Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jul 10

I did 30 min strength on Jul 1 and Jul 6. Still no running, just limping and pain even when walking. Dunno what caused it. Knees are a bit testy too, maybe from compensating. Strength's okay, even with the likely bit of weight gain from being so sedentary. It's so hard not to run, but the posters in my room, books, and videos (Beijing 08 Opening Ceremonies and highlights) have kept me excited.

In the apt, I went to the gym after a while to check out the cardio, but alas, 2/3 of the machines were unusable, and I was mad. Was it all just for show? The only one that worked was a treadmill... great... Jul 8, however, new equipment came in, and it felt so good to sweat again. I biked 13 mi, 1 hr, 560 Cal. Level 15-17. Last 4 min were at 15-17 mph and b/f that, usually 11-12 mph. Left quad cramped first few min but otherwise felt okay. Butt so sore after. Read 60 pgs of the Track and Field Coaching manual while biking.

I did strength again the next day. Only 3 days since the last one. It helped clear out whatever made my butt sore. Knee joint (right) not so great. I did faster pushups this time, rather than the slow ones I've been doing. That allowed me to crank out 40ish. Glad to know I haven't lost it. I did 200 crunches per side. Probably strong.

Jul 10, the next day, another 1 hr session of 13.2 mi on the bike. Level 16 mostly. Ave 13.5-14.5mph. Butt mostly fine today. Just remnants of soreness. Still can't run, limp (tho not post-exercise, since the sore butt predominated). Wore the XC singlet, which was absolutely drenched, wring-out-water to the end. Breathed hard. I wore the Garmin to track my HR since the bike's is really inaccurate. I went from 155-185, about linearly with time over the course of the hour.

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