to let my inner thigh heal (hasn't really, and my butt's still sore), but I fear losing fitness. So after eating a block of curry tofu (so full afterwards), I put on my Brooks Nightlife 1/2 zip (and my bright glove/mitts). I shed my gloves after 1/4 a mile. It was only 54 degrees but windy. About 1/2 a mile in, I took off the 1/2 zip but left it around my neck and let it hang the rest of the way. It was absolutely brilliant and glowing, even moreso in the almost darkness. It's almost unrreal looking. Such a good purchase. Anyway, the lights were pretty to see on the houses, except I mostly didn't noticed b/c I was concentrating on finding level grass to run on. It was nice temps - would be better if I hadn't overdressed. A tee and shorts would've been perfect. It was 2.2 mi (same as the normal loop in length, although a slightly different path through neighborhood rather than the main road) in 16:29. Ave 7:30/mi pace.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dec 21

45 min Strength (including PT) - billy bands, elastic band, and mat. 45/45 leg lifts, PT - only abductor strong - flexor/extensor/adductor lots weaker, left knee crinkles @ pillow (30 reps), 2x40 quad dips, 40 slow pushups, 3 min plank, 200 crunches/side, 140 fly crunches, left achilles bad last night and today during band PT, rt butt sore, everything rolled on foam roller smoothly, tho.

4 mi in 30:40... 7:40 ave pace. Rolled and stretched pre-run, to get out the stiffness leftover from the 5.3. Achilles bugging me today @ work, too, so esp worked left calf. Did 1.5 mi @ 8:30 to warm up, 0.5 @ 8:00, 0.5 @ 7:30, and 1.5 @ 7:00. It was good practice for the 5K, where I'd have to hold a bit sub 7:00 for 3. I felt pretty good bod-wise, besides ball of rt foot poundy in last mi. According to Running Well, the left achilles prob that started the night of the 5.3er was prob either caused by 1) tight calves, and/or 2) high heel cup. My left calf is in fact super sore (both are sore and have been for weeks and weeks, but the left one especially since the 5.3er. The Progrid I wore for the 5.3er does have a high heel cup, too. It had caused my achilles to bleed into my shoes when I wore non-soccer socks with it before. So today, I chose the Evolution 3's (which is getting up there in miles) with the Stability insoles. Those insoles have caused blistering on my left arch. Haven't had blisters in a long, long time. New thoughts on the Stability insoles... it's reasonable for it to have a big hump where the arch should be, but the big hump (which is centered, I guess mainly for cushioning?) extends too far back towards the heel pad of the foot, so it doesn't line up w/ the arch. Eh well. For now, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. It's decent enough to run in for the 9+ miles so far, and just as it's good to change up surfaces, and, by extension, shoes, maybe it doesn't hurt to change up insoles, too, so long as it's not totally unsuitable for your pronation type.

Okay... to keep you from falling asleep...

After the run, I did my usual ice bath (the outdoor pool). Air temp: 37 degrees. My body was HOT. It was really cool to see steam radiating from my body. My head emitted clouds of steam, while my hands had a smaller layer of steam dancing over it. It was pretty neat to watch, well worth getting yourself really hot indoors so that when you go outside, you can play.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

RECIPE: Scrambled Tofu

Every couple months or so, I get tired of the food options I have in my fridge, and I get unable to think of what I do crave. It's a nasty feeling. I had it today. Then, I remembered the tofu in my cabinet and remembered scrambled tofu I had in 2D. I hadn't had curry in a while - the last time was prob early Nov, when I ate it for like 7 meals straight.

1 block silken tofu
1 tbsp soy sauce
1/4 cup curry powder
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp whole cumin
2 stalks green onion
3/2 tbsp EVOO
2 tbsp white vinegar

1. Start frying chopped up green onion, EVOO, and spices.
2. Add cut up tofu.
3. Stir until it breaks up.
4. Add vinegar and soy sauce.

Optional: add Sweet Potato bites to make it more filling and chewy.

Delicious - the vinegar gives it a savory kick.

Dec 19 - p

5.3 mi in 43:34 (8:13 pace... somehow gotta keep that up for a marathon... long way to go). Wore new Brooks Nightlife 1/2 zip w/ white UA underneath and Pearl Izumi mitts (likely a Gear Guide in the next couple months with more details. For now, I'll just say that I felt a lot safer during the run wearing these, knowing that it was much more likely that I'd be seen. Not to mention all the user-friendly features I'll go into in the future.

Since it was chilly, I could comfortably go at what felt like a fast pace - not that fast, it looks like, but probably ok when you factor in the amount of wet grass I ran on. I estimate a 60/20/20 ratio of grass/rubbertrack/asphalt. The track was harder than I remembered from the summer. The grass was super nice and squishy and felt the best to run on. When my knee (outer lower rt) wasn't doing so well, stepping off the track and into the grass would help. On the way there, no issues. On the way back, though (at a/b my usual 5k point time-wise), my knee would start nagging, but since there was a defined finish point (unlike the treadmill), I pressed on. The grass would help.

I was breathing hard from the start, but I was tired on the way back, and pushing through that was good for me, b/c it wasn't straining my injuries too much, just making my muscles and respiratory system adapt. I ate a Kashi Dark Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookie before the run without negative impacts.

Splits> 14:28 rubbertrack, 6:52 church, 7:10 rubbertrack, 15:02 parkinglot. I was slower on the way back, but it's not quite as bad as it seemes b/c of the downhill out and uphill back.

Knee was a bit achey after, but did best to stretch some barefoot in the p-lot (b/c my feet were hot - left wet footprints wherever I stepped b/c of the sweat - didn't expect that).

Oh yeah!!! This was the first time with the Stability insoles. Considering how well this run went, I'd say definitely not wosrse than the Arch Support version, and cheaper, too, now that I found a place with better prices ( - free shipping on top of good prices!).

Walking 15 blocks afterward aided recovery, I think. My butt wd've been hurting... my knees too, but it felt good to walk.

Dec 18 - p


I miss the good old days of narrative posts. You get so much more out of them. It's like reliving the run. Now that I have internet, I think I may go back to the daily reports, vs. the log-style I was forced to use w/o internet.

Yesterday's run... eh. 3.2 mi in 27:17. I went on the treadmill @ 2 degrees (b/c Running Well suggested that this mimics the difficulty of running with normal wind resistance and erratic terrain better... good book, btw). I went at a 8:30 pace, but I still didn't last more than 3.2 mi. So sad.

Another Running Well trick I tried was focusing on not "sitting in the bucket" (tilting the pelvis forward). I think I probably do this a lot. When I used to pass Spelman @ the beginning of my runs back on campus, I'd look at my reflection in the glass doors to see what I look like. I lean forward a lot, very noticeably. Looks intense, but not good form. And to lean for 16 miles is kinda crazy - maybe in sprints (and even then, it should just be the beginning). The tilt can signify a tight IT band or overactive hamstrings (not sure what that means... I think my hammys are overly shortened, and I guess that's the same thing as overactive, b/c it's stuck in a contracted position).

As I said, the run didn't last. I tried the more hip swing trick (my own trick - don't try it at home w/o consulting someone who actually knows stuff), but it didn't seem to help much. My ankle wasn't doing great either. I was thirsty b/c of much salt today. Sucked on a Margarita Shot Blok while I ran - got sickeningly sweet/tiring, and I would've spit it out if I had somewhere to do it while continuing to run.

Wore 1225's - 3rd time overall, 2nd time w/ arches. Btw, bought new arches - same company Sof Sol, but this time, the Stability version vs. the Arch support version. Didn't know Stab existed, ow wd've tried that first. Body got tired quickly muscularly. Had longer days @ work and less sleep this week, which probably contributed. You need fresh muscles to absorb the impact, so it's better to be fresh.

Didn't foam roll for the first time in 5 days. Too sore afterwards (probably thinking "then you shd especially roll!) but I didn't want to endure that. Legs sore the next day too - hasn't been sore in a long time - maybe the 2 degrees did it.

Craving an oily, omega-3-filled farm-raised salmon right now. So good. But it's 2:39am and not happening. Also in nutrition news, I've been drinking less water lately b/c my Nalgene is now used for defrosting my car and isn't around. When it's sitting there on my kitchen counter, it reminds me to drink more, and b/c it's so big (vs. a mug), I chug a lot at a time - like a mugful, and not think anything of it.


I'm afraid that my butt won't ever get better. Am I constantly re-tearing w/e's wrong and making it scar up again? These days, it's no longer my joints that are the limiting factor but the muscle or w/e. My runs end b/f they even start.

2 Cor 12 > " 7To keep me from becoming conceited because of these surpassingly great revelations, there was given me a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. 8Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. 9But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. 10That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong."

So hard. He pleaded for it to be taken away, but God had other plans.

Luke 18 > 1Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. 2He said: "In a certain town there was a judge who neither feared God nor cared about men. 3And there was a widow in that town who kept coming to him with the plea, 'Grant me justice against my adversary.'

4"For some time he refused. But finally he said to himself, 'Even though I don't fear God or care about men, 5yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will see that she gets justice, so that she won't eventually wear me out with her coming!' "

That's about getting justice, though, if not on earth then in heaven. I guess with fully functional bodies it's the same thing, though - if not on earth then in heaven.

I feel like the penguin who wished for wings to work.

Monday, December 14, 2009

GEAR GUIDE: Foam Roller

Got it 4 days ago and have been using it every day since. I don't know whether it gets less painful b/c you're becoming more flexible, or if you're just getting used to the feeling.

This thing is versatile - you can work your 1) shins, 2) quads, 3) calves, 4) hamstrings, 5) upper butt, 6) inside thigh, 7) IT band, 8) upper front thigh, 9) back. You can add pressure by putting one leg over the other to double the weight. You can point your toes different ways to hit different sides of the muscles.

You also get a nice arm workout, and I often end my working of a spot by collapsing and just lying there for a sec.

