Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aug 1

Had 2 days rest b/c knees testy (rt especially), plus multi rt butt muscles strained. Uh....
Tried to bike, but both knees hurt at each pedal. Tested running and it seemed okay. XC singlet. First mile good turnover and felt strong and pretty fast, then gradually my body heated up - feels like 90. Stopped at just 2.9 mi in 23:42 instead of the full 3.8 b/c my legs started complaining in the last mile and I was heating up. Best to avoid injury and live to run another day. Wore 3's. 8:10/mi. I can run 16.2-.6 miles at a faster pace than that. Man, I can't wait to get healthy again, and for it to get cold again. I'm thankful to have a run of any distance and any pace these days, though.

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