Monday, November 30, 2009

Nov 30

Nov 28> 7:22 for 0.9 mi warmup to clubhouse, 11:15 home around other side of the loop for 1.5 mi post gym. At the gym, I tried the elliptical, which shd be ideal for injury time exercise, but I had to stop after 10 min b/c my inner rt knee got torqued bad. I was probably striding unevenly anyway. The elliptical had no adjustable stride length, like one I used in Rochester. Left Progrid seemed not tight during the run. Noon + Buist shirt. Felt off, maybe new muscle untrained.

Nov 29> 3.1 mi in 23:15. Treadmill> 8:30/mi for 0.5 mi, 8:00/mi for 1 mi, 7:30/mi for 0.5 mi, 7:00/mi for 0.5 mi, 6:30/mi for 0.3 mi, 6:15/mi for 0.3 mi. 1st run in NB 1224's. Had to swing hips to keep knees from getting bad. Faster speeds seem to help, maybe b/c of more hip. Sweaty but not spent - getting fitter. Iced post, had to be careful doing PT. Weights on calves for quad pillow exercise.

Nov 30> 30 min mat> 45/45/20 leg lifts, 200 crunches/side, 22 superman, 2:00 plank, 1:00 6 in, 1:00 side planks w/ 15 dips only, 40 pushups not full, too banged up for quad dips. Inner rt knee bit tender, knees felt bent up sleeping, work shoes arches again.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nov 26 (Tday) - p

Back home, back on the old loop. Since my old watch band broke, I had to use a cereal box Shrek watch with Don-kay. His seconds screen is separate from the minutes screen, so this is approximate... 4.4 miles in 35:30... It's 35:XX, so we'll just say 30. says it's 8:04/mi. By the way, I made this cool Excel pace calculator just like Coolrunning's. Programming (if you can call normal Excel functions programming) is fun, so is making graphs, if it's about a fun subject.

So about the run... my right knee wasn't tracking well, and so for about 4 strides spread out over the first mile and a half, it would hurt. I maybe tried hard to keep the knee tracking straight, because as my dad watched my strides on the last mile, he noticed that my right leg was fine, but my left leg was seriously pronating. He also said that it looked like I spent more time on my right foot (like 1/2 sec vs. 2/5 sec). Those were good observations. During the run, it felt fine, and I thought there was nothing wrong with my strides. I was just tired and out of breath, especially after the 3 mi mark.

After the run, my right medial ankle was kind of burning. Never happened before. It was 63 degrees in my Progrid (warm in bra, especially in the blazing sun), which may need to be looked at, to see if the arch was out of line in the left shoe. I bought the New Balance 1250's (I think, I'll have to check again) with a straight last. I'll have to try that out. I didn't bring it home because when I tried to run on it three days ago, it hurt. It could've been my body and not the shoe, but I didn't want to risk not having good shoes to run in at home.

Oh, it feels good to write narratives again. I haven't been doing that because of limited internet. For the past few months, I'd just record my log notes word-for-word, and you can't fit as much in the three mini-lines of the log.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Pton Sports Resort

Day 1:
Track> Mile Timetrial. After 6-7 hrs of sleep for the past 2 nights (vs. the usual 8-9), and half a sweet potato. It was 8am and 49 degrees with a misty rain. My butt had a knot in it after doing a second night of stretches, and the run felt generally stiff. I did a quarter warmup but didn't want to do any more, since I'm generally out of shape and still had plans for a wf run. I wore spikes that made me feel like I was running on spikes - maybe the spikes were too long. Was too warm in the Boston shirt so went in bra - cold, but fine for a short run. Could've gone a bit faster if there was competition (aka people to impress, haha), but just pressed hard enough to give a good effort. Wasn't memorably tired or killing myself over it, like keeling-over tired at the end. I guess that makes the 6:34 time more acceptable. That's very far %wise from 5:59, but it's okay - I could've shaved off 7s if needed.
Wf run> Ended at the hill (2.2 mi). With pack, and after the mile, making the 8:22/mi okay (18:25). Progrid. Bought a CASE of dark choc at WF.
Indoor Soccer> After eating lots of fried tofu, eggplant, and brown rice (so delicious), we ran over to Dillon to play IM soccer. With all that sprinting back and forth, a high-risk situation, haha. I was worse than useless as a player, but it was still run, and I got some good sprinting in. I dinged my ankle, but as coach said, it gets easier to sprain but faster to heal each time, so it was fine enough to keep going on and only a bit tender for a couple days afterwards.

Day 2:
Ultimate Frisbee> Throwing - stiff at first and cautious about my joints, but throwing got me looser, and soon, lunging and quick releases came back quickly. I was throwing with Raph, who rightly said that it's like riding a bike - you never forget. Throwing got my HR up pretty quick. During the warmup, shuffling was fine for the first time since the June whatever. In the scrimmage, I played handler and deep deep. With a tender ankle, no cup. Still got it, and couldn't resist going after layouts, even wearing track spikes - luckily, nobody else goes for layouts. XC Spikes are really good for grass running, cutting and all. Still got it :) Quads were sore afterwards, esp upper.

Day 3:
Wm run> 7.5 mi Cruise Intervals. The 3.6ish out was continuous, but the way back was broken up a lot by walk breaks. It was 9am and 42-50 (huge diff over 1 hr) and muddy on the tow path. I was fatigued after three days of more sports than I do in a week, not to mention all of the speedwork that got built in. It had also been a jam-packed week of lots of walking and waking up early and staying up late. The oatmeal breakfast I had burned up fast, and I felt fatigued and depleted, running in empty. Legs were sore, but no pain.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Heart PT's!!!

