Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feb 28

Totals: 2:14:47, 8:01/mi, 16.2mi, 1262 Cal.

t: 9:11, 1.15mi, 7:58/mi (8.51 by watch)
h: 7:59, 1.27mi
b: 3:38, 0.5mi, 7:21/mi (4:16 by watch) - 20:48 so far
x: 4:41, messed up mileage count and gps timer
w: 2:46, 0.35mi, 7:52/mi - 28:40 so far
g: 27:53, 3.56mi, 7:50/mi - 56.35 so far
o: 9:12, 1.14mi, 8:02/mi - 1:05:48 so far
(stopped tracking lap distance b/c I wanted to view the one-way distance while running)
g: 9:28
w: 28:07
x: 2:51
b: 4:49
h: 4:21
p: 4:07
t: 4:13
s: 10:14
The return trip was 1:08:16 for 8.09mi, with 8:27/mi pace, burning 575Cal.

It was awesome running w/ AB and her guy friend J, since they pushed the pace and kept me working harder than I usually would. The average pace was 8:01/mi, and when I did 14.1 miles two weeks ago, I was running at 8:24/mi. I carried 40oz of water until Walmart, and then AB carried 20oz (stashed the other two by the bridge) until the 8.09mi mark, which I now call "o" for overpass," and then I carried empty bottles back to campus. AB's a better runner, and we found out about each other through super-frosh LB. She still had a lot in her at the end, so I told her to go on ahead during the uphill. She's going for a marathon in November.

The temps were about 32, with "feels like" 23ish. I wore long sleeve heat gear underneath the loose Philly Tech shirt. At the beginning, I was afraid I had overdressed, but it ended up being okay, with the coldness you feel as your energy levels drop. I was wet with sweat, I think, which made it colder.

For the last mile or so (which also happens to be the big uphill back to campus), my legs were feeling like lead. During the last 2 miles, my pace slowed considerably. It should be okay, since a month ago, I had gotten 2-miles-left lead-legs during the 14 miles. So I'm adapting. My right foot's laces were too tight, and I'm seriously feeling it now. Next would be my right knee, which feels compressed. The slightly swollen part of my left knee (see yesterday's post) turned out okay, and I decided not to use Aspirin.

Oh, and something funny I noticed. For the last two 14milers, I had been using green spray painted spots on trees to designate the 14 mile mark. Today, going farther, I realized that more trees were spray painted. That's their way of marking trees that need cutting. Thus, it's not a reliable marker. I'll have to figure something else out, particularly while the trees are still skeletal enough to allow the Garmin to work.

Cumulative: 128.6+1 (track)+16.2 = 145.8.
If I keep it up for another 10 months, it'll be a year total of about 875 miles. So far, it's been an average of 2.47 miles/day.

// day-after update: the "compressed" right knee is fine. the right foot with the too-tight laces feel fine. pretty much no signs of soreness. my left knee seriously hurts below the kneecap, though. i think it's the overtraining type of pain. it'll take a few days of pure rest to recover from. so... i need to train smart to prevent injury, but the no-soreness is a good sign of overall readiness.

Guitaring w/ DM, Mug Painting w/ LD & DM.

Feb 27

Since I happened to be in south campus with running clothes on, I decided to try out the mile. It was a good time to do so, since the weather was rather nice although a bit windy, and I had had a light week (nothing yesterday [Thurs], stadium ulty Wed, 35 min abs Tues (6 inches tougher than ever the first time, but got easier after I did some windshield wipers, and 7.5 Mon, as already mentioned). No sprint workout this week. My goal was 5:59, my time on 1/9/09 was 6:24.

The first lap, I was eager and knew I'd have to push hard, so I did (1:26, and this includes the little bit that makes a 1600 a mile). On the second lap, I was a bit too slow (1:31). On the third lap, I thought about just finishing that lap and calling it quits (1:34). On the last lap, I just wanted to finish. I did the last stretch without looking at my watch because I wanted every second of advantage (1:31). Those numbers were all rounded down. The total time was 6:04. I can't underscore the effort. I don't think I ever pushed that hard before for a mile. It hurt to breathe for about 10-15 minutes after that. It was as if parts of my lungs had been destroyed from lack of oxygen or something. I got my usual post-sprint throat congestion afterwards, which made singing difficult. The congestion usually only happens when it's cold, so I was kind of surprised, especially because the distance was short.

