Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28-p

Peeeeeeeeee-Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (previous - 2:14:47. today - 2:10:58 baby! for 16.2-.6)
This has been 2 PR's in 2 weeks!

I felt blah after not getting to eat many veggies and fruit since 2D's about wound down. I've just been eating lots of carbs. I was also sleepy - maybe not enough iron? There's been some debate about vitamin C and E supplements actually inhibiting the body's natural repair processes, so I've been more reluctant to take a multi, but that was probably a good source of iron. I've also been taking in less cocoa, since there's no more Bible Study or DP. Cocoa has lots of iron.

Anyway, I didn't run yesterday, and it's been a while since I had a quality run, so I wanted to either do a LR (which I haven't done in a/b 3 weeks) or a track workout (it's been longer since I've done a legit one). I chose the LR, since I just feel like you need to feel good to do a good track workout. A BM is grueling. I was just gonna go out, and at about 7 miles out, I had to stop to take a call. I recovered immediately, as if I hadn't done anything at all. I thought, "oh great, all this mileage I'm putting my poor joints through, for no benefit." At the turnaround, I felt good and knew I could probably pick it up a bit on the way back. Nearing the Delaware bridge, I saw that I was on track for a course PR, and I was still feeling pretty good. I got a couple more calls along the way, and it would be hard starting up again, since I had gotten in the groove. My stride would be off at first, but then I'd find it again after a minute.

The weather was 60 and misty rain. I was in a sports bra and loving it. I carried a cell, a pack of Gu Chomps (didn't use), half a Gu pack (ate it about 1:15 in), and 20oz of water (10 oz between r2 on the way back and halfway to wm, plus the other 10 near wm). It was comfortable, too, with that much water. Before the run, I had a PB sandwich and a plum. Post-run, I had a bowl of Onion Quinoa in Tomato Sauce (I had been sick of it after 3 consecutive meals of it, but running makes anything taste good) and Yogurt w/ Orange Fruit Spread, peanuts, chocolate, plus a bit of hummus. I'm stretching now.

Running back, I was surprised by how good I felt, even through the last hill! I was shocked at the splits. It was like normal 7.5-miler splits! I can't believe it. I had been slowing down on this 16er ever since the first one, and today, I was beating it down. I listened to 2 podcasts on the way out, and ran the last hour or so without it, since it was making my head feel too full, and I just wanted silence and complete focus on running afterwards. It was nice just focusing on my stride. I was way faster on the way back than the way out, which I feel is preferred by hard-core runners training for stuff.

A good run. Thank God for it. Except the 1.5 miles from r2 to o were treacherous with roots hidden by the long grass. I was lucky not to sprain anything or trip. My knees threatened to feel bad, especially after stops to get the phone, but thank goodness, they held. [Blow you a kiss, knees]

Oh, I had been debating about whether to do a 14.2 or a 16.2, but the decision was made for me (and I'm glad, since it worked out so well). The green spots I had been using as the 14.2 mark, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I realized too late were to mark trees that need to be cut down. In the past, it was just a matter of hoping that I was looking at the right tree. This time, not a single green spot, haha. So the only way I could measure a distance was with the o.

Splits> 9:31 t, 4:07 p, 3:58 h, 4:15 b (21:52), 4:47 x, 2:53 wm (29:33), 19:31 r1 (missed the d split), 4:56 r2, 12:46 o (1:06:48), 12:23 r2, 4:52 r1, 4:15 d (1:28:19), 14:53 wm, 2:38 x, 4:31 b (1:50:22), 4:01 h, 3:49 p (flyyyying!!!), 3:48 t (still!!!), 8:56 2. The wm to 2 time on the way back was 27:46 (vs. 29:33 on the way out, which was downhill even!). Serioiusly, the way back was a post 3.75-mile run pace, rather than the post-13ish-mile run pace. Amazing. Oh yeah, suggests that it's actually a 16.6 mile run, not a 16.2. Using 16.2, it's an 8:05 pace, and using 16.6, it's a 7:53 pace. What?!?!

Cumulative mileage: 346.7 + 7.4 wf+ + 2.75 failed bm + 7.5 heat + 7.8 shop + 16.2 (I'll count it as 16.6) to stay consistent = 388.8 miles.