$20 seems pricey for a piece of styrofoam, but that's less than the cost of a single massage session, and you can do it whenever. This brand also includes a well-made DVD, although you can find plenty of similar videos online, I'm sure.

Dec 14

Dec 10> 60 min Strength (including PT) - 2x2min plank, 1 min side planks, 60s 6in, 2x15 tridips, 35 pushups, 30 superman, bands, 3x30 quaddips (record), no wt 50 pillows.
Butt x-sore but ow legs doing good! Yay quad dips.

Dec 11> First time w/ the roller (gear guide to come). Great. Lower back, quads, shins, butt had the most pain.

Dec 12> Treadmill - 3.6 mi in 27:00. 8:12 @ 1 mi, 8:00 @ 2mi, 7:03 @ 3 mi, 0:38 @ 3.1 mi (23:53), 3:06 @ 3.6 mi. Pretty good besides rt knee, which only felt 75% stable. Held 6:15ish pace for maybe 0.75 mi at the end of the run. Clicking away fine til rt knee cdn't handle safely. 2pm. 3's. Treadmill trembles sub 7:00. 7:30 ave pace.

Dec 13> 65 min Strength - bands, mat, billy (including PT). Rt butt sometimes hurts today. 2:30/2:00 planks, 40 fast pushups, 2x15 tridips, billy arms, superman, 200 crunches, 50/45/50 leg lifts and clam, 60s 6in.

Dec 14> Treadmill - 3.2 mi in 24:32. 7:48 1 mi, 7:45 1 mi, 7:30 1 mi, 1:28 0.2 mi. Pumped up @ start watching Sing Off. Rt butt still x-sore, but no notice during run. Speed up helps rt knee tracks some - maybe also speeds up injury, tho? 1225's, ice bath post, as always. 7:40/mi ave.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dec 9 - probable PR... 21:37 5K

Dec 2> 3.1 mi in 21:22* (that's the time once I was up to speed, so I actually went a bit of dist free of time). Treadmill> 7:30 for 1/2 mi, 7:00 1 mi, 6:30 1/2 mi, 7:00 1/2 mi, 6:30 1/4 mi, 6:15 1/4 mi. Post less sleep week, then 1.5 hr nap. Able to go fast (7:30) from start, bod felt almost 100% today (knees minor kinks). Did hip swings in case when I remembered to. 3's. POSSIBLE PR! Rt quad tight post, rt knee unstable too. Iced in pool. 9pm. Rt hamstring very tight.

Dec 3> Tennis w/ MS and relaxed throwing frisbee. HR up w/ the tennis. Post stretches & bit of leg PT. Inner knees not 100% when running after balls.

Dec 4> 1.5 mi on treadmill @ 1 degree> 8:30-6:45/mi. Slow run stopped by lower outer rt knee pain. Then, tried walking (lev 4.0) on treadmill at 12 degrees (the max). Cdn't walk 100% smoothly, either, and felt like I was risking exacerbating the injury. Then, 30 min strength. Rt flexor band impossible. 25/40 leg lifts, 35 superman, 200 crunches, 2 min plank, 1 min side planks, 40 pushups, 20 tridips, 30 pillows w/ wts midleg.

Dec 6-7, hurting in lower outer rt knee

Dec 9> LEGIT PR... 3.1 mi in 21:37, w/ rolling start. Treadmill> 7:30 for 0.5, 7:15 for 0.5, 7:00 for 1, 6:40 for 0.5, 6:30 for 0.5... 6:58/mi ave. Getting closer to my 6:45 goal pace. Post week of less sleep again. Rt knee tiniest off but ok. Tired in last mi and eased off pace in last 0.3 mi but turned it on again for finish. Iced post. 3's. PF some sore & inner rt quad bit tight post, feeling knotty. haha....

Monday, November 30, 2009

Nov 30

Nov 28> 7:22 for 0.9 mi warmup to clubhouse, 11:15 home around other side of the loop for 1.5 mi post gym. At the gym, I tried the elliptical, which shd be ideal for injury time exercise, but I had to stop after 10 min b/c my inner rt knee got torqued bad. I was probably striding unevenly anyway. The elliptical had no adjustable stride length, like one I used in Rochester. Left Progrid seemed not tight during the run. Noon + Buist shirt. Felt off, maybe new muscle untrained.

Nov 29> 3.1 mi in 23:15. Treadmill> 8:30/mi for 0.5 mi, 8:00/mi for 1 mi, 7:30/mi for 0.5 mi, 7:00/mi for 0.5 mi, 6:30/mi for 0.3 mi, 6:15/mi for 0.3 mi. 1st run in NB 1224's. Had to swing hips to keep knees from getting bad. Faster speeds seem to help, maybe b/c of more hip. Sweaty but not spent - getting fitter. Iced post, had to be careful doing PT. Weights on calves for quad pillow exercise.

Nov 30> 30 min mat> 45/45/20 leg lifts, 200 crunches/side, 22 superman, 2:00 plank, 1:00 6 in, 1:00 side planks w/ 15 dips only, 40 pushups not full, too banged up for quad dips. Inner rt knee bit tender, knees felt bent up sleeping, work shoes arches again.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nov 26 (Tday) - p

Back home, back on the old loop. Since my old watch band broke, I had to use a cereal box Shrek watch with Don-kay. His seconds screen is separate from the minutes screen, so this is approximate... 4.4 miles in 35:30... It's 35:XX, so we'll just say 30. says it's 8:04/mi. By the way, I made this cool Excel pace calculator just like Coolrunning's. Programming (if you can call normal Excel functions programming) is fun, so is making graphs, if it's about a fun subject.

So about the run... my right knee wasn't tracking well, and so for about 4 strides spread out over the first mile and a half, it would hurt. I maybe tried hard to keep the knee tracking straight, because as my dad watched my strides on the last mile, he noticed that my right leg was fine, but my left leg was seriously pronating. He also said that it looked like I spent more time on my right foot (like 1/2 sec vs. 2/5 sec). Those were good observations. During the run, it felt fine, and I thought there was nothing wrong with my strides. I was just tired and out of breath, especially after the 3 mi mark.

After the run, my right medial ankle was kind of burning. Never happened before. It was 63 degrees in my Progrid (warm in bra, especially in the blazing sun), which may need to be looked at, to see if the arch was out of line in the left shoe. I bought the New Balance 1250's (I think, I'll have to check again) with a straight last. I'll have to try that out. I didn't bring it home because when I tried to run on it three days ago, it hurt. It could've been my body and not the shoe, but I didn't want to risk not having good shoes to run in at home.

Oh, it feels good to write narratives again. I haven't been doing that because of limited internet. For the past few months, I'd just record my log notes word-for-word, and you can't fit as much in the three mini-lines of the log.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Pton Sports Resort

Day 1:
Track> Mile Timetrial. After 6-7 hrs of sleep for the past 2 nights (vs. the usual 8-9), and half a sweet potato. It was 8am and 49 degrees with a misty rain. My butt had a knot in it after doing a second night of stretches, and the run felt generally stiff. I did a quarter warmup but didn't want to do any more, since I'm generally out of shape and still had plans for a wf run. I wore spikes that made me feel like I was running on spikes - maybe the spikes were too long. Was too warm in the Boston shirt so went in bra - cold, but fine for a short run. Could've gone a bit faster if there was competition (aka people to impress, haha), but just pressed hard enough to give a good effort. Wasn't memorably tired or killing myself over it, like keeling-over tired at the end. I guess that makes the 6:34 time more acceptable. That's very far %wise from 5:59, but it's okay - I could've shaved off 7s if needed.
Wf run> Ended at the hill (2.2 mi). With pack, and after the mile, making the 8:22/mi okay (18:25). Progrid. Bought a CASE of dark choc at WF.
Indoor Soccer> After eating lots of fried tofu, eggplant, and brown rice (so delicious), we ran over to Dillon to play IM soccer. With all that sprinting back and forth, a high-risk situation, haha. I was worse than useless as a player, but it was still run, and I got some good sprinting in. I dinged my ankle, but as coach said, it gets easier to sprain but faster to heal each time, so it was fine enough to keep going on and only a bit tender for a couple days afterwards.

Day 2:
Ultimate Frisbee> Throwing - stiff at first and cautious about my joints, but throwing got me looser, and soon, lunging and quick releases came back quickly. I was throwing with Raph, who rightly said that it's like riding a bike - you never forget. Throwing got my HR up pretty quick. During the warmup, shuffling was fine for the first time since the June whatever. In the scrimmage, I played handler and deep deep. With a tender ankle, no cup. Still got it, and couldn't resist going after layouts, even wearing track spikes - luckily, nobody else goes for layouts. XC Spikes are really good for grass running, cutting and all. Still got it :) Quads were sore afterwards, esp upper.

Day 3:
Wm run> 7.5 mi Cruise Intervals. The 3.6ish out was continuous, but the way back was broken up a lot by walk breaks. It was 9am and 42-50 (huge diff over 1 hr) and muddy on the tow path. I was fatigued after three days of more sports than I do in a week, not to mention all of the speedwork that got built in. It had also been a jam-packed week of lots of walking and waking up early and staying up late. The oatmeal breakfast I had burned up fast, and I felt fatigued and depleted, running in empty. Legs were sore, but no pain.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Heart PT's!!!

No workout, but MY WONDERFUL FRIEND'S A PT!!! and felt my butt. Prescribed 4 way leg stretches w/ band, figure 4 stretch for the perfokjdflajsd;flj whatever... like 5x3os - that's a lot, hamstring stretch w/ door or belt, turn medially and cross leg across body IT band stretch... also 5x30ish, and quad dips. Also showed me pillow quad exercise. All good stuff. A bit painful and time-consuming, but already feeling better! I'm doing it 2x/day. My rt leg single leged raised butterflyish-activated muscle is really tight. One of my IT bands is particularly tight... don't remember which one. Both hamstrings really tight, esp right. Legs the same length. Flat feet = good to get arches.

I feel like a little kid who wants to play doctor but in this case PT. It's so cool. I'd try stuff on N, but I might break her, so I may just ask her to see how far she can stretch stuff.

