Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aug 29

Some catching up to do...

Aug 24 - Training session at D1:
1. 2 laps around a 50-ish yard indoor turf field in a warehouse-looking building, high knees, butt kicks, shuffle w/ arm swings (this hurt a lot, and I had to go very slowly to avoid injury knee-to-chest, straight-leg walk, hopscotch, fast feet + sprint, 2xsuicides.
2. 10x resistance band lifts out to the front and to the side, run 5 yds, 20 jumping jacks, run 5 yds, 10lb dumbell squat and pressups, run 5 yds, 5 burpees, 2 laps... x2
3. 15s of thrusting a 10lb rubber plate back and forth, duck walk with the plate 5 yds, 10 woodchops, duck walk 5 yds, sprint back to the start... x2
4. 3x10 of curls then tricep dips, assisted chinups, bench press (20lb), pushup machine, pulldowns

Aug 25 - 30 min leg strength w/Billy Blanks's resistance bands and using a bench and a mat

Aug 27 - Kicking/Water Running/Swimming
30 min: 3 x 1 lap freestyle kicking, 1 lap breaststroke kicking, 2 laps pool running.
15 min: death swims... maybe a bad name... anyway, 8 laps of seeing how few breaths I can take to get to the other side of the pool. At first, it took 3 including the start. Then, I got it down to 2. By the end, I could get across with just the initial breath repeatedly. I think it involved figuring out how to stroke in a way that use oxygen most efficiently. It's only 18 and not 25m, but if I do 18 enough, when I get to a 25 pool, I should be able to do it. I don't think I've ever done 25 - I've tried in my childhood but never managed it.

Aug 29 - Easy Biking, 1.5 mi run.
Biked maybe 6 miles, going really slowly on a foldable bike that's not easy to steer and has a really small wheel and pedal radius. Got to another section of spongy running trail. This one is shorter - maybe 0.75-0.8 mi instead of 1.2 like the other. It's not as slanted to the right as the other, though, and it's more scenic... more scenic than construction/junkyard storage. Splits> 7:00, 6:28 on the out and back. Pace: btwn 8:41 and 8:59/mi, depending on whether it's 0.75 or 0.775 one way. Big difference. Hard to tell b/c of all the curves.

Watching the USA Cycling Professional Time Trial Championships, including Floyd Landis. Arrived 1.5 hrs early and got a spot as close to the starting ramp as you could possibly get.
Also apt complex pool party w/ bbq.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aug 20


My extensors were delightfully a bit sore today - both, which is a good thing - not just the right one, which has been injured.

32 min for 0.6mi - 5 x [3 laps free, 3 laps breast]. It was in the far left lane, which is on the curve, so it was always just 1 foot kicking off during the flip kick. I also had a number of embarrassing total misses.
Reps for 0.12 mi - 6 x 1 lap (1 lap = 36m). Splits> 44s, 42s, 43s, 44s, untimed, 42s. A big improvement (like 5s) off last time... it could be that the distances of the lanes are different, since it's an abnormally shaped pool... kind of like a peanut or curved hourglass.

Knees and ankles were a bit testy at times again. Should've focused a bit more on form and tensing it up just to protect the joints. Next time.

Mostly walk, but I got in about 0.6 mi of running in all, most of it at 8:00 pace. Even that pace, which is my goal marathon pace, felt hard. Kinda stiff during the run. I wore the gel inserts the whole time, and they felt good. Only a bit of knee trouble on the left lower outside towards the end. Nothing super serious, just nagging.

Watched the IAAF World Championships during that. High jump is probably the most impressive looking track & field event. It blows my mind how they do that.

Physical Therapist (Aug 19)

I heart physical therapists.

This guy Tim has run Boston twice and seemed to really know his stuff.

What's wrong with me:
Really flat feet, causing excessive pronation, which causes a lot of pressure on the lower part of the knees (where I've had my issues), which can spread to the IT band (mine's a little tight). Interestingly, he said my 150-ish mile Asics Gel Evolution 3's looked compressed, and that they don't offer enough support. About 4 years ago, the guys at Tri Sports said that I have a low standard arch (3.5/5?), which I think means the low end of medium. They did notice my overpronation, but they recommended the 3's. Tim said that the 3's don't offer enough support, and that the last on the shoes is usually straighter. He said to either get shoes with straighter lasts, or get inserts ( ?? Sol, 1st Step, and Spenco came to his mind). I went with the inserts, since I already have a new pair of 3's on deck when my current ones reach retirement. It'll probably be good to be able to use the arch support inserts in walking shoes, too. He said to ease into it, at first running my low mileage runs in them, then incorporating them into my walking shoes, then longer runs, etc.

// oh, I just checked my records and remembered that the guy at the Princeton Running Co also diagnosed flat feet. He said that Evol 3's were good for me, alhtough I still pronate even with them on. He recommended insoles as well, but the ones he had that I tried had its arch way too far up and didn't feel comfy. The ones I got from Dick's today, made by Sof Sol, felt good.

As for rehab, I have very strong hip flexors but very weak hip extensors, and hip abductors that could use some extra strength. I can see that - I do lots of 6 inches, some leg lifts on both abductor and flexor sides, but I only do superman with legs lifted about every other strength session, and only once for maybe 2.5 minutes, and it's never really the extensors that get tired with that exercise - more the back. I should also work on my quads with squats and lunges - I'm so weak on those, since I avoid them due to my knee issues. I'll have to take my reintroduction to that carefully.