Yesterday, felt like a used car and was apprehensive about trying to drive b/c I might break it. Somehow, I had a breakthrough run today. Yay sleep?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 26

Oh man, I feel good. I think it might be all the sleep that I'm finally getting. My daily schedule consists pretty much of just running, eating, internet, and sleeping. I feel sleepy a lot, and I'm probably still catching up from a 50 hour sleep debt just from last week, plus whatever debt I've accumulated during the entire school year. I felt good during today's run, though. I was tired at first, but I was surprised at the decent pace I kept up even after yesterday's decent run. It was 50 degrees + light cold rain, and I was in a sports bra on the way out and the UA long sleeve on the way back, but with the backpack, which carried a 4-pack of Myoplex shakes on the way back, I think the 59:47 run was pretty good! I don't know exactly how long the wm run is when you swing out to Route 1, but I guess we can just keep things simple at 7.5. My body feels fine, and I feel like I could run it again!!! although my ankles are a bit strained - probably because of the extra weight.

Splits> 9:32 t, 3:52 p (slow start on the t but nice pace to the p), 3:41 h (nice!), 4:00 b (21:07), 4:17 x (felt so good during this leg, sped it up every now and then with bursts when I lept over rooty areas), 2:21 wm (27:45), 6:11 wf, 4:34 b, 4:17 h, 3:56 p (nice considering the pack! felt good and pushed on through despite the weight), 3:52 t, 9:08 h - sweet run!!! Given the 6:11 and the 4:34, I think it's maybe 3 minutes longer... about 0.4 miles longer? So I'll adjust and say that the run is 7.8 miles, since I was probably slow getting started after the stops. That makes a 7:40/mi pace, with pack!

Cool thing - I went to The Running Company to get some fuel for runs, and I got to talking with the guy at the counter (I'm terrible at remembering names), and he offered to look at my treads and my gait, even though it was pretty clear that the Evol's were a good fit for my pronation and that I still had many miles on them. On the treadmill, he noticed that even with the Evol's, I still pronate. He offered to let me try on some insoles, but the arches seemed to be small and towards my heel (which he said was good b/c that's where the support is most needed, right under where your foot meets the leg), but it just felt so different from a shoe. He heard that I do 16 mile long runs even though I only do 15-35 miles per week, and he cited Daniels' Running Formula, where the LR's should make up 25% of the weekly total. I'm 100% at worst and 50% at best. So he suggested that I up the mileage the rest of the week. Oh yeah, the conversation started because I mentioned my bum knee. He said that as I run, the small muscles that do the stabilizing get tired and the bigger ones have to make up for them. As I train more, I'll build up the stabilizers. He suggested core and leg exercises, like lifts, a squat where you grab one leg (like a quad stretch) and touch that grabbed leg's knee to the ground (or as far as you can go). He also said that as I train more, I'll find that I need less water. That's good news, since carrying around 40 oz during summer runs will pound my legs quite a bit. Runners are great. We all enjoy talking about running, trading tips and experiences, and helping each other out.

Monday, May 25, 2009

May 25

Guess what... I may be getting a car soon that's called the Honda Fit. Hehe. So appropriate. It'll be my adventure car.

I did a 2.2-ish mile barely-faster-than-brisk-walking pace jog today w/ KJ and VH. Running with people was nice, but the mismatch of pace kind of hurts. I felt like I was getting the pounding of running without gaining any cardiovascular benefits. Eh well.

After a not-so-healthy lunch (meaning 1% milk and ham because they ran out of turkey), I took a long nap (still recovering from last week?). Then, a run to get miles in. Thought about a shop trip, but I was wearing my AMHS singlet already, and the weather felt decent, so I went out on a tempo. 7.5 miles in 56:11, making it a 7:29/mi pace. Given the 79 degree at 42% humidity heat, making a "feels like 80", not bad. And that was the hour later, so it might've been hotter during the run, like feels like 81 at least. Legs felt fine, thanks be to God. I made a special effort to stretch pre and post, although stretching kinda hurt post, just achey more than flexible.