// dec 18 - I think afjkas;fjkdijsfa was supposed to be the piriformis stretch, btw.

Nov 18

In the airport, on my way to Pton!!!

Nov 9> 40 min strength. 2x40 fast pushups, 50-35-50 xtensors, 55 calves, 35/55 quad dips, 10 tri dips, 45/40/30 leg lifts, 150 crunches/side, 2x2:00 plank, 1:30 6 in. This was 3am, post a 6pm-2am sleep (after +8 hrs of nap and +8 hrs/night over the weekend). Butt hurts to walk. Next day, butt hurts, start wearing work shoes w/o the arches- causes some kinks in the knees as I adjust. Day after, knees poundy, butt less hurt. Wanted to run, but common sense says no, given the knees. Plus, only 3 hrs sleep last night. Muscles all fatigued, random pains. 102lbs next morn pre-drink. Less appetite lately, plus hot head, tired.

Nov 12> 6.0 mi in 48:40 on treadmill! 8:00/mi til mi 5, 7:30 for 1/2 mi, 7:00 for 1/2 mi. Breezed thru mi 4 w/ mind on pics in Running Times. Then core got tenser, body hotter. 6pm. Must concentrate on staying loose as I tense up. Butt felt off but no pain. Mi 5.3, starting to feel risky, so stopped magazine to focus on staying loose and having good form. Legs ice bathed in the outdoors pool - ingenious! Why didn't I think of it before, as it was there all along? Progrid. Two days later: walked w/o arches in 3's hurts knees. No S tho it's been a while b/c out for dinner and prayer til late then tired.

Nov 15> 2.5 mi in 18:10 on Treadmilll. 7:16/mi ave. 7:30 for 1 mi, 7:00 for 1.5mi. Butt and knees still hurt til post evening service. Post tortilla chips and guac salad 2nd dinner. 9pm run in Progrid. Ice bath post. Cdn't maintain pace and stopped at 2.5 vs 3.1 prob b/c extra food requires blood and energy to digest and extra fuel weight, but still decent workout. Didn't want to keep pushing thru butt pain too much so stopped. Butt better afterwards. Left quad cramped up during run a little, but still runable. How many times does this post refer to my butt?

Nov 16> 40 min Strength. 2:00 plank, 150 crunches/side, 35 quads, 45 calves, 2x35 xtnsors, 40/45-50/40 leg lifts, 90-60 6 in, 15 tridips, 30 pushups hard.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nov 6

Nov 1> 3.1 mi in 25:10. 3xEHS (1st w/ out&back baseball field vs woods b/c trying a new course they put up, all used new 1st field cut-through). Splits> 8:35, 8:27, 8:08 - first time I timed this course. Good to be on the field again after a treadmill stint, to use diff muscles. Butt mostly better (though a bit worse post workout), 1 pm, Progrid, pretty perfect temps in singlet at 58 degrees, standing water in parts = slow course.

Nov 2> 2 mi in 15:22. 2xEHS (2nd w/ field vs. woods, but field cut). Splits> 8:18, 7:04. 7:44/mi ave, 3's and singlet, perfect temp 58 degrees is cool (maybe singlet was a bit warm), 6pm, rt knee complainy today, but wanted quick run - felt good during. 6 vert jumps afterwards - bad idea... aspirin for knee. Post cheese made me full for first part but didn't notice afterwards.

Nov 3> 30 min Strength. 150 crunches/side, 2:15 side plank, 45-40 calf, 1 min 6 in, 30 tricep pushups, 25 v-ups, 35 extensors, 40/45 leg lifts, 2x25 quad dips on cranky right knee made last few hurt - boo.

Nov 4> 3.1 mi in 22:50. Close to post-injury PR of 22:44. Treadmill - 8:00 for 1 mi, 7:30 for 1/2 mi, 7:00 for 1 mi, 6:30 for 1/4 + 1/20 mi, 6:00 for 1/4 + 1/20 mi. 7:22/mi ave. Rt knee still tender on outer middle 2 work, but I'm nuts. ~ 1/2 mi to get used to pace each change, settled in comfortably the whole way. Rt leg had to stride a bit differently although no worrysome pain, left inside knee surface pain after, iced all, 9pm, 3's. Calves bit sore @ work. Next day: rt butt sore at night, knee twingy in day, tempted to consider running but wiser to rest. Strangely tired - maybe b/c flu shot.

Nov 6> 3.3 mi in 26:?? Treadmill at 8:00/mi, but with 1, 2, and 3 degrees starting from 0.3mi and inc every 1 mi. Rt butt and lower back sore today but I was impatient. Not taxing, quick recovery afterwards, workout felt like nothing, YET knees (esp right), tender and a bit poundy during the run. Progrid.
> Also 30 min strength. 150 crunches/side + fly crnches, 45/45/40 leg lifts, 2:00 plank, 1:30 6 in, 15 tri dips, 30 pushups, 45 xtnsors.


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oct 31

Oct 21> 3.1 mi in 22:44 on Treadmill. 1 mi @ 8:00/mi, 1 mi @ 7:30/mi, 1 mi @ 6:30/mi = 7:20/mi ave. Went about 14->20 steps per 0.1 mi. Broke Jr Yr PR of 22:54!!! Sweet. 8:00 not 'hard' but no cakewalk. 7:30 out right knee twinge. Decided to go for 6:30 for at least 1/2 mi and could slow down later, but distance passed fast so held on somehow in last 1/2 mi. Sportsbra, after eating 1 Margarita Shot Blok, wearing Progrid.

Oct 22> 50 min Strength on Mat and Chair. Rt butt testy after nap, but needed S. 85-65-45 extensors, 50/40/30-30 leg lifts/clam, 2:00 plank and 1 min side planks, 175 crunches/side, 2x1 min 6 in, 15 tricep dips, 30 slow and 35 fast pushups, 2x40 quad dips, 45 calf raises. 105 lb. Tired today w/ 7 hrs sleep (vs. 8-9 usual)

Oct 24> Hiked 2x3milers, Graveyard Fields (stinky, wet mud by creek; dry blueberries exciting; rocky and streamy climb to great waterfall) and Daniel's Ridge (boo detour, grassy growth to wade through)

Oct 26> 3.1 mi in 26:26 on Treadmill, 8:30/mi the whole way. Rt butt (hurts to do hamstring stretch) hurts all day, decent during run though, worse post b/c it tightened up. But desperate for run, plus good opportunity to memorize Marathon pace. Tried to glide to lessen impact and therefore used little calf. Trance 8 for first time, no forefoot cushioning, it felt like. Knees some trouble today. 7pm, in sportsbra. Next day: hamstring has lump and mid-butt strand means pretty bad walking. AD the PT says to deep massage it - helps almost immediately!!! Waking up next day, various kinks in different parts of though, though. Probably was just masked before, but still worrysome.

Oct 28> 45 min Strength on mat, chair. 175/side crunches, 2x1:15 6 inches, 2x2:00 plank, side planks, 2xextensors, 45/40/45 leg lists/clam, 15 tricep dips, 25 tri pushups, 30 pushups hard to do.

Oct 29> 5 mi in 39:50. 5 mi!!! on treadmill. 8:00/mi the whole way. 6 hrs of sleep last night, but still fine. Longest run since June!!! Mostly fine besides knee dings @ work today. 9pm in Progrid and bra, w/ iPod. 1st mi of 8:00 was medium and not ez, worried about residual kinks, but coasted through 3.5 mi. Then breathing got tougher for the rest, felt tired, legs getting more spotty. Had chips and 2 cookies today, plan to eat more produce in future - makes me feel better.

Oct 31> 35 min Strength on mat, chair. 90-60-30 extensors, 50/45/40 leg lifts, 30 pushups and triups, 1:15 side planks, 200 crunches, 35 quad dips. Butt sore today. ~600 cal of chips, 5 fruits, plus carrots. Need more veg.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oct 18

Oct 11> 2.2 mi CI (1.2, 1 mi w/ playground break). 75 degrees, 11am, bra fine, although beady sweat afterwards. Was hoofin' it. Wore the Progrid on moist ground. Calves were hard but not sore the next day, and my right back hip had a slight twinge.

Oct 12> 35 min Strength on mat, chair. 2:15 plank, 30 pushups, 75 extensors, 40/40 leg lifts, 30/30 quads/calves. Next day, rt butt some pain.

Oct 14> 3.1 mi run. Rt butt some pain again, but ran anyways. Did treadmill b/c it was 9pm and wet, dark, and cold outside. WHAT A CONFIDENCE-BOOSTER!!! I started w/ a mile at min marathon pace (8:30/mi), which felt so easy breathing-wise, like it was nothing, so I stepped it up. For the next mile, I did 7:30, which wasn't hard either. I hadn't done 7:30 in a while, so that was exciting, and the thought of 7:00 was a bit like woah scary, but it was doable, so I held it for 0.5 mi. Then, I went the last 0.6 mi at 6:30/mi. By the end, I was ready to be done but not spent. So it was about 23:33 for a 5K - my soph yr PR was 23:24, so I'm happy, considering the circumstances. I think I was in 21:00 shape in May, but thanks be to God for 23:33. I'll take anything these days. It was in a warm room, too.

Oct 15> 45 min Strength on mat, chair. 2x2:00 plank, 35/45/35 leg lifts/clam, 1:30 6 in, 40-35 calves, 50-40 quad dips, 25 tricep pushups, superman, 50-45 hip extensors. Back of rt hip tight, muscle protruded quite a bit. Medial lower rt knee temporarily a sharp pain afterwards. Felt pretty good today, with calves a bit sore/hardened.

Oct 17> 10 mi hike on Big Creek Trail (an out and back) in the GSM. about 1K ft of elevation increase over that big dist barely noticeable. Lots of rushing water and water trickling down sides of rocks and tree roots. Rainy most of the way, brisk temps. Cold, rainy dinner. Slept in tent.

