Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sept 30-p

715: 2 cups Cheerios
1130: Honey Wheat Pretzels w/ Sunflower Butter
1230: 1 cup Cheerios
230: Cheerios
415: Mocha Chip Balance Bar (pretty good taste for a Balance/Powerbar [similar to me])
700: Black Beans w/ 100% Cornmeal Cornbread; Cauliflower & Carrot w/ Curry Sauce; Chocolate Almond Cookie; Sauteed Squash
915: 1 cup Cheerios (g)
1115: Hummus; Squash Quiche; Chocolate Almond Cookie; Protein Bread w/ Hummus; Soy Milk

At one point during our 3-game day, I was a little put off about not getting the playing time I wanted. Then, I realized how selfish that was. It's about the team. I don't matter much compared to how we're doing as a whole. If the team's doing well, I have every reason to be happy. Our rookies should take these great opportunities to learn, and did the really step it up today or what? DC was awesome, like I can't believe she's never played before. Fast catch and throws, beautiful catches, beautiful throws, hard-core sprinting and reliability in the cup, sweet, coming up w/ some of our cheer ideas, encouraging. Totally deserved the Captains' Disc. And the whole team was freaking awesome. So many people played so well, I'd shine their cleats any day - SK, JH, VC, LG, VP, DC, just to name a few. A-mazing.

At Club Sectionals, one thing that really made an impression on me was JH's energy, always running up and down the sidelines when she was off, coaching and encouraging while we played. Where does that energy come from? It made me want to get up and get in the game with sideline up calls when I was off, and seeing her standing there while I played was really motivating as well. Grad students are awesome. There's something very encouraging and happy about their natures, at least the ultimate ones.

We won our bracket, giving us the Chumpionship. We broke seed 10th into 9th. We had a 5-2 record. Rookies learned a lot. Good team bonding. Both first game of the days were very well played. Makes me excited. Makes me want to train harder. I heart our team so much.

In so much [physical] pain tonight...

4 hrs of sleep Saturday night because of writing my essay at the hotel's breakfast room.

Sept 29

730: 2 cups Cheerios
1030: Apple; Almonds
1230: Protein Bread w/ Sunflower Butter; Wheat Thins; Banana w/ Sunflower Butter
300: Luna Sunrise Bar - Blueberry Yogurt; Honey Roasted Peanuts; Cup of Cheerios
600: Salted Peanuts
700: Clif Builder Bar - Cookies & Cream
915: Apple; Cup of Cheerios; Almonds (g)
1100: Instant Oatmeal

4 games at Penn State Tournament. Good D's by baiting 1st game. Very want-to-destroy something... where is something I can destroy... angry 2nd and 3rd games. Frustrated w/ myself and a few people on other team. VC supportive and helpful as always, helping me chill. JH good tips on how to not get frustrated like that - focus on the game. Visualize good throws, etc., and execute. And it's a happy sport. Worked well. End of 3rd at match point, caught near the end zone w/ a 2-hand jump grab, threw a nice chaser to VP. 4th game great.

The fields where we were playing were on the top of a hill/mountain with mountains in the background. It was pretty. While I was angry, I stopped short when I noticed how pristine the place was, with clean air and bright green grass. It reminded me of Psalm 23.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Sept 28

830: Mixed Veggies (carrots, tomato, broccoli) & Tofu; Soy Milk; Protein Bread w/ Almond Butter & Sour Cherry Fruit Spread (g)
1230: Red & Brown Rice w/ Tofu, Crushed Tomatoes, Onions, and Oregano (my own creation); Banana; Peanut Butter
330: Orange
545: Mixed Greens w/ Black Beans, Radish, Baslamic Vinigrette, Broccoli; Wasabi Peas; Multigrain Toast w/ Honey; Skim Milk
1130: 2 x Protein Bread & Almond Butter (vc)

My diet varies depending on where I am, not only the foods themselves but more importantly (because vitamins and other good things you can get from a wide variety of sources), the ratio of carbs, fats, and protein. I eat healthily always, but two factors influenced by location are 1) quanity, and 2) ratio.

First, I had a problem last year of downing an entire box/package of foods within 24 hrs, if not during one sitting, often. At home, that happened only every now and then. Stress and a poor choice of a coping mechanism was the difference. Another aspect of quanitity control is related- just portion control. In the dining hall, I like the ends of multigrain breads b/c it's crustier and contains more of the whole grains that give it its great nutty taste. So I'd go for as many as were available, usually 2 to go with the rest of the meal (usually a giant salad with tons of stuff in it, skim milk, and a veggie pattie or turkey, and a cup of soup or beans). And the variety of the dining hall would also cause me to want to try everything, so that would up overall quantity a lot. Variety can be bad sometimes. At home, I eat nuts- lots of them.