Splits> 8:34 t, 3:52 p, 3:47 h, 4:02 b (20:16), 4:30 x, 2:43 wm (27:30 nice pace through the first half), 2:41 x, 4:29 b, 4:03 h, 3:50 p, 4:00 t (started dying), 9:33 2. I wanted to stop at the turnaround and at the base of the hill, but slowing down's better than stopping. Yes.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

FAITH: Take My Life and Let it Be

Take my life and let it be
Consecrated, Lord, to Thee
Take my moments and my days
Let them flow in ceaseless praise
Take my hands and let them move
A the impulse of Thy loveTake my feet and let them be
Swift and beautiful for Thee
Take my voice and let me sing
Always, only for my KingTake my lips and let them be
Filled with messages from Thee
Take my silver and my gold
Not a mite would I withhold
Take my intellect and use
Every power as You choose
Take my will and make it Thine
It shall be no longer mine
Take my heart, it is Thine own
It shall be Thy royal throneTake my love, my Lord I pour
At Your feet its treasure store
Take myself and I will be ever, only, all for Thee

Here am I, all of me
Take my life, it's all for Thee

May 24

11:30am, 79 degrees, 62% humidity -> feels like 80. To think it'll be feels like 100 later in the summer! Oh man, that was brutal. Not even 1/2 a BM Pyramid - stopped b/f the 800. I even took a break b/f the 400's! It was 2.25mi in 16:03 (only a 7:06/mi pace! I guess it's okay... I'd just have to stretch that out by another 3/4 mi and speed it up to a 6:45 to hit my 5K target.), and if you add the 0.5 warmup, it was around 20 minutes in all. As a result of the heat, I didn't fully recover during the recovery jogs, even though I usually do when it's cooler.

Bllaaaaah heat.


11:00pm, 40 min strength. It's been 1.5 weeks, and exercises were much harder than usual. 1 week should be the max time between for me before I start losing it. Everything from pushups to 6 inches to even crunches were tough. One exception was leg lifts - those were fine. I also added quad dips and calf raises to strengthen my ankles and quads. Interestingly, my left ankle is a lot weaker than the right, even though the right one was sprained.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 20

A light post-exam run. 2 hours of sleep + 3-hour exam at 9am + light lunch of yogurt and salad + shopping run. Got a Nike shirt (sleeveless, tight-fitting lightweight tech) and... 6 bars of chocolate.

Started out slow b/c still tight from the PR? Gradually sped up. Didn't feel much looser but felt like I could push the pace a little more. It's definitely slower running with a pack. Still tight by the end. Right knee felt a bit poundy, but not bad enough to need to stop or anything.

Splits> 10:52 t + about 400 sidetrack, 4:07 p, 3:56 h, 3:54 b, 2:33 wf, 5:46 b + about 0.3 mi, 4:25 h, 4:05 p, 4:12 t, 9:51 wright, 5:20 deb's. It's a 6.2+0.6+0.6 = 7.3. At 59:08 total, that's about 7:59/mi.

It's remarkable how tight and hurty I was today. Was it the tempo? Should quality workouts be limited more, since they require so much recovery? They do pay dividends, since I can feel my muscles adapting.

Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18

Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaar! (PR)
Still got it! It was the temps slowing me down. At 53 degrees, I ran a 7:17/mi Walmart run in 54:23. I ran something similar (54:41) on March 21st. It was about 45 degrees that day (thank you, running log!). I ran after dinner, really wanting to squeeze in a run, having not run yesterday because my upper glutes were still a bit sore from the previous day - either because of the 1:14 400, or because of the 4.5 miles of concrete, and I wanted to save up for the wonderfully cool weather today to do a test run to check my progress. A good choice, it seems! Going after dinner made me a bit queasy afterwards, when back at 2D, the smell of breaded seitan in onion sauce (so delicious) made me nauseous because I had just run fast with a belly full of it. Normally, I'd love the smell, but just not in this case.

During the run, my ankle felt great. Now I remember why cold day runs are so much faster. I have to run fast from the start to warm up my body. I wore the black Starter tech shirt and short burgundy 5-pocket shorts. On the iPod, I listened to the MCC race report, which was really motivating. I think I run especially hard when I'm listening to races. The effect is wonderful. On the way out, I just pushed, trying hard to keep sub-4 marker times, which wasn't too hard. I was just concerned about whether I could keep it up on the way back, or if I'd have to stop and make it a Cruise Interval run instead (which would've been acceptable given the pace, but sad). In the end, I figured better to just slow down but keep going than to stop. And I'm so glad I did. Just slowing down a bit gives your body a chance to get your o2 levels back and the lactic acid levels back down, and then you're set to speed up again. I was light-headed on the way back from oxygen debt, I think. It's been a while since that happened. It's nice to be able to run that hard again. Man, I'm in the mood for some track work right now. I heart speed. The way back, I'd think... okay, 18 more minutes, 14 more minutes, 10 more minutes, and then the final few minutes were pain. When I got to the steps of 2D, I kneeled down and thanked God. It was all him.

