Thursday, August 20, 2009

Physical Therapist (Aug 19)

I heart physical therapists.

This guy Tim has run Boston twice and seemed to really know his stuff.

What's wrong with me:
Really flat feet, causing excessive pronation, which causes a lot of pressure on the lower part of the knees (where I've had my issues), which can spread to the IT band (mine's a little tight). Interestingly, he said my 150-ish mile Asics Gel Evolution 3's looked compressed, and that they don't offer enough support. About 4 years ago, the guys at Tri Sports said that I have a low standard arch (3.5/5?), which I think means the low end of medium. They did notice my overpronation, but they recommended the 3's. Tim said that the 3's don't offer enough support, and that the last on the shoes is usually straighter. He said to either get shoes with straighter lasts, or get inserts ( ?? Sol, 1st Step, and Spenco came to his mind). I went with the inserts, since I already have a new pair of 3's on deck when my current ones reach retirement. It'll probably be good to be able to use the arch support inserts in walking shoes, too. He said to ease into it, at first running my low mileage runs in them, then incorporating them into my walking shoes, then longer runs, etc.

// oh, I just checked my records and remembered that the guy at the Princeton Running Co also diagnosed flat feet. He said that Evol 3's were good for me, alhtough I still pronate even with them on. He recommended insoles as well, but the ones he had that I tried had its arch way too far up and didn't feel comfy. The ones I got from Dick's today, made by Sof Sol, felt good.

As for rehab, I have very strong hip flexors but very weak hip extensors, and hip abductors that could use some extra strength. I can see that - I do lots of 6 inches, some leg lifts on both abductor and flexor sides, but I only do superman with legs lifted about every other strength session, and only once for maybe 2.5 minutes, and it's never really the extensors that get tired with that exercise - more the back. I should also work on my quads with squats and lunges - I'm so weak on those, since I avoid them due to my knee issues. I'll have to take my reintroduction to that carefully.

Maybe in 2-3 weeks, I can try a 10 mile run, he said. Wow. I think that's optimistic, since my usual mileage really isn't high - 35/wk at best, ave 20 or so when I'm healthy. We'll see. He also said that the spongy path actually goes on for like 4 miles on the non-Furman side (where I had gone for 1.5 miles previously) with the exception of like a 1.5 mile section in Cleveland Park - holla! It goes to Greenville Tech. I'll have to check that out, maybe on bike first.

4 days ago's - Strength - 30 min mat> 3 min plank, 150 crunches/side. 15 min band> didn't do much except maybe exacerbate knees a bit

Today - Strength - 50 min mat & legs> 200 crunches/side, 3 min plank, 45s open the clam (lay on side w/ knees bent 90 degrees, try to "open the clam" while applying pressure with your arms to try to close the clam), hip extensions w/ resistance band, 2x35 quad dips, 45 calves, 40 med speed pushups, 20 tricep pushups, 35 leg lifts (abductor), superman. It felt good, especially since I concentrated on form, keeping things from hurting (although my knees hurt some after the plank although not during - good thing I cut it off at 3 instead of going for 4). Things are looking up.

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