Right now, I have no real excuse to go out and buy snack foods, since I have plenty of whole foods available and already paid for at 2D. That cuts out the downing boxes problem. Also, with the dining hall, you're restricted to certain hours in the day, and your meals/week are limited on top of that. So you go in famished and end up overeating. With 2D, I can go every 3 hrs. I can decide how to time my calcium, vitamin-heavy plant meals, protein, fat intake to maximize the absorption of these nutrients. It's great.

4-hr ride w/ JH, WC, & SK to Penn State

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sept 27-p

815: Skim Milk; Gobi (cauliflower, tomato, onion); WW Pita w/ Almond Butter, Fruit Spread, and Wheat Germ
1245: Gobi (cauliflower, onions, tomatoes) & Tofu; Protein Bread w/ Almond Butter & Wild Berry Fruit Spread (g)
445: Soy Milk; Protein Bread w/ Almond Butter & Sour Cherry Fruit Spread
645: Carrot Ginger Veggie Soup; 2 x Stuffed Squash
845: WW Banana Nut Bread; Tofu
1145: Protein Bread w/ Peanut Butter; Soy Milk; WW Banana Nut Bread (v)
1245: Peanut Butter

It would be interesting to plot the distributions of my meal times (I'm taking time series and regression ORF405 right now, so I'm in that mindset right now.). They're always spread out at the beginning of the day, like 3-4 hrs, and then closer and closer to hourly as the day gets late. I'm not any hungrier at the end of the day, either. It's just another way to procrastinate, boo.

1st night cooking at 2D. Took a while to choose what to make, but I ended up going with Stuffed Squash. It was hectic, since there were a lot of steps and more ingredients than I'm used to. The food I make at home is typically pretty bland, since we don't have some spices and herbs that are staples at other houses, and it usually doesn't involve more than microwaving, toasting, or baking. It turned out great, in my biased opinion. I have 2 biases. First, if it's healthy, it nearly always tastes good to me. Second, if I made it, its taste factor is bumped up a few points unconsciously. Anyway, ingredients: Sprouted grain and legume bread, Onions, Yellow Squash, Mushrooms, Lemon Juice, Cayanne, Marjoram, Canola Oil, Garlic. Ambitious.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sept 26

845: Skim Milk; 2 x Toasted Sprouted Grain Bread, topped w/ Buttery Sticks & Wild Berry 100% Fruit Spread (v)
1145: Garden Salad of Broccoli, Carrots, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, and Tofu, w/ Balsamic Vinegar; WW Pita w/ Almond Butter, 100% Fruit Spread, and Wheat Germ
245: Peanut Butter; Soy Milk (g)
715: Sweet & Sour Tofu & Mushroom; Gobi (Cauliflower w/ Onions); WW Banana Nut Bread; Garlicy Tomato, Carrot, and Raisin Salad... superb dinner (made by girls, not guys like last night) made up for last night
915: Apple
1000: Sweet & Sour Tofu & Mushroom; Gobi (Cauliflower w/ Onions); WW Banana Nut Bread
115: Skim Milk; Banana Nut Bread; Sweet & Sour Tofu & Mushroom

Ultimate> it's good to throw around before practice to get used to throwing and catching again. it'll get you in the zone. otherwise, you'll be as un-cachy and bad-throwy as i was yesterday.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sept 25

900: Skim Milk; 2 x Toasted Protein Bread w/ "Buttery Sticks" Spread (g)
1245: MegaSalad of Mixed Greens, Carrots, Mushrooms, Marinated Roasted Bell Peppers, Red Onions, Craisins, Feta, Sunflower Seeds, & Fine Herb Dressing; Turkey; 2 x Organic Multigrain Bread
515: Apple
715: Fried Rice w/ Broccoli, Carrots, Tomatoes; White Flour Tortilla w/ Squash and Almond Cheese; Skim Milk; More Broccoli, Carrots, Tomatoes; Semisweet Chocolate Morsels... mediocre at best, but I ate tons anyways... uh
1115: Whole Wheat Pita w/ Almond Butter & 100% Fruit Spread; Soy Milk... yeah, that's the way I like it
1215: Peanut Butter