Splits> 8:04 t (absolutely flying from the start - usually I'm more than a minute slower!), 3:37 p (another flying time), 3:40 h, 3:55 b (19:17), 4:26 x, 2:41 w (26:25), 2:41 x, 4:29 b, 4:02 h, 3:48 p, 3:53 t (slower but still decent on the way back), 9:04 2.

Yayah, yayah, yayah!

Cumulative mileage: 296.3 + 6.2 shop + 6.3 vp to x + 14.2 ab to g + 7.5 ez wm + 4.2 h + 4.5 ld night run + 7.5 = 346.7 It's been a while since I last calculated... with no more ulty and my new moderate-consistent plan, I should be upping the 2.475 mi/day 20-week average soon. I think a nice goal may be 1000 miles. It's a nice number. Oh, it's only 2.73 mi/day, so that's easily attainable... we'll see how much I can raise it by. I wish it could be a nice number. Hmm... 2009? I have 228 days left. To average 5.5 mi/day, I'd need to run... lots to make up for the first 137 days of the year. So maybe not 2009 this year. I think it's attainable for next year, though, if I follow the moderate-consistent plan from the start.

20 Week Report

I had to turn down the mileage around weeks 13-15 because of thesis and poundy knees. I decided to pursue a more moderate and consistent plan with more staple runs of 6-8 miles in week 19, and it worked out well, giving me my highest mileage week of the year, and I felt like I could've done even more if scheduling had worked out.

Looking at cross-training, too, the basic pattern is the same. I am done with frisbee, though (woo-hoo), which means more time for running and less chance of injury, although at the end of week 19, I sprained my ankle with tug-of-war. It was high center of mass shoes. I need to learn not to make exceptions. I liked moderate-consistent and will keep it up. Week 20 would've been higher if my ankle wasn't sprained. I've averaged 2.475 mi/day, not including whatever I did in frisbee practices.

In terms of pacing, I've slowed since my peak at around mid-March. Sad. Could be a combo of more heat (I love 40's), less motivation, more injury (poundy knees mostly, making me more cautious).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 16

One last run / Goodbye run / Final kick: all good names, but whatever you call it, one of the highlights of my time at Pton for sure. Good time w/ LD - Stopped by Wr for flashlight, down to the stad roof for a tour (spiral was lit!), raced a 400 (makes me laugh to think about it - she graciously humored me), tread carefully thru night run (it was good that it was slower, to recover from the quarter) and to 2d for a quick fuel-up. Cool watching the thunder-less lightening illuminate the cloudy sky. A good time of friendship, fellowship, and fun to remember forever.

Splits> 12:05 spoon->stadium roof run, 1:14 400 (much faster than the 20x1:30 repeats - the first time I've ever timed myself on a single 400), 19:46 night loop to 2. Total: 33:05. Dist: 4.5 mi, based on a estimate (a little tricky to estimate due to the spiraly trip to the roof and back down). Pace: 7:21ish average, but there were definitely slower and faster portions.

Ankle felt fine. Maybe after 1 more solid run, I'll start strengthening it w/ heel raises and quad dips. I want to make sure it's runnable without pain before I start the pt (conventional wisdom may suggest doing the exact opposite) b/c I don't want to strain it and make it hurt through pt. I dunno. I've gotten over 15 miles on it so far, and it's holding up.

I wonder what my mile time would be like now. I haven't done intervals in so long. The last time I did anything at the track was the 20 quarters, and that must've helped, but it was so long ago. And it's hotter now. And I'm in worse shape now. And we haven't had an FC since the 5:59 mid-March, so there hasn't been the opportunity/ need to race it. I'm kinda scared to see it. I guess the worst case scenario is that it's 6:15-ish, which wouldn't bee the end of the world. I was 6:28 in January - yikes! (although that was coming off about 4 months of almost no physical activity). Hmmm... dare I try? Okay, maybe before graduation, since I may not be around a track for a while. It'll be a good progress checker. If it's bad, it'll be some place to build from over the summer. If it's good, holla. Yeah... I don't think I could PR in it now, but a check would be nice.