The result was kind of bittersweet. 6:04 was falling short. It was a 20 second improvement over about 6 weeks, though. 20s is a lot. Imagine losing another 20s. I was out of shape when I did the 6:24 (had gotten a 6:15 for a 1600 in October 2008, which might equal a 6:17 or 6:18 for the mile, which would've still been a 13-14s improvement), but 20s is a lot. Imagine a 5:40. Phew! Yeah, I can break 6:00.

My left knee hurts! I think it's a bit swollen on the medial side in the lower quadrant next to the patella. I don't know what I did to it. During fitness practice today, my right knee hurt for a while during the reverse crunches, but why does my left hurt? Aaaah. I have to wake up in 8 hours and run 15-16 miles. I hope it gets better soon. Maybe I'll need to take a couple Aspirins (which I usually avoid like crazy b/c of what it does to the liver) just for this occasion.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb 23

Walmart Run> 7.5 mi, in 57:59. Splits: 8:49t, 3:47p (flying) 3:55h, 4:07b, 7:21w, (+ an extra 0.4 w/in shopping center plus a bit of walking in Walmart), 2:46x, 4:51b (7:37 - was carrying stuff in backpack at this point), 4:18h, 3:59p, 4:04t, 9:56wright. I know the splits aren't great, but I wasn't going for consistency. I was trying hard to go to Walmart and do my shopping and go back home in 90 minutes, so that I could get back to campus in time for DP. It was great incentive, and I pulled in about 8 minutes early.

The black Nike pseudo-coldgear pullover was way too hot for the run, so I went down to the sportsbra for the deserted tow path sections. Good for temp control, bad for chafing when your backpack has a zillion straps. You only notice it afterwards, though. So 58 is 2 minutes faster than 2 weeks ago. Didn't make the stop last time, but also didn't have a backpack last time. I'm very low on sleep now - slept through most of my 3 hours seminar today. Plus, I also did that extra 0.4ish miles too. The time is exciting. This summer, the 6.1 would take me about 56 minutes (with pack), and now I can do the 7.5 in 58 (with pack and additional 0.4mi).

Two days ago was day 1 of Hellfish Rejects. We went 1-2, but we were mainly focusing on practicing Ho and Trap and not so concerned about winning. I'm pretty happy with how we played. We had a good lineup, and if we draw heavily from it, we can make it to regionals. The last couple layouts wacked my knees pretty good. I think it was on muscle and not joints, though, thankfully. They feel fine now. What doesn't feel so fine is the stress-fracture-like thing on the ball of my left foot, which has spread to that string-like ligament/tendon/whatever that goes on the back of your leg and connects your ankle to your calf. It must be strained from my footstrike compensating for the stress-fractury pain. I got through today's run, and it actually feels better than it did yesterday on my rest day. Hopefully, the 15-16 miler this weekend doesn't destroy the foot.

Cumulative mileage: 114.9 + 5.8 (track) + 7.9 = 128.6.

Callbacks, decisions, pickups of 6 rockin newbies!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb 18

It was good to take a couple days off from running after the 14 on Sunday (now Wednesday). On Monday, I did 35 min strength right before Dillon Ulty, where we learned ho-stack plays like "on a date," "flood," and the usual "dishy." Yesterday, I caught up on sleep. My knees hadn't been feeling great, so it was good to rest. I looked up articles on how often long runs should be done, and although marathon training plans suggest a series 3-week ups and then a slight taper, with long runs once a week, the articles I saw considered weekly long runs, particularly ones above 12 mi, a bit much. This is uncharted territory for me, so we'll see how things go. This weekend is the tourney, so I won't do a long run anyways.

Today, after much procrastinating, I went out to do the BM pyramid again and did it legitimately (no stopping, only jogging between sprints) for the first time in about a year. Woo hoo! The clouds couldn't make up their minds about whether to snow or rain, and by the end of the 44:42 workout, my sweatpants and long sleeve tee were soaked. On my Shuffle, I played KS's new songs for the semester and Shane & Shane, and it kept me moving. On the latter half of a 400, the climax of the song Psalm 145 erupted right when I needed an extra boost with "Lord is gracious and slow to anger. He is rich in love. He is good to us." It was great. The workout was 5 3/4 mi... in 44:42? That's a good sign for any 10K plans in the future.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

GEAR GUIDE: Fuel Belt (Nathan Speed 4)

Introducing the Nathan Speed 4...