No FIT, NO FUN... it's a Tuesday. Well, KS was good.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sept 24

845: Apple
145: Plain Yogurt w/ Wild Berry Fruit Spread; Spinach Salad w/ Tofu, Mushroom, Tomatoes; Sprouted Grain & Legume Bread w/ Peanut Butter
415: So Delicious Fudge Bar
700: Daal; Salty Mashed Peas; Tofu & Broccoli w/ Peanut Butter Dressing; Skim Milk (g)
845: Soy Milk; 2 x Protein Bread w/ Peanut Butter
1100: All American Flame Grilled Boca Burger (v)
1230: Sprouted Pain au Chocolat
130: Hunk of Peanut Butter

Over the summer, I got animal protein consumption down to one a day (w/o feeling unfulfilled, having cravings for it). I went for days on end w/o it since coming here. I'm probably at one every 2-3 days right now.

Ultimate: back step on flat marking

Pless: 70 min, $21.75

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sept 23

900: Plain Yogurt w/ Wild Berry Fruit Spread; Protein Bread
145: Quinoa & Butternut Squash Salad; Pile of Lox w/ capers & red onions; Mountain of Roasted Veggies (carrots, zuchinni, peppers, corn, mushrooms); Grapefruit Half; Cucumber, Tomato, and Pecan Salad
330: Green&Black's Expresso Dark Chocolate, 67% cocoa
715: Wheatberries w/ Chopped Spinach, Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes; General Tsao's Tofu w/ Broccoli; Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Banana Cookies; Skim Milk... excellent 2D dinner (g)
1100: Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Banana Cookies; Skim Milk
1230: Fried Brown Rice w/ Peas, green peppers, onions; Gingerbread (I didn't know it was an actual bread - I always thought it was just a cookie)
215: Protein Bread w/ Peanut Butter (v)

Brunch w/ BL @ Whitman
Froshing w/ AM & JL
Read Tiger Magazine

Saturday, September 22, 2007

RECIPE: Egg White Omlette

2 Egg Whites
Garlic & Herbs Seasoning
Cooking Spray
Combo of Tomatoes, Onions, Mushrooms, Peppers
Low Fat Cheddar

1. Spray Pan
2. Heat up on Medium
3. Throw in Veggies
4. Pour on Eggs
5. Redistribute Eggs as necessary to get even cooking, use lid to retain heat
6. Flip when it's stable enough
7. Top w/ Cheddar
8. Put on plate & sprinkle on seasoning
Simple, but my repetoire's pretty limited right now.

Sept 22

630: All-American Flame-Grilled Boca Burger; Peach (vc)
815: PJ's Oatmeal (g)
1030: 2 Soy Delicious Fudge Bars (mid-run, from Wholefoods - 3 bars/ $2 w/ coupon, 90Cal/bar)... not much nutritionally, not even calcium, but cool and creamy
1130: Plain Yogurt w/ Wild Berry Fruit Spread
1200: Sprouted Grain & Legume Protein Bread
215: Broccoli, Tofu, Mushroom, Tomato "trail mix"
415: Apple
715: Beans w/ Green Peppers; Brown Rice; Soy Milk; Spice Cookie; Green&Black's Orgnaic Expresso Dark Chocolate... decadent taste
900: Orange
1215: Chocolate Walnut Nectar Bar

A day of treats (cookie, fudge bars, chocolate), but I definitely earned my calories today.

Weggeman's (boca, balance bar, nectar bar) & Wholefoods (expresso green&black dark choc, fudge bars). Rain on the way back. Nice cool weather. Passed by HS boys' XC team, tried to keep up w/ them = pushed harder than usual :)

KS Pickups. First ever in Whitman, first in my 5 pickups a visit to 8-person suite. Sunrise Arch sounded amazing.
After I got back from the run, I thought it'd be cool to run in Central Park, since it was free NJTransit week, and while it was raining here, it wasn't in NYC. So I went. I ended up just walking, since I had food, water, and camera in my Camelbak, and there was no grass to run on. I walked as far as the Castle, but that was with much meandering east and west. Lots of walking. And I also kicked around a soccer ball w/ an Equadorian man.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sept 21

1015: Can of Tuna on Sprouted Grain Bread... I think I was craving animal protein yesterday; Peach (cc, v)
300: Spinach Salad w/ Tofu, Broccoli, Tomatoes; Skim Milk
700: Skim Milk; Tomato Sauce w/ mushrooms & onions; Corn & Peas
1200: Can of Green Beans; Plain Yogurt w/ Wild Berry Fruit Spread; 2 x Sprouted Grain & Legume Bread topped w/ Vegetable Oil Spread; bit of soy milk

Just as I care so much about proper fueling for health and fitness, I should probably take more care about proper sleeping for school, because I'm nodding off in ORF classes and taking 10 min/pg of reading the rest of the day and requiring food-induced energy boosts that would be unnecessary if I had a well-rested body.

