Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jun 19

"Feels like 98!!!" The actual temp is significantly lower, but with the humidity, bam. I went at 7:30, even. I repeated the stoplight and back run, since I already knew the distance and it wasn't going to take too long. My parents were visiting, so I wanted to get back before they arrived. I brought 12oz of water in my Nathan Speed 4, but was okay without it, so I didn't drink any. It's good to train your body to need less water anyway.

The run was 32:26 for 8:32 pace, which is about the pace I can hold for 16 miles in good temps. I hope it's just the temps. Has to be. 98 degrees is crazy. I wear short sleeves even in 30 degree temps. I wore my black Starter tech tee and short shorts. Don't wanna go sports bra running on high-traffic roads in a new town.

Splits> 8:14 p, 8:28 s, 8:30 p, 7:13 h. Don't let different splits deceive you. With hills, they are going to be different.

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