Product Specs:
  • Molded holsters for quick Flask access
  • Four 10 oz. Nutrition Flasks
  • Front and rear stash pockets for small essentials
  • Airmesh moisture-wicking backing
  • Limited-stretch elasticized waistbelt with soft perimeter binding
  • Weight distributed evenly around belt
  • Three sizes: SM 26-32", MED 32-36" & LG 36-42"
My Need:
Last time on the 14.5ish mile run, I was thirsty on the way back and had to stop at Target, even though it was below freezing. I usually also get hungry at around mile 10, depending on how much I fueled up prior to the run. I knew that I'd need an easy way to stash water and food for these runs, and hopefully longer runs in the future as I train for the marathon. The backpack may do the trick, but it slows me down and doesn't promote the best form, since I tend to twist at the waist less (resulting in strain on my knees, I think, somehow) when I wear it and forget to maintain good form.

Road Test:
For the 14mi run on 5/15, I brought 16oz of water for this "feels like 36/37 degree (acutal probably 42ish)", and had about 2oz left at the end, so it worked well. I have a capacity for 40oz of water to be used in far higher temps and hopefully longer distances, although that would add 2.5 pounds, not to mention any food or gear I'd want to bring.

I filled each of the two front flasks w/ 8oz of water, had a baby pack of gummy bears in the small front pocket, had a camera in the larger back pocket, had a PB&Honey WW Flatbread Sandwich in one of the back flask holsters, and my prox/credit card and my Survivor Buff in the other. I ended up not needing the sandwich or the bandana, and I would've eaten the gummy bears (which I've heard one guy using as a cheap substitute for Clif Shot Bloks), but they were rock-hard due to the cold.

It's nice to have all of that carrying capacity in a no-bounce, good-fitting way. Chafing wasn't even an issue when my shirt would move out of place. It turned out to be pretty flexible in what kinds of things you could stash. I kind of felt like a car, with gas tanks (water) on one part of me, and the trunk (empty holsters) in the back.

Feb 15

I finally remembered that I had my Garmin Forerunner 301 on campus, and that since it was winter, there would be no leaves to disrupt the GPS signals. I was excited and got to confirm that the Walmart run was 7.5 miles a couple days ago. I was even more excited to get the distances of newly pioneered paths from last week w/ LD. I had estimated based on the 2:09ish finish that to the green spotted tree and then with a detour to Target/Wholefoods, it was around 14.5 miles. Without the detour, it ended up being 14.2 (I added a 0.11 adjustment for the windy part of the bridge that doesn't get counted by the distance tracker that well), witha total time of 1:58:34 (8:25 pace), more than 10 minutes faster than last time, including no walking breaks - only a couple stops to snap pictures and tighten my shoelaces. The 13.1 split was 1:48. The halfpoint split was 59:15, meaning split in half, the 7.6 mile runs were only 4 seconds different!!!

Garmin Stats:
TOTAL: 1:58:34, 1146 Cal, 14.09 mi, 8:25/mi.
t: 9:27, 1.13mi, 8:23/mi
p: 4:14, 0.50mi, 8:25/mi
h: 4:10, 0.51mi, 8:07/mi
b: 4:31, 0.54mi, 8:19/mi
x: 5:02, 0.59mi, 8:34/mi
w: 3:01, 0.37mi, 8:05/mi
d: 15:48, 1.92mi, 8:14/mi
1: 4:20, 0.48mi, 9:04/mi (includes the squiggly part that requires the 0.05mi adjustment)
2: 5:20, 0.64mi, 8:18/mi
g: 3:18, 0.37mi, 8:51/mi (might've slowed down here looking for the green, also winding path)
... 59:15 at this turning point
2: 3:18, 0.43mi, 7:44/mi (-0.05mi variation)
1: 5:27, 0.64mi, 3:30/mi (no variation)
d: 4:26, 0.51mi, 8:41/mi (+0.03mi variation)
w: 16:08, 1.91mi, 8:27/mi (-0.01mi variation)
x: 2:49, 0.34mi, 8:44/mi (-0.03mi variation)
b: 4:54, 0.61mi, 8:04/mi (+0.02mi variation)
h: 4:18, 0.51mi, 8:23/mi (-0.03mi variation)
p: 4:07, 0.52mi, 7:52/mi (+0.01mi variation)
t: 4:04, 0.55mi, 7:27/mi (+0.05mi variation)
... this is the 13.11mi point - 1:49:00 split!
!: 9:34, 0.99mi, 9:39/mi (started @ wright, ended @ 2d).