Fitness Fridays (4-stage circuit w/ sprint/jog to/from cone in between: hip turn zig zag cones, bound and stick rings, in in out out ladder, 2-foot in out ladder), pickup after

Slept in until 9ish, ate and read a little, and then took a nap until 2. Making up for sleeping only a few hours per night for the past forever.
KS Callbacks.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sept 20

930: Big Bowl of Brown Rice Pilaf w/ peas, spinach, Stewed tomatoes, awesome spices; Plain Yogurt w/ Wild Berry Fruit Spread
100: Spinach Salad w/ Tofu, Broccoli, Onion, Mushroom, Balsamic Vinegar; 2 x Toasted Sprouted Grain Bread topped w/ Vegetable Oil Spread; Tofu (g)
700: 8 x Banana Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies; Daal; Chickpea in Tomato Sauce; Soy Milk; Spinach & Broccoli Salad
1200: Many Strawberries; Daal w/ tomatoes; 2 x Toasted Sprouted Grain Bread topped w/ Vegetable Oil Spread; 2 x Toasted Sprouted Grain Bread topped w/ Chocolate Chips; Balance Bar Bare (trail mix chocolate chip)...I'm not the brightest crayon in the box.

KS Auditions

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sept 19

845: Pear
1200: Spinach Salad w/ Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Balsamic Vinegar, Onions, and Tofu; Skim Milk; 2 x Toasted Protein Bread (made with sprouted grains) topped w/ Almond Butter, Wild Berry Fruit Spread, and Wheat Germ... delightfully crunchy and nutty
1245: The Rest of the Soy Crisps
700: Brown Rice Pilaf (peas, spinach, lots of different spices like saffron?) absolutely delicious; Banana Spinach Salad w/ Broccoli & Tomatoes; Plain Yogurt topped w/ Wild Berry Fruit Spread
1200: Almond Butter; Whopping plate of Brown Rice Pilaf w/ Stewed Tomatoes; Skim Milk; Semisweet Chocolate Morsels (v)

Ultimate Practice

Studying w/ JL

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sept 18

945: Brown Rice Tortilla w/ Hummus, Onions, and Green Peppers (tasted like a spring roll); Soy Milk... mmm (g)
100: Spinach Salad w/ Balsamic Vinegar, Mushroom, Tomatoes; Plain Yogurt w/ 100% Wild Berry Fruit Spread; Protein Bread; Beans w/ Onions & Mushrooms... variety: exciting but sometimes becomes my undoing
600: Sizzling Blackened Catfish; Broccoli & Cauliflower; 4 tall glasses of tea; 2 slices of Multigrain Bread; Mixed Greens w/ Ginger Dressing, Mushrooms, Radish, Carrots; Red Bean & Onion Vindaloo... I was craving protein so bad, so I rushed to the D-Hall at 5pm
900: Soy Milk
1200: Yogurt w/ Wild Berry Fruit Spead; 2 x Decadent Protein Bread, topped w/ Almond Butter, Wheat Germ, and Semisweet Chocolate Morsels
1230: Apple
130: 3 servings (half a bag) of Soy Crisps... uhh, why

45 min Abs

KS Auditions: not necessarily always "fun", since it's tough to say no to ppl who try their best and are passionate about it but not quite what we're looking for. It's encouraging to see their enthusiasm and desire to serve the Lord, though. And there were a lot of really great solos that we enjoyed.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sept 17-p

830: Skim Milk; WW Bread topped w/ Sour Cherry 100% Fruit Spread, Almond Butter, and Wheat Germ; Broccoli, Tofu, Eggplant, and Onion Curry... day 3 of it, but tasty, nutritious, and satisfying for any meal of the day
1115: WW Bread topped w/ Almond Butter and Wheat Germ; Watermelon
315: Soy Milk; Whole Grain Spelt Tortilla w/ Hummus; Apple w/ Almond Butter (g)
415: Vegan Rye Chocolate Chip Cookie
700: Philly Wheat Steak (crusty bread w/ wheat-based protein, onions, green peppers)... delicious and novel; Soy Milk
930: WW Bread topped w/ Almond Butter and Wheat Germ
1045: All-American Flame Grilled Boca Burger; WW Bread topped w/ Sour Cherry 100% Fruit Spread, Almond Butter, and Wheat Germ
100: WW Bread topped w/ Hummus; Almond Butter; Soy Milk
300: Semisweet Vegan Chocolate Morsels