May 15

Day before: 35 min gym from the comforts of my yoga mat, since it was pouring outside.

Today: Meant to go on an easy 6 before CW, but time was running out, and after a mile, my ankle was acting up. I stretched, and it felt fine after, but it's a bit worrisome. It wasn't the ankle per se but the ligaments or muscles supporting it were just tired or somehow a bit off. Stretching fixed it, though. I've been walking way more since my bike broke, so that's forced me to use muscles I don't usually use, and my ankle's had to work harder than usual because of it. So I ended up going really easy until the hill back up campus, where I felt I could push it if I was still feeling good.

Splits> 9:43 t, 4:02 p, 4:01 h, 4:02 p, 3:59 t, 8:55 2. Mileage: 4.2 mi. Pace: 8:16/mi.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13

Sunday (day after injury): did 35 min gym in an active ankle just in case.

Today: Walking's okay, except my knee kinda feels like cartiledge is missing, and my right hip hurts, maybe because of poor posture doing Dean's Date work, or maybe because of wacky compensation for my ankle.

I thought running was worth a try, though, so I went out on an easy 7.5, at 7:52 pace. Right knee was a bit testy, but it held. "Feels like 69ish," so I went in a sports bra to stay comfy. I've been feeling fat. Yeah... I know, might not look it, and post-run and drink weight was 105ish, down 2 from when I was at the gym about 4 days ago. But I've been constantly feeling full for the past 72ish hours because I keep eating. Here's my difficult situation: body has just had a 35-mile week with a 14-mile long run, suddenly I'm injured and not running, causing emotional stress, plus none of the regular appetite management hormones caused by exercise, plus poor sleep because of Dean's Date, plus stress from Dean's date, plus usual emotional turbulence, so lots of things are causing my natural appetite management functions to not work, and I am stressed on top of that, and I may be at a point where my body thinks it needs fuel to run 14 miles each day - in either case, I shouldn't be eating as much as I am, since stress eating is never good, and I am not actually exercising if I'm injured. But I have been anyways. Constantly eating, and a fair bit of junk, too. Lots of protein and lots of fat, plus some simple carbs. Usually protein and fat are good, but I've had too much. I usually don't have that many simple carbs, either. And not having a bike anymore means much more walking. Loss of control...

Praise God, though, the run went okay. I'm icing just in case, my knees and ankle. And the podcast I listened to during the run was on being injury free. It listed good exercises to do, and they sound easy and reasonable, so I may just do them!

Splits> 9:34 t, 4:07 p, 4:01 h, 4:18 b (22:02), 4:46 x, 2:51 w (29:40... slow, but I'm taking it easy and can always go fast on the way back If I feel like it), 2:49 x, 4:47 b (liking these splits!), 4:18 h (and again!), 4:04 p, 4:04 t, 9:16 w. Judging from this, it looks like it takes me about a mile to get warmed up.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 9

14.2er w/ AB. Hot and humid. "Feels like 90ish?" Wanted to test loose cotton vs. tight synthetic, b/c I already know loose synthetic > loose cotton. Turned out that tight anything's uncomfortable. It's better to breathe. Sports bras and singlets are best. For water, I carried the 20oz for about half of the 3.75mi to the overpass, and AB took it for the other half, then we stashed it.

Had to stop at the post-Wm overpass, then at the 14.2 turnaround, then at the overpass, then before the hill back. My legs were sapped of energy it felt like. It was like having just a lot of dead weight, with the muscle not doing anything. Perhaps it's the effect of heat. From what I understand, when it's hot, more blood flows to your skin to help cool you, leaving less blood for your muscles. Breathing-wise, I was fine. It was just a lack of muscle action. When we'd stop to stretch, the breeze caused by running pace stopped, so sweat would bead up quickly. My clothes were so wet by the end.