Reasons for a faster time: Maybe less distance b/c no detour, no talking, calves weren't sore previous to the run, rest day yesterday vs. a VP fitness session, drank 14oz of water during the run, ate a jumbo Vegan oatmeal sugar cookie plus breakfast and 2-hour later lunch before the run.

Like when I ran Philly, I got chilly at around mile 7 for some reason (that's also about when I took my first drink). Sallade had suggested the loss of energy. I did get warmer at around mile 10, though. *Shoulder Shrug* Spandex (no shorts, for the first time ever), and the NikeT&F fitted tech shirt kept me warm enough. I'm happy to report that the right side of the left foot thing didn't turn out to be a problem, the hip feels off but worked fine, and post-run, the only issue is knees that feel like they've done 14 miles of light pounding. Thank the Lord, because I wasn't sure that the run would happen.

My new toy: Nathan Speed 4. See the Gear Guide review.

Cumulative Mileage: 93.7+6.1 (progression)+14.2 = 114.9.
Total for this week was a record 30.6mi.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feb 13

It was sort of a progression run. I started off with a warmup with the ulty team down to the tow path (1.02 mi / 8:24 from Poe), then broke from the pack with Soha until Walmart (3.42 miles - my estimation of 3.5 miles from Wright was dead-on / 29ish min). On the way back, I gradually sped up, first to catch people, then to try to stay with the crew team on the canal as much as possible, and then to reach the beginning of the tow path in time to be able to go back and run with whoever was still going. I did 6.11 miles of running (51:07), and then a very straggly, walking-pace mile cooldown with the team for the rest.

Problem with the Garmin for this run: kept losing satellite signal for some reason, so the split paces and distances are a bit whacky.

Day before, stadium ulty then rock climbing then tried hurdling for the first time, which I've wanted to do for a while. I practiced a bunch of times next to the hurdle because I was afraid I wouldn't clear it, but it was okay. I'm either not using proper form or am inflexible, though, since I tweaked something in my lower back of my trailing leg. Also, I'm not sure what a stress fracture feels like, but the right part of my left foot hurts, maybe from too-tight laces the other day on the track.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feb 11

It was warm today, like full-blown Spring. I went down for a track workout, but I had had too much pre-run white cheddar popcorn (plain would've been fine, but there was lots of sunflower oil in the seasoning), so my chest hurt even as I was going down to the track. I ended up doing a half-BM pyramid, stopping before the 400's and after the 400's. I did 19:48 of sprints/recovery jogs, for a total of 2.75 mi. Just wasn't feeling it today. Sad.

To justify cutting short the sprints, I broke out the agility hurdles and did 10 minutes of a combo of 6-inch and 12-inch hurdles (6 of them, adjustable height). The 15s activities were one-footed hops on the 6ers. 30s for two-footed hops and lateral steps that had either half or all 12ers, as well as 12er two-footed steps. 60s activities were anything involving all 6ers. I did 10 minutes of activities total, and then back in the room, I did about 10 minutes of strength. I guess it worked out in the end.

Cumulative Mileage: 83.4+7.5+2.8 = 93.7

John 2:24-25: "But Jesus, on His part, was not entrusting Himself to them, for He knew all men, and because He did not need anyone to testify concerning man, for He Himself knew what was in man."

Not only does Jesus know us in a "I saw you under the fig tree," way, which was compelling enough for Nathaniel to believe in Chapter 1, but Jesus knew what it was to be man. Nobody had to tell him about how evil man's heart could be, the kinds of suffering man endures, and the temptations. He knows what we're going through because he's been there and triumphed over it all, not that he didn't go through suffering, for who knows the bitter cup more intimately than one who was "scorned by the ones he came to save" (In Christ Alone, Keith Getty & Stuart Townend, 2001), who went from being at the right hand of the Father, worshiped by the heavenly hosts, to being born in a humble, stinky manger? He triumphed over sin and death.