I'm just going to say that my energy input must be catching up with my energy output. The 2D order is coming in tomorrow, so I'll be able to get more fresh fruits and veggies and less bread + X.

>>I heart ultimate too. Back to the basics today. I needed that, especially after Saturday. Sometimes, you need to hear and relearn basics, and many times, it's described in a way you've never encountered before, and that new insight makes a dramatic difference in the way you see it.
>>Things to keep in mind while throwing: Cradle/wrap arm around it like a baby and roll out gracefully to throw. The force comes from the torquing of your upper body.
>>The part of my ankle rubbed raw and cut up from the Active Ankle strap at the tournament yesterday is leeching out blood and sticky clear stuff onto my socks. And as it tries to heal, the wound fuses to my sock, making sock removal mentally reprehensible.

To bed at 5am, drew 2 more Doorposts> Ephesians 6:10-13 & Psalm 84:10.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sept 16

745: Whopping plate of Tofu, Broccoli, Eggplant, and Onion Curry; Skim Milk; Apple topped w/ Almond Butter (g)
1200: Animal Crackers
130: Egg White Omlette w/ Mushrooms; 2 slices Multigrain Toast (vc)
515: WW Bread topped w/ Almond Butter, Sour Cherry Spread, and Wheat Germ; Tofu, Broccoli, Eggplant, and Onion Curry; Soy Milk
615: Veggie Burger Pattie
845: Whole Grain Spelt Tortilla w/ Hummus; Orange; 2 Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies (g)

I love 2D already. I tend to wake up early, and I love mornings on campus, when things are quiet and the rising sun bathes the gorgeous buildings in an ethereal glow. I emerge from Little, get a wonderful shot of Blair Arch in all its glory as I round Laughlin, and then pass through the gothic triple archway right to 2D. And the food is excellent. It's healthy (whole grains, veggies, organic/natural ingredients), tasty (they have a ridiculously large library of spices/seasonings/flavorings to choose from), down-to-earth and friendly people (played Scrabble with some guys there last night), and open 24/7 to satisfy my fueling needs. Beat that, eating clubs.

Different classes praying for each other at the Interfellowship Praise Night.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sept 15

700: Soy Milk; WW Bread w/ Almond Butter & Wheat Germ; bit of Carrots & Hummus
1100: Spelt Tortilla w/ Hummus; Orange; WW Bread w/ Almond Butter & Wheat Germ; Honey Wheat Braided Twists
200: WW Bread w/ Almond Butter & Wheat Germ
300: Spelt Tortilla w/ Hummus
400: Honey Wheat Braided Twists
730: Watermelon; Skim Milk; 2 Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies (by Richard; w/ rye flour, egg sub, brown sugar, soy milk); Eggplant Parmesan; Tofu & Broccoli Curry; Veggie-Infused Brown Rice... first official meal @ 2D for the year (g)
1045: WW Bread w/ Almond Butter & Wheat Germ
1145: Vermont Sharp Cheddar

Club Sectionals> 6 games of ultimate @ MCDL- I have some serious problems throwing. Haven't taken a rest day in a long while, though, and I've been sore for the past few 4 days or so. And I have stinging scrapes on many body parts.

Scrabble w/ Owen (a pro who won by lots, WWS sr), Richard, Doug (former Charter, fencer, sr).
KJ's back!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Sept 14

815: Dal (Indian dish of de-hulled legumes); Gingerbread (vc)
830: Whole Grain Spelt Tortilla w/ Almond Butter & 100% Fruit Spread... carb-heavy day so far
1200: WW Bread w/ Almond Butter & Wheat Germ (small dessert-toppingish flakes packed with fiber, protein, nutrients); Carrot Sticks & Hummus; Soy Milk (g)
145: Apple
245: Vermont Sharp Cheddar
530: Skim Milk; 2 Salads of Mixed Greens, Broccoli, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Beets, Spinach; Tilapia; Tea
1145: WW Bread w/ Almond Butter & 100% Fruit Spread; Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Whole Grain Spelt Tortilla w/ Almond Butter & 100% Fruit SpreadOrange