Splits> 8:54 t, 4:00 p, 3:58 h, 4:14 b (21:07 here), 4:41 x, 2:51 w (28:41 here, stopped a/b 400m past this), 15:17 d (43:59 here), 4:30 r1, 5:17 r2, 4:16 g (58:02 here, stopped, TURNAROUND), 4:03 r2, 5:13 r1, 4:35 d, 16:33 w (stopped a/b 400m b/f this), 3:05 x, 5:09 b, 4:41 h (so slow from here on out!), 4:30 p, 4:35 t (stopped here), 10:41 (perhaps a record slow uphill)... TOTAL: 2:01:13. Tough run. Really thirsty on the last uphill. Pace: 8:32/mi.

Injury report: Knee a bit testy sometimes, esp the last half mile before the turnaround, but after that, going slower, it felt okay.

BAD NEWS: Sprained my ankle playing tug-of-war. Sucks when you get taken out of 6 weeks of training from something stupid. It's not quite like hurting yourself getting up from the couch to get the remote or a snack, or stepping out of a bathtub, but it's up there. It feels normal when I do regular walking. Any rolly action makes it worryingly painful. Not that it hurts that much, but I just know that it's a serious enough injury that I'll be out for a while. I took an aspirin, iced it, and am elevating it. When it happened, I heard multiple cracking noises successively within a second or so. It was kind of loud. It usually doesn't make noises like that when I sprain it. Kind of scary.

Maybe it's a good thing, though. I've plateaued, and maybe some forced rest time will be what I need. After taking a month completely off, with the month before that really light, with the month and a half before that completely off, I was able to make tons of progress within about a month and a half - I was really fast in March. Now, I'm slow again. It only took a month and a half to get there, even after so much time off. Maybe the rest will do me good, and maybe I can repeat that kind of fast-paced progress. It won't be quite the same because of the far hotter temps, but you gotta see the good in these things.

This will be a time to put my faith to the test. Where does my identity lie? In Christ. Like RB said, every gift we have - our health, our smarts - is something we received in the first place only by God's grace, and it is maintained only by God's grace. There's no boasting here. Whatever I happen to have, use it to glorify God and serve others - that's what it comes down to in the end. The variables are... variable. But the objective function remains the same.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 7

Easy run through a monsoon w/ VP. About 6.3 mi, with stops.

Splits> (from poe) 7:09 t, 4:03 p, 4:08 h, 4:41 b, 5:03 x, 4:55 b, 4:49 h, 9:02 t, 4:27 poe. Total: 48:21.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 6

Was going to run yesterday, but had a chance to make $10, so I took it. A $10 run... nah. I could just wait.

I did a shop trip today - it's been a little over a month since my last one. I the 6.2 to WF and just got a box of Nature's Path Mint Chocolate Oreos. Mmm... I still have 2d food for now, but this will be valuable later, if not before if I get a craving.

Splits> 9:19 t, 3:51 p, 3:44 h, 3:54 b (20:49 here - it's nice to see sub-4's), 2:39 wf (23:29 here), 4:42 b+ (1:30ish was the +), 4:20 h (and now I'm slow), 4:05 p, 4:06 t, 8:58 2. Total: 49:42, at a 8:01/mi pace.

Everything feels good, thank goodness. This moderate consistent thing seems to be working out. I'll have as many miles as usual, if not more. I don't feel like I'm doing that much, since there are no epic track or long run workouts. I'm not doing frisbee anymore, though, so there's more rest involved. We'll see which system works better.

Monday, May 4, 2009

GEAR GUIDE: Daniels' Running Formula

Haven't finished it yet, but at least the first half is AMAZING. It has lots of practical advice on how to design a training program, which is what I need to keep myself from driving myself to injury. It may also help me get faster, since it's now May, and I've been declining in speed since March! Don't know why. Maybe temps?

A major concept in the book is the VDOT, which is a training level that can be predicted based on times. You're supposed to train at the highest VDOT any of your best performance in any of the distances suggests. In my case, my 6-minute mile and my 21-ish 5K suggest that I'm at a VDOT of 49. According to Daniels, this means that if I train particularly for the following distances, I can get the following times: 10K - 42:50 (sounds about right, perhaps a tad bit optimistic for my level now), a 1:33 half marathon (I think the best I could do now is 1:48), and a 3:14 marathon (uhhh... no). Now, marathon fitness does take years to build up to, but 3:14... really? The BQ for women age 18-35 is 3:40, and for men, it's 3:10. Seriously? To simply BQ (haha - simply), I'd have to keep up my current estimated best half pace of 8:18-ish for another 13 miles!!! My heart grows faint at the thought of it.