Maybe in 2-3 weeks, I can try a 10 mile run, he said. Wow. I think that's optimistic, since my usual mileage really isn't high - 35/wk at best, ave 20 or so when I'm healthy. We'll see. He also said that the spongy path actually goes on for like 4 miles on the non-Furman side (where I had gone for 1.5 miles previously) with the exception of like a 1.5 mile section in Cleveland Park - holla! It goes to Greenville Tech. I'll have to check that out, maybe on bike first.

4 days ago's - Strength - 30 min mat> 3 min plank, 150 crunches/side. 15 min band> didn't do much except maybe exacerbate knees a bit

Today - Strength - 50 min mat & legs> 200 crunches/side, 3 min plank, 45s open the clam (lay on side w/ knees bent 90 degrees, try to "open the clam" while applying pressure with your arms to try to close the clam), hip extensions w/ resistance band, 2x35 quad dips, 45 calves, 40 med speed pushups, 20 tricep pushups, 35 leg lifts (abductor), superman. It felt good, especially since I concentrated on form, keeping things from hurting (although my knees hurt some after the plank although not during - good thing I cut it off at 3 instead of going for 4). Things are looking up.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

FAITH: Priorities

I've been so concerned about my deteriorating physical health (too injured to run, turned to biking and overdid that, too, so too injured to bike or run). The more I got injured, the more consumed I was about it - I spend my free time reading about it. At the same time, my spiritual health's been taking a nosedive, but I didn't give it a thought. Where were my priorities? As bad as my physical health has been, my spiritual health has been struggling more. I've not been reading or even praying, and I hadn't had fellowship. I had no desire to, and I felt God might be angry and wouldn't blame him at all for it.

A friend encouraged me to do what I should, though. God wants to call us back to him. So I pulled out the Bible for the first time in a long time, continuing in 1 Samuel, where I had left off long ago. Here are some tidbits that spoke to me:

1 Samuel 15:22> "But Samuel replied: 'Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the voice of the Lord? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.'" I've been giving, but God wants more. He demands all.

1 Samuel 16:7> "But the Lord said to Samuel, 'Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.'" And then I read about David and Goliath. What matters most? The heart.

Aug 14

Since trying to run on Aug 1st with terrible pain in my right butt the next day, I decided it wasn't worth it to try to keep up a small amount of fitness if it meant prolonging recovery. I just need to get better first, then I can start running for real again.

So I did 3 strength sessions: Aug 3, Aug 6, Aug 11, with complete reset in between.
Aug 3 (35 min): hurt to walk again from the Aug 1 run, but did improve some over work day. glad it was good enough for strength. 30/40 leg lifts, 3 min plank, 1:30 6 in, 30 pushups, 20 triceps. lower left back tight.
Aug 6 (40 min): 250 crunches/side (a record), 35 med speed pushups, 30/35 leg lifts, 2:15 6 in (a record), 2:30 plank
Aug 10: 2 min plank, 40 leg lifts, 2 min 6 in, 200 crunches / side, 1:15 side planks

Today: wanted to try swimming, since knees still too damaged to bike. Did a 32-min swim of 0.6 mi, with knees and rt foot sometimes hurting but better when flexed - boo. Would do double that, but don't wanna push it. Tried pool running for 15 min in 3.5ft water, but barely moved up my HR - not sure how I'm supposed to do it. Plus, anything deeper than 3.5 ft was too much for me in terms of height, since I just sink at anything higher, so I had only a few strides worth before I'd have to turn around to stay in the right depth. Then, sprints - 6x 36m for 0.12 mi total. Reps> untimed, 50, 48, 46, 46, 48 s. Felt soooo good to get my HR up. My RHR's been increasing, so I'm losing fitness.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

30-week Report

Ahh... what can I say... in the past 10 weeks, I hit a HIGH, and then I've crashed to a low since I started running in earnest.

1) Running 16.2-16.6 miles in 2:10:58, which is between a 7:53 and 8:06/mi pace. Incredible. If I could keep that up for another 10 mi (yeah, right)... well, if I got to a point where I could keep it up, it'd be a 3:30 marathon finish - a BQ, which for me would require 3:40.

2) Running 7.5 mi in 54:23, a 7:17/mi pace. It was 53 degrees that day - I think that may be the exact temp of what's considered optimal running.

The past month. I've gotten to improve my biking skills, though, and I'm pretty ripped from my strength sessions. Today, though, my knees hurt too much to bike. Haha, I may have to move on to swimming if I'm to injured to run and bike... maybe I'll end up as a triathlete. I've considered it before. The downside: I don't have an Olympic-sized pool anymore, and if you want to be reasonably competitive, you have to fork out a lot of money for a wetsuit and roadbike - bikes cost sooo much. If it wasn't so cost-prohibitive, I might look into it. It takes a lot of time, too, but I have nothing else to do anyway.

Aug 1

Had 2 days rest b/c knees testy (rt especially), plus multi rt butt muscles strained. Uh....
Tried to bike, but both knees hurt at each pedal. Tested running and it seemed okay. XC singlet. First mile good turnover and felt strong and pretty fast, then gradually my body heated up - feels like 90. Stopped at just 2.9 mi in 23:42 instead of the full 3.8 b/c my legs started complaining in the last mile and I was heating up. Best to avoid injury and live to run another day. Wore 3's. 8:10/mi. I can run 16.2-.6 miles at a faster pace than that. Man, I can't wait to get healthy again, and for it to get cold again. I'm thankful to have a run of any distance and any pace these days, though.