Ultimate Pickup: to not get schooled by superfast BM so much, keep a bigger buffer on D


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sept 13

845: 2 bowls Wheaties Cereal w/ Skim Milk; Honey Dew (g)
1245: All-American Flame-Grilled Boca Burger; Nature's Path Optimum Rebound Cereal; Dry Roasted Peanuts
530: BBQ Tofu; Green Beans; Skim Milk; Spinach Salad w/ Cherry Tomatoes, Sunflower Seeds, Carrots, Japanese Ginger Dressing, Soy Nuts, Broccoli; Lentil Soup
1015: Dry Roasted Peanuts; Orange; Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Nature's Path Rebound Cereal (g)
130: Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Dry Roasted Peanuts (v)

Ultimate Frisbee: need to cut vertically, not horizontally

Cranium, Taboo w/ Ulty Ppl

Sept 12-p

845: Whole Wheat Pancake w/ Honey; Skim Milk; Wheaties; Fruit Salad
1230: Turkey Sandwich; Plum
615: Romaine Salad w/ Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Carrots, and Balsamic Vinaigrette; Slab of Turkey
1015: Apple; Turkey

Battle of the Wills Endurance Challenge w/ JL
Disc Throwing

20-person canal project to get the toy boat from near the top of the beach to the ocean by means of unlocking dams
Pool Horse, Cranium, Boggle w/ PEFers

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sept 11

730: Nature's Path Rebound Cereal; Dry Roasted Peanuts (v)
930: Banana
1245: Turkey Sandwich; Nacho Cheeser Doritos; Red Grapes
645: Veggie Wrap w/ Salsa, Green Peppers, Lettuce, Tomatoes; Fruit Salad of Cantelope, Red Grapes, Strawberries
1015: Apple

Regular volleyball, followed by intense 2 on 2 beach volleyball w/ AM, IF, MH

Walk on the boardwalk, watching DD on DDR

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sept 10

745: Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Nature's Path Rebound Cereal (g, v)
1145: Nature's Path Rebound Cereal ; Dry Roasted Peanuts
215: Instant Oatmeal, fortified; few peanuts
615: Boca Burger - All-American Flame-Grilled; Nature's Path Rebound Cereal
730: Tazo Chai Black Tea
800-1000: Baby Carrots; Apple Slices; Triscuits (g)
1100: Nature's Path Rebound Cereal; Vermont Sharp Cheddar; few peanuts
1245: Dry Roasted Peanuts
100: Clif Dark Chocolate Walnut Nectar Bar [ingredients (all og): dates, walnuts, chocolate/cocoa, vanilla]

Unpacking at 2D - messy
Ultimate Pickup Game - messy
PEF Open House until feet sorer than they've been in a long time, piggy-back ride back home from MP

Sunday, September 9, 2007

GEAR GUIDE: Homemade Agility Kit

CONTENTS: 4 pink cones, 6 white cones, box, hurdle-making sticks, 9-rung agility ladder w/ clasp (green start ring reads "good luck", red stop ring reads "hope")


WHAT: Cones for accel/deccel, quick turns, agility.
QUAL: Haven't stepped on one yet, but it should fold back into decent shape if I do step on one.
PRICE: Normally $1/cone

WHAT: 9-rung agility ladder, made of hemp & rubber rings
QUAL: functional, though resetting takes longer than it does on a real ladder - more incentive to not mess up, I say
PRICE: $40, though theirs are more convenient storage-wise and resetting-wise


WHAT: Agility Hurdle, good for skier lateral jumps, and front/back jumps
QUAL: Let's just say "many reasons to not mess up"
PRICE: $10 per hurdle, but the real ones are way, way better in this case

Sept 9

900: Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Fortified Instant Oatmeal (g)
1100: Banana
1200: Animal Crackers
1245: Dry Roasted Peanuts
345: Nature's Path Rebound Cereal
545: Big Delicious Bowl of Boca Chili... spicy and good
715: Pear from home garden
800: Dry Roasted Peanuts
1200: Nature's Path Rebound Cereal; Vermont Sharp Cheddar (v)

Wholefoods/Weggemans Run.

