Saturday, September 26, 2009


You can recognize me from a mile away by my visor. It's a wonderful all-purpose accessory. Mine's made of cotton and isn't one of those new tech-fabric types, but it's still comfy, and even after many, many washes, it still fits pretty well.

I wear it...
IN THE SUN - I fear destroying my eyes. Frisbee (and most other sports) are really bad for that, since you have to look up to catch balls/discs. Even when just looking straight ahead, it's good to not have the sun blinding part of your vision. Even though the visor technically blocks out part of my vision, you can see at least the lower part so much better without the sun's rays overwhelming most of your view. Not to mention all the benefits of preventing sunburn.
IN THE RAIN - It's even more of a must in the rain than in the sun. When you're running or playing, you don't have rain dripping into your eyes, making you wish you had windshield wipers on your face. It blocks out all of that so that you can just focus on running without having to rub your face dry all the time. It was critical in frisbee games, and it adds a lot of comfort to runs.
IN THE COLD - It keeps your head warmer while blocking the sun.
INDOORS - I even wear it indoors all the time. People must think I'm crazy. I like how it keeps my hair out of my face, though. I like it. Deal with it.

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