Oct 18> 6 mi hike on easternmost part of the GSM AT. Slope increase about 1.5K ft over 6 mi, so considerably steeper, muddy too. Fun to be on the AT and explore Davenport Shelter.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oct 8

Oct 3 - Hiking the Smokemont Trail (5.5 mi) and nature preserve mini-trail (0.75 mi). Flat for first 2 mi of trail by river. Had 4 lbs of rocks (but little H20) after that flat part. HR @ 130 bpm @ uphill. Downhill steep and hard on upper knees.

Oct 4 - 35 min Strength. Muscles in legs keep increasing. No leg exercises besides 75 hip extensors, 50/35 leg raises, 40 slow pushups, 150 crunches/side while trying to crunch higher to increase difficulty, 1:15 side planks, 2 min plank capped to avoid knee trouble.

Oct 5 - 4.5 mi in 38:46, 8:37/mi. 6pm, wet grass = slower pace. Cotton knee, ran in Evol 3's, 3 hrs sleep last night, rt knee pounded for last mi but wanted to finish. Listened to Phedip. It's fairly flat, but there's less grass, less traffic risk. Right butt hurt earlier today but seemd ok during run. Knees red afterwards.

Oct 8 - 40 min Strength. Rt knee testy all day. 2:00 plank, 35 med pushups, 90 extensors, 60 calves, 55 quad dips. Right butt sore from injury.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sep 29

Sep 28: 8x100m of hill + walk down. Total of about 1.3 mi when you add the warmup/cooldown. At 10pm. The "nature trail" in my backyard was too dark even with the flashlight. My knees were really testy @ work today, but it was itching for a tough workout by night. My right knee was twingy for for the last few, but I pushed it to get my 8. I must've been a sight, running hill repeats on the median of the road at 10pm in my sports bra in 68 degree weather.

Sep 29: 40 min strength. Time went by fast, feels like I did nothing. Inner right leg pain again due to yesterday :( Head hot/sick again. 2:30 plank, 30/45 leg lifts, 1:15 side planks, 200 crunches/side. Cool in house so no sweat. Aspirin for head/inner leg/knees. Look trim.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sept 26

Soooo much catchup, so little internet.

Sept 16: 3.1 mi (3xEHS loop). Right butt/lower back still hurt from a couple days ago, but I really wanted to run, since I had been inactive for 2 days. Maybe a dumb decision to run injured, but I was desperate. But what do you know, I felt better the next day, especially after trying to sit with better posture. My right leg hurt when I tried to do a shuffle to the right after a mile warmup, but it was fine for normal running. In the last mile, though, I felt like something was in my sock right over my left ankle. I found out psotrun that I was bleeding all through my sock there.

Sept 17: 30 min strength. 75 hip extensors lying over a chair, 150 crunches/side hard... strange after knocking out 250/side not long ago - maybe b/c mroe back muscle to lift now?, 2 min 6 in, 45 med-speed pushups, 40/50 of inner and outer leg lifts, 15 tricep dips. Knees hurt post plank temporarily.

Sept 19: 5 mi hike - Crowders Mt. Probably my favorite trail so far! There were cool rock formulations you had to climb. My legs were fine and felt good enough to run for about 0.5 mi at the end in my hiking boots. It was humid nad buggy in the lower 70's. A good time with my dad.

Sept 21: 2.3 mi in 20:00 on a treadmill. That may be my first non-competition extended treadmill run! My left ankle was still bleeding from before and hurt to walk, but it was fine running on. It was hot in the fitness room, so went in bra. Upper back still sore from new pullup bars I got, even after 3+ days!

Sept 23: 3.1 mi (3xEHS loop). XC singlet, 76 degrees, 82% humidity, ok. In the first 1/2 mi, knees were a bit poundy, for the rest of the run it was fine. Not as tired on teh last mile this time. Hopefully that means I'm improving. I tried 2x50m striders afterwards, but my knees were testy after the 2nd, but otherwise (muscle-wise, cardio-wise) felt I coudl do more.

Sept 24: 5 x 6 (3 free, 3 breast) laps for 0.6 mi total. Splits: 6:33, 6:40, 6:30, 6:37, 6:30. Water was cold. Left knee and right ankle bad at first. Then both okay. Then right knee problems for the rest. Booo!!!! After this long, still issues? I tried hard, but finished in the same time as before, like from a month ago. Maybe because I'm coming down with a baby cold - my nose had been runny today, and for a couple of weeks, I've been feeling like my immune system is down.

Sept 25: 40 min strength. 2x50 calf raises, 2:30 plank, 45 quad dips hard for my left knee, 45/50 leg lifts, 35 med-speed pushups, 2 min 6 in, 25 tricep pushups. Sick today - runny nose, head hot/disoriented. Felt temporarily better after the workout, though.

Sept 26: 2.9 mi in 25:21. Stoplight route splits> 8:15 p, 8:33 s, 8:32 p. That's even slower then how I ran it on Aug 1 in 91 degree temps!!! It was 64 ish degrees. I can't believe it. Oh well, I guess 25:21 isn't bad, considering I'm sick and that I was running in a pouring t-storm. Yes... the fact that I was running in a t-storm while I was sick, is sick. I pushed at the end but just wanted to finish uninjured. I added a 100m hill run at the end as I was walking back to my apt.


You can recognize me from a mile away by my visor. It's a wonderful all-purpose accessory. Mine's made of cotton and isn't one of those new tech-fabric types, but it's still comfy, and even after many, many washes, it still fits pretty well.

I wear it...
IN THE SUN - I fear destroying my eyes. Frisbee (and most other sports) are really bad for that, since you have to look up to catch balls/discs. Even when just looking straight ahead, it's good to not have the sun blinding part of your vision. Even though the visor technically blocks out part of my vision, you can see at least the lower part so much better without the sun's rays overwhelming most of your view. Not to mention all the benefits of preventing sunburn.
IN THE RAIN - It's even more of a must in the rain than in the sun. When you're running or playing, you don't have rain dripping into your eyes, making you wish you had windshield wipers on your face. It blocks out all of that so that you can just focus on running without having to rub your face dry all the time. It was critical in frisbee games, and it adds a lot of comfort to runs.
IN THE COLD - It keeps your head warmer while blocking the sun.
INDOORS - I even wear it indoors all the time. People must think I'm crazy. I like how it keeps my hair out of my face, though. I like it. Deal with it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sep 13

Sep 9> 3.1 mi - 3 loops around EHS, last two replacing the woods w/ an extra double soccer field. Very dark at 8pm, esp w/ the clouds.

Sep 12> 3.3 mi - RHS (1.8ish) and then RMS (1.5ish), wandering mostly. 68 degrees @ 9am but still sweaty. Tired by end. Poor heart.

Sep 13> 3.1 mi - 3 loops around EHS after church @ 1pm. 77 degrees in bra. Noticeably more muscle mass in legs - esp quads and butt. I guess that's why I've been slow and tired. I lost all my power during the injury time and the muscle mass imperceptibly atrophied.

Lower right back and leg hurts for the next 3 days like it did when I first injured myself. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sep 8

No internet = Lots of catchup.

Sep 2 - 3.1 mi run. I did that plus a little extra... baseball field and track on the third lap, but minus the woods on the last lap because it was dark. Found the course when I was exploring to check out the track's condition. Unfortuantely, the track is like chalky concrete and not ideal for knees, but I happened to see some lines on the grass. At first they seemed like pipe markers, but they continued, and I realized that it was an XC course! It's nice and almost all grass. The woods are dark at 8pm when I ran after Bible Study, and there are roots. It's also varied in elevation, making it even more difficult without depth percerption.

Sep 3 - 33 min swim, usual 3 free, 3 breast in the 18m pool. Splits> 6:43, 6:42, 6:37, 6:47, 6:34. Middle lane.

Sep 5 - 7.5 mi hike. Sprained ankle on way back but it should be runnable maybe starting tomorrow. It was steep, so I'm thankful my knees made it fine.

Sep 7 - 45 min strength, including 250 crunches/side, 3 min plank.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aug 29

Some catching up to do...

Aug 24 - Training session at D1:
1. 2 laps around a 50-ish yard indoor turf field in a warehouse-looking building, high knees, butt kicks, shuffle w/ arm swings (this hurt a lot, and I had to go very slowly to avoid injury knee-to-chest, straight-leg walk, hopscotch, fast feet + sprint, 2xsuicides.
2. 10x resistance band lifts out to the front and to the side, run 5 yds, 20 jumping jacks, run 5 yds, 10lb dumbell squat and pressups, run 5 yds, 5 burpees, 2 laps... x2
3. 15s of thrusting a 10lb rubber plate back and forth, duck walk with the plate 5 yds, 10 woodchops, duck walk 5 yds, sprint back to the start... x2
4. 3x10 of curls then tricep dips, assisted chinups, bench press (20lb), pushup machine, pulldowns

Aug 25 - 30 min leg strength w/Billy Blanks's resistance bands and using a bench and a mat

Aug 27 - Kicking/Water Running/Swimming
30 min: 3 x 1 lap freestyle kicking, 1 lap breaststroke kicking, 2 laps pool running.
15 min: death swims... maybe a bad name... anyway, 8 laps of seeing how few breaths I can take to get to the other side of the pool. At first, it took 3 including the start. Then, I got it down to 2. By the end, I could get across with just the initial breath repeatedly. I think it involved figuring out how to stroke in a way that use oxygen most efficiently. It's only 18 and not 25m, but if I do 18 enough, when I get to a 25 pool, I should be able to do it. I don't think I've ever done 25 - I've tried in my childhood but never managed it.

Aug 29 - Easy Biking, 1.5 mi run.
Biked maybe 6 miles, going really slowly on a foldable bike that's not easy to steer and has a really small wheel and pedal radius. Got to another section of spongy running trail. This one is shorter - maybe 0.75-0.8 mi instead of 1.2 like the other. It's not as slanted to the right as the other, though, and it's more scenic... more scenic than construction/junkyard storage. Splits> 7:00, 6:28 on the out and back. Pace: btwn 8:41 and 8:59/mi, depending on whether it's 0.75 or 0.775 one way. Big difference. Hard to tell b/c of all the curves.