>> 2-3 year olds in Sunday School. One fiesty little girl tackled my leg as I was putting away the paper cups, and I went down. Cute kids.
>> KS at Tiger's Roar.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sept 8

900: Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Fortified Instant Oatmeal
1245: Olive's Turkey & Veggie Wrap Swirls; Cauliflower, Baby Carrots, Zuchinni, Broccoli; Honey Dew & Strawberries
430: Nature's Path Rebound Cereal and Dry Roasted Peanuts (g)
615: Black Bean Soup; Apple
745: Dry Roasted Peanuts; Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Nature's Path Rebound Cereal
1015: Chocolate Pecan Luna Bar
100: Dry Roasted Peanuts

1 hr Abs @ Dillon, while reading Shape Mag - Aug '07

Move-in lunch, Going down to field hockey stadium, Hanging out w/ LW & her mom, & AM.
Panera w/ MP.
Shrek 3 on Frist Lawn w/ 3rdLittle.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Sept 7

1000: Nature's Path Optimum Rebound Cereal (c)
130: Rose Petals: Wheat Gluten, Cabbage, Zuchinni, Carrot, Whole Grain Rice, Tarot Spring Rolls (g)
915: Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Nature's Path Optimum Rebound Cereal (v)
1030: Dry Roasted Peanuts; Nature's Path Optimum Rebound Cereal

Toepath Run w/ FB> 35min.

Zen Palate w/ AM.
Art Museum.
Mailing Party.
Saw 2nd half of Womens' Soccer. Sweet.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sept 6

1045: WW Bread; Pear; Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Peanuts (g)
1200: Nature's Path Rebound Cereal; Peanuts
330: Plum; Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Nature's Path Rebound Cereal; Peanuts
630: Mango Halo: Soy Protein, Whole Grain Rice, Mangoes, Ginko Nuts, Tomatoes, in Kung Pao Sauce, Taro Spring Rolls
1030: Earl Grey Tea
100: Peanuts; Nature's Path Rebound Cereal (v, cc, g)

Zen Palate w/ JL.
Shawshank Redemption w/ 28.5, excellent movie.
Finished Alias S1.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sept 5-p

300: Peach
445: Egg White Omlette w/ Tomatoes; Fortified Instant Oatmeal w/ Flaxseeds & Cinnamon
1015: Mott's Tomato Juice; 1 square Tofu
1230: 2 Egg Whites; 1 square Tofu; Guava from our garden
415: Nature's Path Optimum Rebound Cereal (a fav food - incredible how much good fun stuff they pack into it - og everything: oats, cane juice, soy nuts, wheat bran, brown rice flour, soy protein, flaxseeds, banana, raisins, almonds, oat bran, kamut, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, matcha green tea, molasses, tocopherols)
515: 1 square Tofu (semi-frozen by the time I got back from the run - consistency of semi-fro, firm tofu is remarkably like a soft variety of cheese) (cc, g)
1100: Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Nature's Path Optimum Rebound Cereal (v)
1230: Dry Roasted Peanuts
130: Clif Nectar Bar Dark Choc Walnut

Drank so little today b/c of the stupid airport rules and traveling and the run.

Walmart run (first thing I did after I got in - did it after unpacking a few things necessary for the run, haha)> 32 min to the toepath wm turnoff, walked a lot to Kohl's, Weggaman's, the recently upgraded Park by Panera, Wholefoods, Marshall's, then 30 min run back (uphill and carrying Boca Chili Bowl, lots of bars, my favorite cereal ever, and a Dogoba w/ chili and coacoa nibs. The way back hurt sooooo bad on my ankles. Don't know how I got back without stopping. Praise God. Let's hope I don't do anything stupid like not letting it recover before going at it again. It was cloudy today at first, then it got sunny, though it seemed cloudy too. I was hoping it'd rain to cool things down, though it's already 10 degrees cooler here today than on the coolest day at home this summer. The bookbag chaffed my neck on both sides real bad, also. Haven't slept in like 35 hours, too. By the time I was ready for bed last night, it was 2 hrs until I had to be awake for the plane, so I couldn't get myself to sleep. It was hot, too. I'd sweat sleeping.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

FAITH: Psalm 63

1 O God, you are my God,
earnestly I seek you;
my soul thirsts for you,
my body longs for you,
in a dry and weary land
where there is no water.
2 I have seen you in the sanctuary
and beheld your power and your glory.