No workout, but MY WONDERFUL FRIEND'S A PT!!! and felt my butt. Prescribed 4 way leg stretches w/ band, figure 4 stretch for the perfokjdflajsd;flj whatever... like 5x3os - that's a lot, hamstring stretch w/ door or belt, turn medially and cross leg across body IT band stretch... also 5x30ish, and quad dips. Also showed me pillow quad exercise. All good stuff. A bit painful and time-consuming, but already feeling better! I'm doing it 2x/day. My rt leg single leged raised butterflyish-activated muscle is really tight. One of my IT bands is particularly tight... don't remember which one. Both hamstrings really tight, esp right. Legs the same length. Flat feet = good to get arches.

I feel like a little kid who wants to play doctor but in this case PT. It's so cool. I'd try stuff on N, but I might break her, so I may just ask her to see how far she can stretch stuff.

// dec 18 - I think afjkas;fjkdijsfa was supposed to be the piriformis stretch, btw.

Nov 18

In the airport, on my way to Pton!!!

Nov 9> 40 min strength. 2x40 fast pushups, 50-35-50 xtensors, 55 calves, 35/55 quad dips, 10 tri dips, 45/40/30 leg lifts, 150 crunches/side, 2x2:00 plank, 1:30 6 in. This was 3am, post a 6pm-2am sleep (after +8 hrs of nap and +8 hrs/night over the weekend). Butt hurts to walk. Next day, butt hurts, start wearing work shoes w/o the arches- causes some kinks in the knees as I adjust. Day after, knees poundy, butt less hurt. Wanted to run, but common sense says no, given the knees. Plus, only 3 hrs sleep last night. Muscles all fatigued, random pains. 102lbs next morn pre-drink. Less appetite lately, plus hot head, tired.

Nov 12> 6.0 mi in 48:40 on treadmill! 8:00/mi til mi 5, 7:30 for 1/2 mi, 7:00 for 1/2 mi. Breezed thru mi 4 w/ mind on pics in Running Times. Then core got tenser, body hotter. 6pm. Must concentrate on staying loose as I tense up. Butt felt off but no pain. Mi 5.3, starting to feel risky, so stopped magazine to focus on staying loose and having good form. Legs ice bathed in the outdoors pool - ingenious! Why didn't I think of it before, as it was there all along? Progrid. Two days later: walked w/o arches in 3's hurts knees. No S tho it's been a while b/c out for dinner and prayer til late then tired.

Nov 15> 2.5 mi in 18:10 on Treadmilll. 7:16/mi ave. 7:30 for 1 mi, 7:00 for 1.5mi. Butt and knees still hurt til post evening service. Post tortilla chips and guac salad 2nd dinner. 9pm run in Progrid. Ice bath post. Cdn't maintain pace and stopped at 2.5 vs 3.1 prob b/c extra food requires blood and energy to digest and extra fuel weight, but still decent workout. Didn't want to keep pushing thru butt pain too much so stopped. Butt better afterwards. Left quad cramped up during run a little, but still runable. How many times does this post refer to my butt?

Nov 16> 40 min Strength. 2:00 plank, 150 crunches/side, 35 quads, 45 calves, 2x35 xtnsors, 40/45-50/40 leg lifts, 90-60 6 in, 15 tridips, 30 pushups hard.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nov 6

Nov 1> 3.1 mi in 25:10. 3xEHS (1st w/ out&back baseball field vs woods b/c trying a new course they put up, all used new 1st field cut-through). Splits> 8:35, 8:27, 8:08 - first time I timed this course. Good to be on the field again after a treadmill stint, to use diff muscles. Butt mostly better (though a bit worse post workout), 1 pm, Progrid, pretty perfect temps in singlet at 58 degrees, standing water in parts = slow course.

Nov 2> 2 mi in 15:22. 2xEHS (2nd w/ field vs. woods, but field cut). Splits> 8:18, 7:04. 7:44/mi ave, 3's and singlet, perfect temp 58 degrees is cool (maybe singlet was a bit warm), 6pm, rt knee complainy today, but wanted quick run - felt good during. 6 vert jumps afterwards - bad idea... aspirin for knee. Post cheese made me full for first part but didn't notice afterwards.

Nov 3> 30 min Strength. 150 crunches/side, 2:15 side plank, 45-40 calf, 1 min 6 in, 30 tricep pushups, 25 v-ups, 35 extensors, 40/45 leg lifts, 2x25 quad dips on cranky right knee made last few hurt - boo.

Nov 4> 3.1 mi in 22:50. Close to post-injury PR of 22:44. Treadmill - 8:00 for 1 mi, 7:30 for 1/2 mi, 7:00 for 1 mi, 6:30 for 1/4 + 1/20 mi, 6:00 for 1/4 + 1/20 mi. 7:22/mi ave. Rt knee still tender on outer middle 2 work, but I'm nuts. ~ 1/2 mi to get used to pace each change, settled in comfortably the whole way. Rt leg had to stride a bit differently although no worrysome pain, left inside knee surface pain after, iced all, 9pm, 3's. Calves bit sore @ work. Next day: rt butt sore at night, knee twingy in day, tempted to consider running but wiser to rest. Strangely tired - maybe b/c flu shot.

Nov 6> 3.3 mi in 26:?? Treadmill at 8:00/mi, but with 1, 2, and 3 degrees starting from 0.3mi and inc every 1 mi. Rt butt and lower back sore today but I was impatient. Not taxing, quick recovery afterwards, workout felt like nothing, YET knees (esp right), tender and a bit poundy during the run. Progrid.
> Also 30 min strength. 150 crunches/side + fly crnches, 45/45/40 leg lifts, 2:00 plank, 1:30 6 in, 15 tri dips, 30 pushups, 45 xtnsors.