Watching the USA Cycling Professional Time Trial Championships, including Floyd Landis. Arrived 1.5 hrs early and got a spot as close to the starting ramp as you could possibly get.
Also apt complex pool party w/ bbq.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aug 20


My extensors were delightfully a bit sore today - both, which is a good thing - not just the right one, which has been injured.

32 min for 0.6mi - 5 x [3 laps free, 3 laps breast]. It was in the far left lane, which is on the curve, so it was always just 1 foot kicking off during the flip kick. I also had a number of embarrassing total misses.
Reps for 0.12 mi - 6 x 1 lap (1 lap = 36m). Splits> 44s, 42s, 43s, 44s, untimed, 42s. A big improvement (like 5s) off last time... it could be that the distances of the lanes are different, since it's an abnormally shaped pool... kind of like a peanut or curved hourglass.

Knees and ankles were a bit testy at times again. Should've focused a bit more on form and tensing it up just to protect the joints. Next time.

Mostly walk, but I got in about 0.6 mi of running in all, most of it at 8:00 pace. Even that pace, which is my goal marathon pace, felt hard. Kinda stiff during the run. I wore the gel inserts the whole time, and they felt good. Only a bit of knee trouble on the left lower outside towards the end. Nothing super serious, just nagging.

Watched the IAAF World Championships during that. High jump is probably the most impressive looking track & field event. It blows my mind how they do that.

Physical Therapist (Aug 19)

I heart physical therapists.

This guy Tim has run Boston twice and seemed to really know his stuff.

What's wrong with me:
Really flat feet, causing excessive pronation, which causes a lot of pressure on the lower part of the knees (where I've had my issues), which can spread to the IT band (mine's a little tight). Interestingly, he said my 150-ish mile Asics Gel Evolution 3's looked compressed, and that they don't offer enough support. About 4 years ago, the guys at Tri Sports said that I have a low standard arch (3.5/5?), which I think means the low end of medium. They did notice my overpronation, but they recommended the 3's. Tim said that the 3's don't offer enough support, and that the last on the shoes is usually straighter. He said to either get shoes with straighter lasts, or get inserts ( ?? Sol, 1st Step, and Spenco came to his mind). I went with the inserts, since I already have a new pair of 3's on deck when my current ones reach retirement. It'll probably be good to be able to use the arch support inserts in walking shoes, too. He said to ease into it, at first running my low mileage runs in them, then incorporating them into my walking shoes, then longer runs, etc.

// oh, I just checked my records and remembered that the guy at the Princeton Running Co also diagnosed flat feet. He said that Evol 3's were good for me, alhtough I still pronate even with them on. He recommended insoles as well, but the ones he had that I tried had its arch way too far up and didn't feel comfy. The ones I got from Dick's today, made by Sof Sol, felt good.

As for rehab, I have very strong hip flexors but very weak hip extensors, and hip abductors that could use some extra strength. I can see that - I do lots of 6 inches, some leg lifts on both abductor and flexor sides, but I only do superman with legs lifted about every other strength session, and only once for maybe 2.5 minutes, and it's never really the extensors that get tired with that exercise - more the back. I should also work on my quads with squats and lunges - I'm so weak on those, since I avoid them due to my knee issues. I'll have to take my reintroduction to that carefully.

Maybe in 2-3 weeks, I can try a 10 mile run, he said. Wow. I think that's optimistic, since my usual mileage really isn't high - 35/wk at best, ave 20 or so when I'm healthy. We'll see. He also said that the spongy path actually goes on for like 4 miles on the non-Furman side (where I had gone for 1.5 miles previously) with the exception of like a 1.5 mile section in Cleveland Park - holla! It goes to Greenville Tech. I'll have to check that out, maybe on bike first.

4 days ago's - Strength - 30 min mat> 3 min plank, 150 crunches/side. 15 min band> didn't do much except maybe exacerbate knees a bit

Today - Strength - 50 min mat & legs> 200 crunches/side, 3 min plank, 45s open the clam (lay on side w/ knees bent 90 degrees, try to "open the clam" while applying pressure with your arms to try to close the clam), hip extensions w/ resistance band, 2x35 quad dips, 45 calves, 40 med speed pushups, 20 tricep pushups, 35 leg lifts (abductor), superman. It felt good, especially since I concentrated on form, keeping things from hurting (although my knees hurt some after the plank although not during - good thing I cut it off at 3 instead of going for 4). Things are looking up.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

FAITH: Priorities

I've been so concerned about my deteriorating physical health (too injured to run, turned to biking and overdid that, too, so too injured to bike or run). The more I got injured, the more consumed I was about it - I spend my free time reading about it. At the same time, my spiritual health's been taking a nosedive, but I didn't give it a thought. Where were my priorities? As bad as my physical health has been, my spiritual health has been struggling more. I've not been reading or even praying, and I hadn't had fellowship. I had no desire to, and I felt God might be angry and wouldn't blame him at all for it.

A friend encouraged me to do what I should, though. God wants to call us back to him. So I pulled out the Bible for the first time in a long time, continuing in 1 Samuel, where I had left off long ago. Here are some tidbits that spoke to me:

1 Samuel 15:22> "But Samuel replied: 'Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the voice of the Lord? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.'" I've been giving, but God wants more. He demands all.

1 Samuel 16:7> "But the Lord said to Samuel, 'Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.'" And then I read about David and Goliath. What matters most? The heart.

Aug 14

Since trying to run on Aug 1st with terrible pain in my right butt the next day, I decided it wasn't worth it to try to keep up a small amount of fitness if it meant prolonging recovery. I just need to get better first, then I can start running for real again.

So I did 3 strength sessions: Aug 3, Aug 6, Aug 11, with complete reset in between.
Aug 3 (35 min): hurt to walk again from the Aug 1 run, but did improve some over work day. glad it was good enough for strength. 30/40 leg lifts, 3 min plank, 1:30 6 in, 30 pushups, 20 triceps. lower left back tight.
Aug 6 (40 min): 250 crunches/side (a record), 35 med speed pushups, 30/35 leg lifts, 2:15 6 in (a record), 2:30 plank
Aug 10: 2 min plank, 40 leg lifts, 2 min 6 in, 200 crunches / side, 1:15 side planks

Today: wanted to try swimming, since knees still too damaged to bike. Did a 32-min swim of 0.6 mi, with knees and rt foot sometimes hurting but better when flexed - boo. Would do double that, but don't wanna push it. Tried pool running for 15 min in 3.5ft water, but barely moved up my HR - not sure how I'm supposed to do it. Plus, anything deeper than 3.5 ft was too much for me in terms of height, since I just sink at anything higher, so I had only a few strides worth before I'd have to turn around to stay in the right depth. Then, sprints - 6x 36m for 0.12 mi total. Reps> untimed, 50, 48, 46, 46, 48 s. Felt soooo good to get my HR up. My RHR's been increasing, so I'm losing fitness.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

30-week Report

Ahh... what can I say... in the past 10 weeks, I hit a HIGH, and then I've crashed to a low since I started running in earnest.

1) Running 16.2-16.6 miles in 2:10:58, which is between a 7:53 and 8:06/mi pace. Incredible. If I could keep that up for another 10 mi (yeah, right)... well, if I got to a point where I could keep it up, it'd be a 3:30 marathon finish - a BQ, which for me would require 3:40.

2) Running 7.5 mi in 54:23, a 7:17/mi pace. It was 53 degrees that day - I think that may be the exact temp of what's considered optimal running.

The past month. I've gotten to improve my biking skills, though, and I'm pretty ripped from my strength sessions. Today, though, my knees hurt too much to bike. Haha, I may have to move on to swimming if I'm to injured to run and bike... maybe I'll end up as a triathlete. I've considered it before. The downside: I don't have an Olympic-sized pool anymore, and if you want to be reasonably competitive, you have to fork out a lot of money for a wetsuit and roadbike - bikes cost sooo much. If it wasn't so cost-prohibitive, I might look into it. It takes a lot of time, too, but I have nothing else to do anyway.

Aug 1

Had 2 days rest b/c knees testy (rt especially), plus multi rt butt muscles strained. Uh....
Tried to bike, but both knees hurt at each pedal. Tested running and it seemed okay. XC singlet. First mile good turnover and felt strong and pretty fast, then gradually my body heated up - feels like 90. Stopped at just 2.9 mi in 23:42 instead of the full 3.8 b/c my legs started complaining in the last mile and I was heating up. Best to avoid injury and live to run another day. Wore 3's. 8:10/mi. I can run 16.2-.6 miles at a faster pace than that. Man, I can't wait to get healthy again, and for it to get cold again. I'm thankful to have a run of any distance and any pace these days, though.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jul 29

Jul 27 - 60 min reclined bike - 13.2 mi - 548 Cal. Bit achey today so had to take it easy. Finished reading Ultramarathon man. Ate lots of carby, salty junk b/f. Not stuffed but felt tubby. 102lb post workout w/o shirt. Wore Dri-fit Nike soccer socks - really did stay dry.

Jul 28 - 55 min mat - mixed it up w/ divebombers and situps this time. 3 min plank, 35 slow pushups, 150/side crunches, 30 leg lifts, 15 min of leg exercises - 40 reps calves, 60 reps dips. Look pretty cut. Calves been getting bigger.

Jul 29 - 60 min reclined bike - 13.9 mi. Fought thru knee/butt joint pain last 15 min - maybe not wise. Read Galloway's Marathon. Went 0.8 mi in teh last 3 min, fast. The rest was kinda slow. Pecs sore today from yesterday.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jul 26-p

Yesterday - 60 min on the reclined bike. 14.2 mi? and 582 Cal. 100.5lb afterwards w/o my sweat-soaked shirt. Felt good and strong today. Once I was going, my HR was 160-168 bpm, as it has been for the past week or so. Watched stage 20 of the Tour de France again. Met neighbors for the first time - a nice couple w/ a cute baby. It took about 9 min to get from 11.6 mph at the start to something over 13.2. The warmup effect. I think 9 min is about right for my running warmup time, too. Left butt started to shoot a bit of pain during my cool-down walk on the treadmill (I've been doing that lately, to try to regain walking strength - don't even get started on running strength). Walked about 1.5 mi.

