Monday, June 22, 2009

Jun 22

Sat Night: 40 min mat. Strong in crunches and pretty much everything else. Pushups improving - like 40ish this time. Look good, too, in terms of tone.

Today: It was sooooooooo hard to wake up from my nap and go out at 7:30 today. I went to bed at around 1am last night after being on the net a lot and then listening to a great semon from Grace Church. I am really excited about trying that church. It was hard staying awake at work. When I got home, I ate stuff and napped.

I ran in a wife beater and short shorts with about 12 oz water. I drank about half at the half point, which was supposedly 5 mi into the run, but when I got back to my area, it was only about 9 miles total, which is odd. It was about "feels like 85," but it was actually quite decent, maybe because there wasn't much sun, since it was late. I haven't run this far in so long, and I was suprised I did it and that it felt so easy. Maybe heat acclimitization is kicking in, since it didn't feel that hot and water wasn't a great need, even 5 miles in.

Run stats: 1:08:37, 9.76 mi, 7:02/mi, 697 Cal. I HAVE REASON TO BELIEVE THIS IS WRONG

8:19 p, 9:53/mi, 0.84 mi
8:37 s, 8:41/mi, 0.99 mi
14:45 z, 4:34/mi... okay, this is where it messed up... 3.23 mi...
14:18 s, 7:16/mi, 1.97 mi
11:38 g, 8:23/mi, 1.38 mi
3:16 p, 8:26/mi, 0.36 mi
3:06 g, 8:11/mi, 0.38 mi
4:41 h, 8:08/mi, 0.58 mi

So actually, it was 8.5 mi at an 8:04 pace... not bad!!!

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