3 Because your love is better than life,
my lips will glorify you.

4 I will praise you as long as I live,
and in your name I will lift up my hands.

5 My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods;
with singing lips my mouth will praise you.

6 On my bed I remember you;
I think of you through the watches of the night.

7 Because you are my help,
I sing in the shadow of your wings.

8 My soul clings to you;
your right hand upholds me.

9 They who seek my life will be destroyed;
they will go down to the depths of the earth.

10 They will be given over to the sword
and become food for jackals.

11 But the king will rejoice in God;
all who swear by God's name will praise him,
while the mouths of liars will be silenced.

Sept 4

945: Instant Oatmeal, fortified; Peach; Vermont Sharp Cheddar (g)
1215: Fish; Broccoli; Peanut Butter; Pear; Dry Roasted Almonds; 70% Dark Chocolate... too much for my own good
700: Lemon Pepper Salmon; Great Veggies w/ Cauliflower, crab meat, Onions, Carrots, zuchinni, mushrooms; Chinese Squash
945: 3 Egg Whites; Plum; Watermelon; bit of peanut butter & almonds (g, cc)

20 min Stairmaster (349Cal)
45 min Abs & Arms

Last day at home :( Family dinner at home, albeit with the tv on in the background.
Ultimate planning.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Sept 3

830: Instant Oatmeal w/ Flax Seed & Cinnamon; Protein Shake of Vanilla Whey & Skim Milk
1000: Peanut Butter; Green Peppers, Onions, Broccoli, Green Beans Medley
1215: Peach; Beef Broth Tofu w/ Boiled Peanuts (g)
230: Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Pain au Chocolat (v)
500: Apple; Almonds & Peanut Butter
830-1000: Fish; Tofu; Broccoli; Chinese Squash; Peanut Butter; 70% Dark Chocolate; Toast w/ Peanut Butter; Dry Roasted Almonds

Megaloop> 22:45 (11am, heat index 89, sunny)
45 min abs> (2am-ish, inspired by 300, insomnia, The Abs Diet)

300 - better than I thought it would be.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sept 2

900: Kashi GoLean w/ Skim Milk (v, g)
1200: 2 Personal WW Pita Pizzas w/ Garlic & Herbs, Garden Tomato Sauce, Vermont Sharp Cheddar, Tomatoes
400: Watermelon
715: Peppered Salmon; Onions & Green Peppers; Strawberries; Broccoli, Bok Choy, Carrot, Mushrooms & Cauliflower; Cantaloupe
915: Peanut Butterrr (g, cc)
1045: Peach
100: Pain au Chocolat; Dry Roasted Almonds

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sept 1-p

945: Kashi Go-Lean w/ Skim Milk; Chocolate Brownie Glazed Walnuts (v)
200: 2 Personal WW Pita Pizzas w/ Garden Tomato Sauce, Vermont Sharp Cheddar, Tomatoes, Garlic & Herbs; Peanut Butter (g)
600: Pan-Fried Fish; Garlicy Greens; Chinese Squash; Red Wine
1045: Peanut Butter; Pear; WW Chocolate Chip Pancake; Garlicy Greens; Dagoba Seeds (pumpkin, hemp, sunflower) 68% Dark Chocolate
200: Corn on the Cob, boiled, broiled, then spiked w/ Tobasco Sauce; Pan-Fried Fish

Megaloop>> RAIN! WIND! Coolest day of the summer, near-perfect normal temp (still too warm to run- perfect would be at least 10 degrees cooler- like barely sweat temp). 22:21. (7:42/mi) Time Factors> Slowers: weight from water in shirt and shoes, wind. Fasters: more time since meal than usual, cooler temp.

Summer Training Analysis: July 1 and July 15, I did 2.2 mi at about 7:30 pace. By the end of the 2-month Megalooping experience this summer, I was able to do 2.9 mi at the same pace. Strictly looking at the 2.9-miler conditions, I improved my pace by a minute over the course of the 50-ish days. There aren't enough data points to say anything conclusive about when I started seeing results and whether I hit a plateau. Integrating speedwork in the fall will probably drop the time further, so I don't think it's a plateau. And continuing to push my lactate threshhold would probably have kept the times dropping, if the summer was longer. Cooler temps will also play a role. That big mountain involved recovery runs, and I'll try to determine what else. Maybe I needed a rest period at that time - maybe there's something to that week's-rest-ever-6-weeks concept. "Day 1" is just the first time I did the Megaloop. I had been training before, then, too, so it's not necessarily the month-mark where the badness peak occured. I would say that it was heat-related, but even in 100+ heat index-weather, I reached my peak of the 7:30/mi-ish pace.

More Ultimate Planning.