On the other side of the coin, he knows joy - human joy from family, communion with God, interacting with others. But he also knows and wants to give us super-human joy. As C.S. Lewis writes, "We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased" (Weight of Glory, 1949). Lord, lead me away from the mud pies, the dirt of my heart, and to the beautiful places beyond.


On another note, earlier this evening I thought, "every day is a struggle for hope and significance" - take that how you will. A little while ago, I thought of the quote from Gladiator: "Brothers… what we do in life… echoes in eternity." Unseen things go on, like in Job. Every struggle you endure, internal or external, is at least noted by God, and if fought well, bringing him glory. There's significance and hope right there.

Feb 10

45 min strength. Fewer push-ups than usual. 6 inches tough, maybe w/ more leg muscle mass to handle, maybe from the 3 weeks it's been since the last jl strength session.

After about a 2-month drought of intentional devo's, I started John today. Some stuff like quiet times, shouldn't necessarily be done based on feelings. There'll be a million things pulling you in other directions, but like Doc Fullterton asked a young Dr. Chen, 1) do you know the Lord? 2) do you love him? 3) with all your heart? Using an analogy from Hind's Feet in High Places, sometimes the mountain is veiled by fog, and it's just so difficult to see, but you know it's there, and you know that it's wonderful. What's there to lose (5 minutes) vs. what's there to gain (sitting at the feet of Jesus with an open heart)?

Two things toward the end of the first chapter struck me: 1) Isaiah 53 describes Jesus as having "no stately form or majesty that we should look upon Him, nor appearance that we should be attracted to Him." Yet, there's something about him that at the very command "follow me," his disciples-to-be leave the livelihoods they had known their whole lives and followed him. Imagine being met by Jesus with such a striking spirit about him. 2) Nathaniel confesses that Jesus is the Son of God when Jesus says that he, having never met Nathaniel before, had seen him under a fig tree. Jesus knows all of us intimately, from before we were called to today. He sees us and knows our hearts. He understands and loves and wants to help sanctify us. We are no strangers to him.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Feb 9


The start of it was rough, with staying up until 4am to study for a quiz in a class I'm not particularly interested in. And then I took the online quiz and somehow stayed awake through the 3 hour seminar. As I refueled with Goldfish (which I now eat multiple servings of each day), I contemplated sleeping for the hour and a half before I'd be meeting up with VP for dinner, but the road beckoned, and I'm so glad it did. Somehow, during the four hours of sleep I got last night, my quads and calves stopped being sore, going from grimacing pain to feeling good really quickly. I was sooo tired at 4:30pm, though.

The temps were perfect - I ditched my jacket at the root again, and the ground was spongy because it was saturated with melted snow. Since I didn't have time to go shopping, I didn't bring the backpack, which made running feel so light and easy. It's hard to know how much of that is from the lack of the pack, and how much of it is from the body's adaptations to the track workouts and perhaps even Saturday's endurance run. I felt like I was flying, though, keeping up a drilling pace the whole way through, not waning at the half way point like I usually do, since I'm conditioned to stop and shop halfway through my runs. Even the last hill back to campus was barely noticeable.

Starting from a little before Forbes, my right knee felt somewhat compressed. The feeling is waning, and hopefully, it'll fix itself up soon. I did stretch afterwards.

Splits: 9:42 t, 4:11 p, 4:02 h, 4:18 b, 4:52 x, 2:54 wm (30:02, a PB for this course), 2:54 x (look at that split!!!), 4:55 b, 4:23 h, 4:04 p, 4:06 t, 9:57 whitman, for a total of 1:00:12. It usually takes me about 32 minutes to get to wm, and then even more (due to groceries) on the way back, so this is really exciting (although I did have an advantage with the lighter loads). It's about 4 minutes faster than the run from a couple weeks ago.

Tried the double workout thing today, but at least with the 5 hour separation, my knees were bugging me too much, so I did the minimal required work at ulty, which tends to be underwhelming on Mondays anyways because there's limited space to do stuff, and so much standing around and teaching going on. Exercise every other day has been my norm, so that might be pushing it.