Today - ended up doing some exploring. I had heard about a spongy trail, but that it was only half a mile. Sad. I wanted to see if the 8-ish mile trail had grass by it, though, so I explored in one direction. It only went about a mile, but it was actually about a mile of sponginess, plus about a half mile of a field that I can use to extend the run. In all, the run was about 2.5 miles. THE BAD: smelled like asphalt, so much that I'm a bit concerned that any health benefits of running on sponginess will be offset by whatever toxins there are in the air, not scenic at all (construction, junk-yardy storage on one side, a somewhat nasty looking creek on the other), the path was graded for rain drainage). THE GOOD: Very spongy, way moreso than tracks, even though it looks like track material. 2.5 miles for a round trip is pretty good... I could potentially do that 4-6 times for a nice 10-15 miler. Yeah, that's tolerable. And hopefully, it was just the heat worsening the smell and how I was baking on the asphalt at 3pm (90ish degrees). I wore a pack today, since I hadn't planned on running, but I just had to see how long it was. I happened to be wearing workout clothes... okay... I always wear workout clothes. So it was a nice little run, although my body's having some growing pains getting back into running.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jul 24

Yesterday, 40 min mat. Immune system felt down again. Dead tired after a 6:30-3:30 workday. After dinner, I conked out for a 2 hr nap, had ff chocolate ice cream with cocoa almonds, then did strength. It included a 2 min plank, 150 crunches/side, 25 and 35 leg lifts, plus leg exercises to prevent injury. My right knee felt all wacked up after the first plank - worrisome since it was pretty bad, but it was okay afterwards. It was all tougher due to the tiredness.

Today, 45 min bike - couldn't do 60. Was drained after 45 min. What am I low on? A mineral? immune system? Watched the Tour de France. Did pretty well, 10.7 mi and 442 cal. I've been feeling physically down since the hike on Saturday. Strange. Garlic seems to help, though (it's scientifically proven to fight colds), so I've put lots on my salmon.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jun 20

3 days ago - 7 mi hike at pretty slow pace, limped (i couldn't tell but my fam could) but okay besides downhill pain on my knees aaah, left calves almost inperceptibly sore the next day. Also did strength, including 4 min plank! and 130/side crunches, 40 pushups, 25 leg lifts. Strong.

Yesterday - 13.8 mi, 570 Cal, 60 min on reclined bike, reading a/b the Boston Marathon in Fodor's Traveling Marathon guide. Excited to beat the last mileage by 0.6 mi.

Today - felt like my immune system was down, took a nap, decided not to work out, started reading Ultramarathon Man, was inspired, did 14.1 mi, 580 cal, 60 min on the reclined bike, still felt down afterwards, 101.5 w/o the soaking wet shirt afterwards, really like to ice b/f and after workouts now, makes me feel so much better, also trying to stretch more to recover and avoid injury in the future.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Jul 16

2 x 30 min reclined bike (both times' stats exactly the same - 150 Cal, 7.3 mi). While watching major league lacrosse. 11pm at the hotel fitness room. Last night in Roch.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jul 15-p

Yesterday, meeting LD's nice fam, seeing where she grew up, peaceful farmland, German Settlers!

Today, I did the run into downtown. I must've started off super slow with my shuffly gait. Today, my left quad has been super tight and knotty. Right leg seems okay during the day, though. At the start of the run, my right thigh seemed to threaten booing me, but it worked out. My knees felt a little poundy during the last mile.

As for the run, a little past where I turned around last time (at the Staybridge hotel on the Genosee River), there was a great view of the city. I went in, and at the turnaround point was the Dinosaur BBQ, where I had had lunch in a building that used to be a mill or something, which overlooked a bridge with trees going down a dam. Then, more grassy wonderfulness to the U of R, then back to the asphalty, weedy part that I walked back home.

7.1 mi in 1:01:50. Slow. 8:42/mi... eh... permissible considering the circumstances, I guess.

Jul 13-p

20 min elliptical. HR from 155-185. Set out to do 30 min but wore out by 20. No water. Hip felt fine.

Decided to go on a walk. Turns out the Holiday Inn by the Rochester Airport is right by the Eerie Canal. At the point where I enter, there's a berry tree. It looks like blackberries or something, but I'm not sure if it's poisonous, so I pick them and put them in my camera case. Also in my drawstring bag are a GPS running out of batteries and a cell. I follow the path, and when I get to the Genosee Park about a mile later. I see a sign that says Rochester - 4 mi. I think that this is the absolute worst time to be injured. I'm in a beautiful place with all kinds of wildflowers and waterways, in running distance to a city I could have explored. It's close enough to run but too far to walk to - 10 miles. I started trying spurts of running again on the grassy sides. At first, I could only take about 20 ft at a time before my inner thigh gave out. Soon, though, I could manage a continuous shuffle. The air smells like cross country. Grassy and humid. The temperature is incredible, too, must be in the 70's. I follow the wrong path for a ways (I saw a sign saying, "now leaving rochester"), then run across two runners who point me in the opposite direction, so I retrace my steps and find the way to the park. I follow the path, asking for directions to downtown every now and then. It seemed like I was running a long way, but I was going slowly and trying to poke my way through a new place. Finally, I realize from maps that following the river will take me right into the heart of downtown. If I don't head back now, though, I won't make it in time for the 9:00pm close of the hotel's restraunt, so I decide to save the rest for another day. In all, it's 4.8 miles, but it was untimed. My gait is all screwed up. I felt like I was bounding semi-laterally on two crooked sticks. My legs were just so unused to the motion of running. I walked back and had salmon with mounds of baby carrots and fries. Literally huge mounds.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jul 12

I rested yesterday b/c I wasn't feeling 100% and didn't want to risk injuring myself and losing what little workout abilities I have left.

I felt stronger today (calves still a bit sore, but glutes were fine and super-toned after 2 hrs of biking, haha). I did 13 mi in 1 hr, at an ave of 13mph... hey I just realized that since I'm doing an hr, the mileage I do is the ave mph! I'm so slow. So my estimate was good. The other two times, not so good, haha. It was harder to go the whole hour w/o water today but I did it. I read Fodor's the Traveling Marathoner today, the section on the Disney Marathon.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jul 10

I did 30 min strength on Jul 1 and Jul 6. Still no running, just limping and pain even when walking. Dunno what caused it. Knees are a bit testy too, maybe from compensating. Strength's okay, even with the likely bit of weight gain from being so sedentary. It's so hard not to run, but the posters in my room, books, and videos (Beijing 08 Opening Ceremonies and highlights) have kept me excited.

In the apt, I went to the gym after a while to check out the cardio, but alas, 2/3 of the machines were unusable, and I was mad. Was it all just for show? The only one that worked was a treadmill... great... Jul 8, however, new equipment came in, and it felt so good to sweat again. I biked 13 mi, 1 hr, 560 Cal. Level 15-17. Last 4 min were at 15-17 mph and b/f that, usually 11-12 mph. Left quad cramped first few min but otherwise felt okay. Butt so sore after. Read 60 pgs of the Track and Field Coaching manual while biking.

I did strength again the next day. Only 3 days since the last one. It helped clear out whatever made my butt sore. Knee joint (right) not so great. I did faster pushups this time, rather than the slow ones I've been doing. That allowed me to crank out 40ish. Glad to know I haven't lost it. I did 200 crunches per side. Probably strong.

Jul 10, the next day, another 1 hr session of 13.2 mi on the bike. Level 16 mostly. Ave 13.5-14.5mph. Butt mostly fine today. Just remnants of soreness. Still can't run, limp (tho not post-exercise, since the sore butt predominated). Wore the XC singlet, which was absolutely drenched, wring-out-water to the end. Breathed hard. I wore the Garmin to track my HR since the bike's is really inaccurate. I went from 155-185, about linearly with time over the course of the hour.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jun 24

7:30, 82ish degrees, 12oz water. Hip hurt on the way out, started hurting yesterday, causing me to walk with a limp in the past 2 days. On the way back, my knees were just pounded, feeling swollen. Maybe the hills? Maybe the 3.5ish miles of concrete (which is 10x harder than asphalt!!!). I iced them with frozen blueberries afterwards. Poor knees. They feel fine now, but my hip’s still messed up, like some stringy thing in it is totally gone or pulled or something. Wore my XC singlet. Had to stop twice to try to let my knees recover, but it didn’t help. As a result of the knee pain, I went slowly.

1:13:08, 8:55/mi

8:23, 0.92 mi, 9:11/mi
8:54, 0.95 mi, 9:20/mi
15:15, 1.75 mi, 8:43/mi
3:47, 0.42 mi, 8:58/mi
3:48, 0.47 mi, 8:06/mi
15:44, boo, boo
9:14, 1.01 mi, 9:11/mi
7:55, 0.92 mi, 8:39/mi

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jun 22

Sat Night: 40 min mat. Strong in crunches and pretty much everything else. Pushups improving - like 40ish this time. Look good, too, in terms of tone.

Today: It was sooooooooo hard to wake up from my nap and go out at 7:30 today. I went to bed at around 1am last night after being on the net a lot and then listening to a great semon from Grace Church. I am really excited about trying that church. It was hard staying awake at work. When I got home, I ate stuff and napped.

I ran in a wife beater and short shorts with about 12 oz water. I drank about half at the half point, which was supposedly 5 mi into the run, but when I got back to my area, it was only about 9 miles total, which is odd. It was about "feels like 85," but it was actually quite decent, maybe because there wasn't much sun, since it was late. I haven't run this far in so long, and I was suprised I did it and that it felt so easy. Maybe heat acclimitization is kicking in, since it didn't feel that hot and water wasn't a great need, even 5 miles in.