Based on my VDOT, Daniels suggests paces for different levels of workout difficulties. Easy = 8:40/mi, Marathon = 7:24/mi (that's faster than how I ran my 7.t today), Tempo = 6:55/mi or 4:20/Km or 1:43/400, Interval = 3:59/Km or 1:35/400, and Repetition = 1:29/400 (right where I did many quarters during the 20x400 workout) or 0:44/200.

The purpose of Easy runs is to give you a pace for the additional run on 2-workout days, recovery runs (30-60 min), warmups/cooldowns (10-30 min), long runs (up to 25% of the week's total mileage...I totally break that rule with my 16's in 20-mile weeks... probably much to my detriment), and base training and maintenance. 75% MHR

The purpose of a Marathon pace run is to have an intermediate level that's faster than easy but slower than tempo. It can be used for some longer runs, and you can practice marathon fueling or whatever else during it. If you're feeling good on a day designated for Easy, you can jack it up to M pace. Run at this pace up to the lesser of 90 min and 16 miles). 85% MHR

The purpose of Tempo training is to work your lactate threshold. Daniels says that the ideal duration of a tempo run is 20 minutes, but that you should be able to maintain that pace for an hour in a race, so the range is 20-60 minutes. The 6:55/mi tempo is right about my race pace for a 5K. I don't know how I could hold that for another hour, so that's kind of weird. Tempo's can be split into two kinds: regular, and Cruise Intervals, where you go at tempo pace, but you get to take breaks up at minimum of every 15 minutes, with breaks lasting for 1/5 of the time you ran. This lets you go longer than the usual duration/mileage during the workout, since you're allowing some time for lactate levels to go down. (This is what I actually did on the day I did 7.5 with my 5-ish breaks necessitated by the heat.) Have the total of this type be the lesser of 10% of the week's mileage and 60 minutes. I call my wf and wm runs tempo runs, but they are definitely not tempo pace. They're btwn marathon and tempo pace. Make it comfortably hard but about 30s slower than 5K race pace. 90% MHR

The purpose of Interval training is to boost VO2max, and the pace should be sustained for 3-5 minutes, because it takes 2 minutes for V02max to be reached. If you do do less than 3, you have to cut your rest time down to be less than or equal to the running time spent (I was probably at about equal rest time during the 20x400, making it about borderline I and R training, mixing the running economy benefits of R and the VO2 benefits of I. It did require a good bit of rest afterwards, though, and my legs had been numb for the last few 400's). Make the total I training per week equal to the lesser of 10K and 8% of the week's total mileage. Go hard but not all-out. 99% MHR

The purpose of Repetition training is to boost running economy and strength, which is all about form, and tuning up your anaerobic system. Each rep is up to 2 minutes long. Rest times are allowed to be as much as you need so that you can run the next rep as fast as you did the previous one. Sounds good to me! The total R should be the lesser of 5 miles and 5% of the week's total mileage. Go hard and all-out but in control.


Ideally, this is a 24-week program, with four phases lasting 6 weeks each:

I: Foundation and Injury Prevention - getting cellular benefits, don't increase stress too rapidly, get into habit, easy runs and strides - EL (easy, long runs)
II: Early Quality - preparing for TQ and FQ, intro faster workouts, especially reps to improve economy and strength, also start some thresholds - RITE (reps, ints, tempo, easy)
III: Transition Quality - the most stressful, event-specific, optimize all your systems, good rest and injury prevention critical, lots of interval and threshold running - TIE (tempo, ints, easy)
IV: Final Quality - prepare for actual race conditions like heat acclimitization, threshhold - TIME (tempo, ints, mix?, easy)

May 4

Yesterday: 30 min gym.

Today: Debated whether to run in the chilly rain, since my right knee gave hints of being aggravated, and it was raining. The other option would be to try to go to the gym later that night and maybe do the elliptical. I chose the run, and I'm so glad. It took a while for me to get out the door - it was after a 2 hour nap, and I was hungry from not eating much today, so I downed some food but wasn't quite satisfied.

