Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jun 7

A little hard to get out today, after more packing, but I did. It's been a bit tricky getting back into running after the 5 days off, especially in a new place with temps rising. It's hard to see how well I'm doing. It was 77 degrees w/ about 71%H at 7pm. I did 6.6 straight, without water, in 50:41, making a 7:41 pace. I listened to Phedippidations with the phone's one-ear bluetooth, since it turned out that I fried my Shuffle with all my sweat last run. Sad. That thing took me through many miles and a little under 66 Podcasts, many of them an hour long, not to mention all the regular songs I've listened to, namely Jeremy Camp, MercyMe, Kindred Spirit, Shane & Shane, and a little Mark Schultz and Krystal Meyers.

My dad rode his bike with me during the run, and it helped me be determined to finish the 6.6 each time I passed by home and had the option of cutting it short, since I said that I was doing three loops. Right knee a bit poundy on loop 2/3, but it went away later on and feels okay for now.

Splits> 7:23 r, 3:30 c, 2:26 p, 3:53 h (17:13), 5:02 b, 5:24 c, 2:24 p, 3:47 h (16:39), 5:04 b, 2:00 r, 3:30 c, 2:30 p, 3:43 h (16:49)

Cumulative mileage: 388.8 + 2.2 + 4.4 ci + 4.4 ci + 6.6 = 406.4

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