Your body's fueling needs and desires get all out of whack when there's a big shift in your activity level. Since Saturday (where I ran with a meager breakfast of an orange and goldfish due to time constraints, and was super hungry two hours and 14.5 miles later), I've been eating non-stop. I go to meals and then start grazing 30 minutes later. How much of it is the new glycogen demands induced by the long run? How much of it is my body's craving for protein to repair and build? How much of it is bad sleeping habits, putting satiety hormones out of whack, and the increased demands for energy from having to stay up late? How much of it is my body's compensation for not eating enough before and during the run? Is any of it emotional eating or unnecessary? It's so confusing.

The good news is, this awkward transition period should be temporary, and the body will adapt to the run's demands, and I'll figure out what I need fuel-wise to sustain the increased activity. Also, I'll work hard to not procrastinate next time, so that I can sleep more regular hours.

And since dinner was great, here's what I had: Skim Milk; Broccoli in garlic sauce; Turkey Breast; Cauliflower; Falafel in a WW Pita; Green Tea; Peanut Butter back in the room for dessert.

I'm going to try to be a good student this semester - my last chance at such an attempt, meaning, I'll try to reduce procrastinating, and I'll try hard to actually learn stuff rather than just learn as much as I need to to do assignments and get through tests. We'll see how it goes. No, I can and will do this ;)

During my psych reading (done amidst very little use of the computer! pat on the back), I read about two ways to interpret stressors: as challenges to be overcome or catastrophes to be endured. According to Hill (1949), when a family looks at stress as manageable, you adapt more effectively, summoning resources and banding together. When other families viewed the same stressor as a tragedy or punishment, they did not cope as well, and often failed to take advantage of resources that were available to them. Lesson here: see obstacles as stuff you can overcome, muster your resources, and charge through it, rather than be immobilized by fear and anxiety. Woo hoo!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Feb 7

About 14.5 miles, out and back on the Walmart side of the Tow Path w/ the incredible LD. Splits: either a 8:37 t (usually takes me about 10:00!), 4:00 p, 4:08 h, 4:30 b (21:16 at this point - a/b 45s faster than usual), 48:07 to green spray paint tree (took picture during this leg), 36:21 b (walked through much of the Walmart shopping center), 5:03 h, 4:50 p, 4:54 t, 8:49 f (stretched mid-way during this leg). Total: 2:09:21. I did 12.5+.25ish in 1:52 a couple weeks ago, so going 2:09:21 would probably put us at around 14.5. It might be a little less because I ran with already sore calves from VP's fitness practice yesterday, but it might be a little more because of the faster pace. It might be a little less b/c I was talking for parts of it, and it might be a little more b/c I wasn't wearing a backpack or carrying groceries this time.

Good workout I should try some time: stride-count-based fartleks: work up from 1 to 10 strides hard/easy each, then do it again and go back down. Go up to 50. Also, dynamic before and static after. Go for deep lunges. Also try: progression run, going from 1) below threshhold, 2) at threshhold, 3) tiny bit above at threshold, 4) above threshold over 6 miles. Also: mini-mile repeats.

After running for about two hours and refueling, I ended up going straight to bed for two hours. Temps for even today's run ranged from sub-freezing to about 20 degrees higher!

Cumulative Mileage: 69.8+14.5=84.3.

Next day update: slept a lot today. calves and quads sore. should heed good advice and stretch more post-run next time.

Sharing life stories w/ a fellow runner and sister in Christ.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feb 3

I wore a cotton long sleeve tee today during a snowy run. Mistake. I got wet as the snow would melt, and then I stayed wet. Being wet makes you feel cold.

The sights of the tow path were absolutely gorgeous, though. God is an incredible artist, working with mediums as big as mountains and as small as delicate snowflakes.

I had amped up an otherwise slow and inefficient ulty practice by doing line jumps, 6 inches, planks, and pushups last night. I still managed to keep up a decent pace. The ground was slushy/snowy, too. The traction wasn't ideal, since with each step you'd slip back half a centimeter as you tried to push forward.

Splits: 9:33 t, 4:24 p, 4:02 h, 4:18 b, 2:55 wm, 5:15 long b, 4:54 h, 4:32 p, 4:34 t, 9:52 2. It looks like I blazed through the first 5K! Total: 54:22.

Cumulative mileage: 58.6+5 (track)+6.2 = 69.8.