Since it was 55 degrees and raining, I went out in a cotton long sleeve tee plus the Nike hoodie zip jacket and shorts, plus a visor for the rain. I shed the jacket after I reached the t, and I had to roll up my sleeves because it got hot. I went out just wanting to get in some miles, hoping first and foremost that I could run pain-free to w. I checked Daniels' Running formula for what's considered an Easy pace for someone of my VDOT level (50), and it was 8:34ish - seems fast when you compare it to my usual wright to t time of 9:40ish, when that's supposed to be about 1.15 miles. So not wearing my Garmin, I ended up feeling like I had to push it. Felt fatigued but strong coming up final hill. It helped to be listening to an inspirational podcast on Pre during the run. It had race commentary and everything.

Splits> 9:37 t, 3:54 p, 3:50 h, 4:04 b (21:27), 7:08 w (28:35), 2:44 x, 4:33 b, 4:04 h, 3:53 p, 3:43 t, 9:22 2. Total: 56:57, a 7:36/mi pace. So it wasn't quite E. It's actually closer to Marathon pace, which is supposed to be 7:17 - how am I suppsoed to do that for 26 miles??? Daniels thinks I can if I train for that distance, which would put me at a 3:15 finish time - what? I know, it's crazy. More on this in my Gear Guide for the book.

Cumulative mileage: 258.7 + 7.8 cruise interval + 16.2 + 6.1 wf tempo + 7.5 = 296.3.

Hungry for protein after, which I've been relatively deprived of besides dairy and whatever's in whole grains today. Knee feels fine for now. I stretched while I ate granola and yogurt (yet again) and a salad.

Oh, by the way, shoutout to VP, my Pton fitness partner in crime, who finished 2:01:09 in the NJ half.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 2

It's May!?!

Garmin Total Run Stats> Time: 45:45, Ave Pace: 7.32/mi, Dist: 6.07mi, Cal: 360.

8:07 t (1.2 mi, 6:45/mi, 96 cal)
3:38 p (0.61 mi, 5:56/mi, 39 cal)
3:41 h (0.18 mi, 20:24/mi... clearly wrong, 17 Cal)
3:51 b (0.57 mi, 6:49/mi, 19 cal) - 19:18 here
2:31 wf (0.50 mi, 5:03/mi, 22 cal) - 21:49 for 3.06 miles here********** (pushed it)
2:48 b (0.27 mi... why so diff???, 10:16/mi, 18 cal)
4:09 h (0.60 mi, 6:58/mi, 33 cal)
3:51 p (0.52 mi... why so diff??? this one's right, 7:28/mi, 47 cal)
3:55 t (0.53 mi, 7:23/mi, 48 cal)
9:09 2 (1.09 mi... pretty diff!!, 8:25/mi, 21 cal)

I didn't end up doing strength (as an extra rest day after the full rest day following the 16) because an opportunity to make $10 came up, and when I thought about it, it meant essentially paying $10 to go to the gym to do stuff on a mat for 35 minutes... not worth it. I have a mat of my own that I could use later on even after the gym closes, if I was that desperate. So I had 2 full rest days. I HAD to run today, and I did, after watching some great performances from the mens and womens track teams. DL and LD represent, woot woot! By the way, they both have b-days close to mine - 2 and 5 days away. If only I had talent close to theirs, too. I'll take b-day, though.

I set out to do a 6 mile tempo, but ended up going pretty fast for the 3, so I decided to see how fast I could do the 3 and finished at a decent time. A little above my fastest. It was a net downgrade, but I didn't warm up, and I spent the morning hauling stuff. I feel pretty good about it. Today was a good day, and there's more good stuff to come.

Injury report: Left calf was cramped up during the two rest days - never happened before, wonder why. Mostly ok immediately before run. Post-run, cramped again. Also, usual pounding area on right knee a touchy post-run, but not as bad as post-16.

My pace was a bit slower than how I ran a full 7.5 back on 3/21/09 (where I seemed to be at my peak... maybe should've done that 3/21 National Marathon... oh well). However, I am about 9 minutes faster for this route than when I did it last time as a tempo run about 13 weeks ago. Granted, it was snowy back then, but 9 minutes for a 6-miler, for real?

Nasty but rewarding work at the Martin House project, clearing out an old house to be used for low income housing, perhaps? Black mold, old wet trash, spiderwebs.