Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jul 26-p

Yesterday - 60 min on the reclined bike. 14.2 mi? and 582 Cal. 100.5lb afterwards w/o my sweat-soaked shirt. Felt good and strong today. Once I was going, my HR was 160-168 bpm, as it has been for the past week or so. Watched stage 20 of the Tour de France again. Met neighbors for the first time - a nice couple w/ a cute baby. It took about 9 min to get from 11.6 mph at the start to something over 13.2. The warmup effect. I think 9 min is about right for my running warmup time, too. Left butt started to shoot a bit of pain during my cool-down walk on the treadmill (I've been doing that lately, to try to regain walking strength - don't even get started on running strength). Walked about 1.5 mi.

Today - ended up doing some exploring. I had heard about a spongy trail, but that it was only half a mile. Sad. I wanted to see if the 8-ish mile trail had grass by it, though, so I explored in one direction. It only went about a mile, but it was actually about a mile of sponginess, plus about a half mile of a field that I can use to extend the run. In all, the run was about 2.5 miles. THE BAD: smelled like asphalt, so much that I'm a bit concerned that any health benefits of running on sponginess will be offset by whatever toxins there are in the air, not scenic at all (construction, junk-yardy storage on one side, a somewhat nasty looking creek on the other), the path was graded for rain drainage). THE GOOD: Very spongy, way moreso than tracks, even though it looks like track material. 2.5 miles for a round trip is pretty good... I could potentially do that 4-6 times for a nice 10-15 miler. Yeah, that's tolerable. And hopefully, it was just the heat worsening the smell and how I was baking on the asphalt at 3pm (90ish degrees). I wore a pack today, since I hadn't planned on running, but I just had to see how long it was. I happened to be wearing workout clothes... okay... I always wear workout clothes. So it was a nice little run, although my body's having some growing pains getting back into running.

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