Run stats: 1:08:37, 9.76 mi, 7:02/mi, 697 Cal. I HAVE REASON TO BELIEVE THIS IS WRONG

8:19 p, 9:53/mi, 0.84 mi
8:37 s, 8:41/mi, 0.99 mi
14:45 z, 4:34/mi... okay, this is where it messed up... 3.23 mi...
14:18 s, 7:16/mi, 1.97 mi
11:38 g, 8:23/mi, 1.38 mi
3:16 p, 8:26/mi, 0.36 mi
3:06 g, 8:11/mi, 0.38 mi
4:41 h, 8:08/mi, 0.58 mi

So actually, it was 8.5 mi at an 8:04 pace... not bad!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jun 19

"Feels like 98!!!" The actual temp is significantly lower, but with the humidity, bam. I went at 7:30, even. I repeated the stoplight and back run, since I already knew the distance and it wasn't going to take too long. My parents were visiting, so I wanted to get back before they arrived. I brought 12oz of water in my Nathan Speed 4, but was okay without it, so I didn't drink any. It's good to train your body to need less water anyway.

The run was 32:26 for 8:32 pace, which is about the pace I can hold for 16 miles in good temps. I hope it's just the temps. Has to be. 98 degrees is crazy. I wear short sleeves even in 30 degree temps. I wore my black Starter tech tee and short shorts. Don't wanna go sports bra running on high-traffic roads in a new town.

Splits> 8:14 p, 8:28 s, 8:30 p, 7:13 h. Don't let different splits deceive you. With hills, they are going to be different.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jun 18

6am run. Temp decent but humid. Dewy grass means very wet shoes. This route was better in terms of flat grass. Not 100%, but I'm happy enough. And in any case, it's better than North Jersey. I went onto Pelham until the stoplight at the end of the more commercial area. I didn't get to go out until it got light enough out. I had woken up at 5 but it was still dark. And I had to get back by 7 to shower for work.

The run was 3.8 miles and took 31:46. Average pace was 8:22/mi. 329 Cal.

Splits> 8:14 p (Pelham - 0.88 mi, 9:20/mi due to warmup effect as well as trying to find good footing), 8:11 s (Stoplight - 1 mi, 8:21/mi - stepped in a small but deep hole at one point and was worried but was able to run fine on it, thank the Lord), 8:07 p (0.99 mi - 8:10/mi - speeding up!), 7:12 t (Thornblade - 0.92 mi, 7:51/mi)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Jun 15

Managed to get myself out of my new apt for a run today. It rained the whole time. This begins my exploration of the area. I need 1) even 2) grass. Today, I turned into the Publix and then went down towards the road that takes you to TJX, but the way there was uneven, narrow, and not consistently grassy, so I turned off in what looked to be grassy, but it turned out to be super uneven. I was running on a sloped side of the road, so that one leg alawys had to run on something lower. Terrible. But, that road happened to lead to a golf course, which turned out to be small - just under half a mile. It is even, though, albeit hilly, which isn't bad. I did 3 loops, to take advantage of the good course, and then decided to go home. I was going slow the whole time, largely because I was picking my way through uneven and unfamiliar paths. I hope I find something good soon. I ran at 7pm, when it was about 82 degrees, in a t-shirt, since there's perhaps too much traffic for sports bra only.

Total: 42:08 min, 5.12 mi, 8:14/mi, 428 Cal.

The average pace on the way out and during the first two golf course loops was 8:22, but the third loop, as well as the way back, went at 8:03/mi. The GPS is a wonderful thing to have when you're exploring new routes, and it should be very handy when I go on business trips. I really wish I brought it on the CO trip.

Gray's Peak, CO

(Topo Map)

An unexpectedly snowy climb up Gray's Peak, one of CO's 54 Fourteeners, which has an elevation of 14,270 ft, or about 2.7 miles. The climb from Steven's Gulch trailhead was about 7 miles roundtrip, rising 3040 ft, or about 0.6 miles. To get there, though, there was a 2.5ish mile walk, which we did part of on the way up and all of on the way back. The climb from the trailhead took 6 hours. I hiked w/ JJL.

The tundra was a decently gentle climb, but the winds at times would blast icy snow at us, which would really sting. It even knocked us over a couple of times. As we got past the windy part, I noticed that my lungs would burn a little when I breathed in a lot of air fast, like with a laugh.

The amount of snow (it had snowed the previous night) made the trail visible only by disturbances in the snow, or by rocks. We blazed a trail that required horizontal movement across a steep mountain, which was tough on my left calf. Here, my lungs would burn a little when I went too fast.

After that, though, they were fine. There was some very uphill climbing, and then you were at a part that looked like a giant steep snowfield. Here, I put down my pack (after JJL told me not to) to return a ski pole, and then before I knew it, I saw the pack rolling down the mountain.

We decided to go for the summit, which involved a long vertical climb, first blazed and then later following ski boot holes so that it was like wall climbing. A skier offered to help look for the pack, and two more water bottles fell out of JJL's pack, which I was carrying. The carin at the top was near, though. A final push, and we were there... at a false summit. We gathered our courage and went the last bit up to the summit. It was windy, but the view was gorgeous. It soon got cold up there, and I was a bit concerned about how we'd get down, since it was so steep all around.

We took a few pictures, and some hikers offered us Gatorade. Then, we went down an easier route of switchbacks that some other hikers told us about. It was kind of fun. Farther down, JJL spotted the pack somehow and rescued it. As we went back through the tundra, much of the snow was melted or in the process of melting. Then, the 2.5-ish mile walk back to the car.

My quads were a tiny bit sore at first, then my calves and shoulders got a tiny bit sore.

Mile-High Acclimation Run

To keep up fitness and acclimate to the ~ 5900 foot elevation, I did a 3.7-mile run in Centennial, CO. It was a bit stop and go after the 25 min mark, since I had to find my way back, but it was about 30 minutes of running. I saw 2 tiny cute rabbits and perhaps a split second of a prairie dog on the grass by the more commercial area. The view from Smokey Hill Road was pretty, with mountains and Denver in the background. The elevation map on MapMyRun is very suitable this time. I don't have an accurate pace, since 30 minutes is totally estimated, but I went out for a 5-mile run at a decently brisk pace. There was a decent amount of grass by the sides of the road. I didn't feel the effects of the elevation, and the hills were okay. They were long, so you just kind of chug along.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jun 9

A quick run before my flight... and another dry spell of no running, most likely.

75 degrees, 93% humidity at 8am. Half shady on my paths. Shade makes a big difference, at least in the later parts of the day. It was only a 2.2, which took 16:17, so it didn't hit the 20 min mark that you're supposed to exercise for.

Splits> 5:06 b, 1:53 r, 3:23 c, 5:54 h. 7:24/mi.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Jun 8

Double workout lite today, since I'll be going to CO to hike (only one day, with 2 days of acclimitization).

Morning: 35 min strength. It's been a bit over a week since my last S, so I was worrired about how I'd do, but it was okay. At times, I felt like I wasn't doing much, so I extended the times I held stuff, doing 2:30 for the plank and 1:30 for 6 inches, and going to 35/40 reps for single leg lifts. Pushups were kind of lacking at 30, though. Not too concerned, though, since running doesn't require that much of that kind of strength.

6pm: 4.4 mi in 33:38, at 7:39 pace. It was 78 degrees, with 85% humidity in a sports bra. It was post-nap and fuel, and I felt kinda weighed down - maybe from the lack of nutrients or the heat or stress. The run was okay, though. My legs were even very slightly sore last night as I lay in bed. A feeling I haven't had in a while - it was kind of nice, like I know I did something. I don't know why 6.6 at a slower than I can do ideally pace would make me sore. Maybe it's just that they had to work under tougher conditions with extra blood needed to go to cool my skin rather than fuel my muscles. Well, now I have 2.2, 4.4, and 6.6 mile run times down to use as a comparison for when I come back home, whenever that is... probably Christmas!!! Wow, imagine the temp difference (although I never had to wear more than long sleeves during past X-mas runs).

Splits> 7:22 r, 3:31 c, 2:28 p, 3:47 h (17:09), 5:02 b, 5:20 c, 2:26 p, 3:38 h (16:29... wow, much faster)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jun 7

A little hard to get out today, after more packing, but I did. It's been a bit tricky getting back into running after the 5 days off, especially in a new place with temps rising. It's hard to see how well I'm doing. It was 77 degrees w/ about 71%H at 7pm. I did 6.6 straight, without water, in 50:41, making a 7:41 pace. I listened to Phedippidations with the phone's one-ear bluetooth, since it turned out that I fried my Shuffle with all my sweat last run. Sad. That thing took me through many miles and a little under 66 Podcasts, many of them an hour long, not to mention all the regular songs I've listened to, namely Jeremy Camp, MercyMe, Kindred Spirit, Shane & Shane, and a little Mark Schultz and Krystal Meyers.

My dad rode his bike with me during the run, and it helped me be determined to finish the 6.6 each time I passed by home and had the option of cutting it short, since I said that I was doing three loops. Right knee a bit poundy on loop 2/3, but it went away later on and feels okay for now.

Splits> 7:23 r, 3:30 c, 2:26 p, 3:53 h (17:13), 5:02 b, 5:24 c, 2:24 p, 3:47 h (16:39), 5:04 b, 2:00 r, 3:30 c, 2:30 p, 3:43 h (16:49)

Cumulative mileage: 388.8 + 2.2 + 4.4 ci + 4.4 ci + 6.6 = 406.4

Friday, June 5, 2009

Jun 5

I went out wanting to do 6.6, but failed. I ran a 2.2, went in to get my dad, who had wanted to bike while I ran but decided not to when it started raining (only for 5 min), so he joined me on the second. I set out on a third but stopped after 75m. I had been tired today from packing for my new apt and contacting people from my new job, my new apt, and my new furniture. I even napped today. I've also been having way fewer vitamins and minerals from food lately. My Mini-Wheats have some, but I don't get many fruits and veggies now that I'm home and that stuff's more expensive.

It was 77 degrees with 81% humidity but okay, since it was cloudy (bit of rain) at 6pm. I was in a sports bra again. Oh, and it's too bad that electronics and salt don't mix, since during runs is when iPods are great. My earbuds emitted a buzzing sound while I listened to the podcast, and when I tried to pause the podcast, the button didn't register, and I tried turning it off, but it still stayed on!!! After a few flips, it turned off, but man. Good thing watches are better.

Splits> 5:06 b, 1:55 r, 3:25 c, 2:24 p, 3:46 h (16:38), 4:52 b (warmup effect), 1:55 r (look at that split!), 3:23 c, 2:21 p, 3:35 h (16:08). 7:27/mi pace. 32:46 total.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jun 4

A rather nice 75 degrees and Cloudy today in MP at 10am. Did a 2.2 but pushed kinda hard, at least too hard to keep going for another 2.2, so I made it a 2x2.2 Cruise Interval. Had some water in between. Felt a bit sapped after yesterday's 2.2 effort. Not the umph of yesterday (which happened after 5 days of rest - FIVE! I still can't believe it. There was a 30 min strength in the middle of the five, but that was just maintenance).

Splits> 4:58 b, 1:52 r, 3:14 b, 2:20 p, 3:36 h (16:02), 4:50 b (faster than the prev time due to the warmup effect), 1:54 r, 3:23 b, 6:02 h (16:12). Total: 32:14. Pace: 7:20 for CI.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jun 3

Bye Princeton.

Got back home, unloaded the car, ate some oatmeal, and went on a run. It was getting dark, and my parents don't want me running in the dark, so I just did 2.2, aka "the loop." I didn't push that hard, and I didn't start breathing heavy until halfway through the Colonnade. I beat my paces for the times I ran it in May and July '07 (7:29 at best) with my 6:48. I could've done better if I wasn't full on oatmeal and if I had pushed myself. Although I think I ran the July 4th race in 14-something as well (in shorter time that 14:58) two years ago. Anyway, I'm happy. I took 5... FIVE... days off of running after the breakthrough 16.2-16.6 because of all of the business of Reunions and Commencement. Not only were the events packed, but I always felt like I should be spending my last days with people, rather than running alone, although I did spend perhaps too much time on facebook.

The temps were decent, since it was after 8pm, and it felt good in a sports bra. Concerning injuries, the dancing (3 nights of it) did a number on my knees (twisted and pounded feeling) and feet (like carpal tunnel's syndrome from continuous jumping on my toes). Didn't feel bad during the short run. I hope it gets 100% quickly, though. I didn't count the dancing as workouts, but they should be considered cross-training. I did a fair bit of strengthy jumps and lots of moving, although there was no hard breathing.

Splits> 4:41 brickyard aka b, 1:46 retreat aka r, 3:07 clubhouse aka c, 2:08 path aka p, and 3:14 home aka h. I may change up split locations. We'll try different things.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28-p

Peeeeeeeeee-Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (previous - 2:14:47. today - 2:10:58 baby! for 16.2-.6)
This has been 2 PR's in 2 weeks!

I felt blah after not getting to eat many veggies and fruit since 2D's about wound down. I've just been eating lots of carbs. I was also sleepy - maybe not enough iron? There's been some debate about vitamin C and E supplements actually inhibiting the body's natural repair processes, so I've been more reluctant to take a multi, but that was probably a good source of iron. I've also been taking in less cocoa, since there's no more Bible Study or DP. Cocoa has lots of iron.

Anyway, I didn't run yesterday, and it's been a while since I had a quality run, so I wanted to either do a LR (which I haven't done in a/b 3 weeks) or a track workout (it's been longer since I've done a legit one). I chose the LR, since I just feel like you need to feel good to do a good track workout. A BM is grueling. I was just gonna go out, and at about 7 miles out, I had to stop to take a call. I recovered immediately, as if I hadn't done anything at all. I thought, "oh great, all this mileage I'm putting my poor joints through, for no benefit." At the turnaround, I felt good and knew I could probably pick it up a bit on the way back. Nearing the Delaware bridge, I saw that I was on track for a course PR, and I was still feeling pretty good. I got a couple more calls along the way, and it would be hard starting up again, since I had gotten in the groove. My stride would be off at first, but then I'd find it again after a minute.

The weather was 60 and misty rain. I was in a sports bra and loving it. I carried a cell, a pack of Gu Chomps (didn't use), half a Gu pack (ate it about 1:15 in), and 20oz of water (10 oz between r2 on the way back and halfway to wm, plus the other 10 near wm). It was comfortable, too, with that much water. Before the run, I had a PB sandwich and a plum. Post-run, I had a bowl of Onion Quinoa in Tomato Sauce (I had been sick of it after 3 consecutive meals of it, but running makes anything taste good) and Yogurt w/ Orange Fruit Spread, peanuts, chocolate, plus a bit of hummus. I'm stretching now.

Running back, I was surprised by how good I felt, even through the last hill! I was shocked at the splits. It was like normal 7.5-miler splits! I can't believe it. I had been slowing down on this 16er ever since the first one, and today, I was beating it down. I listened to 2 podcasts on the way out, and ran the last hour or so without it, since it was making my head feel too full, and I just wanted silence and complete focus on running afterwards. It was nice just focusing on my stride. I was way faster on the way back than the way out, which I feel is preferred by hard-core runners training for stuff.

A good run. Thank God for it. Except the 1.5 miles from r2 to o were treacherous with roots hidden by the long grass. I was lucky not to sprain anything or trip. My knees threatened to feel bad, especially after stops to get the phone, but thank goodness, they held. [Blow you a kiss, knees]

Oh, I had been debating about whether to do a 14.2 or a 16.2, but the decision was made for me (and I'm glad, since it worked out so well). The green spots I had been using as the 14.2 mark, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I realized too late were to mark trees that need to be cut down. In the past, it was just a matter of hoping that I was looking at the right tree. This time, not a single green spot, haha. So the only way I could measure a distance was with the o.

Splits> 9:31 t, 4:07 p, 3:58 h, 4:15 b (21:52), 4:47 x, 2:53 wm (29:33), 19:31 r1 (missed the d split), 4:56 r2, 12:46 o (1:06:48), 12:23 r2, 4:52 r1, 4:15 d (1:28:19), 14:53 wm, 2:38 x, 4:31 b (1:50:22), 4:01 h, 3:49 p (flyyyying!!!), 3:48 t (still!!!), 8:56 2. The wm to 2 time on the way back was 27:46 (vs. 29:33 on the way out, which was downhill even!). Serioiusly, the way back was a post 3.75-mile run pace, rather than the post-13ish-mile run pace. Amazing. Oh yeah, suggests that it's actually a 16.6 mile run, not a 16.2. Using 16.2, it's an 8:05 pace, and using 16.6, it's a 7:53 pace. What?!?!

Cumulative mileage: 346.7 + 7.4 wf+ + 2.75 failed bm + 7.5 heat + 7.8 shop + 16.2 (I'll count it as 16.6) to stay consistent = 388.8 miles.

Yesterday, felt like a used car and was apprehensive about trying to drive b/c I might break it. Somehow, I had a breakthrough run today. Yay sleep?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 26

Oh man, I feel good. I think it might be all the sleep that I'm finally getting. My daily schedule consists pretty much of just running, eating, internet, and sleeping. I feel sleepy a lot, and I'm probably still catching up from a 50 hour sleep debt just from last week, plus whatever debt I've accumulated during the entire school year. I felt good during today's run, though. I was tired at first, but I was surprised at the decent pace I kept up even after yesterday's decent run. It was 50 degrees + light cold rain, and I was in a sports bra on the way out and the UA long sleeve on the way back, but with the backpack, which carried a 4-pack of Myoplex shakes on the way back, I think the 59:47 run was pretty good! I don't know exactly how long the wm run is when you swing out to Route 1, but I guess we can just keep things simple at 7.5. My body feels fine, and I feel like I could run it again!!! although my ankles are a bit strained - probably because of the extra weight.

Splits> 9:32 t, 3:52 p (slow start on the t but nice pace to the p), 3:41 h (nice!), 4:00 b (21:07), 4:17 x (felt so good during this leg, sped it up every now and then with bursts when I lept over rooty areas), 2:21 wm (27:45), 6:11 wf, 4:34 b, 4:17 h, 3:56 p (nice considering the pack! felt good and pushed on through despite the weight), 3:52 t, 9:08 h - sweet run!!! Given the 6:11 and the 4:34, I think it's maybe 3 minutes longer... about 0.4 miles longer? So I'll adjust and say that the run is 7.8 miles, since I was probably slow getting started after the stops. That makes a 7:40/mi pace, with pack!

Cool thing - I went to The Running Company to get some fuel for runs, and I got to talking with the guy at the counter (I'm terrible at remembering names), and he offered to look at my treads and my gait, even though it was pretty clear that the Evol's were a good fit for my pronation and that I still had many miles on them. On the treadmill, he noticed that even with the Evol's, I still pronate. He offered to let me try on some insoles, but the arches seemed to be small and towards my heel (which he said was good b/c that's where the support is most needed, right under where your foot meets the leg), but it just felt so different from a shoe. He heard that I do 16 mile long runs even though I only do 15-35 miles per week, and he cited Daniels' Running Formula, where the LR's should make up 25% of the weekly total. I'm 100% at worst and 50% at best. So he suggested that I up the mileage the rest of the week. Oh yeah, the conversation started because I mentioned my bum knee. He said that as I run, the small muscles that do the stabilizing get tired and the bigger ones have to make up for them. As I train more, I'll build up the stabilizers. He suggested core and leg exercises, like lifts, a squat where you grab one leg (like a quad stretch) and touch that grabbed leg's knee to the ground (or as far as you can go). He also said that as I train more, I'll find that I need less water. That's good news, since carrying around 40 oz during summer runs will pound my legs quite a bit. Runners are great. We all enjoy talking about running, trading tips and experiences, and helping each other out.