Saturday, August 1, 2009

30-week Report

Ahh... what can I say... in the past 10 weeks, I hit a HIGH, and then I've crashed to a low since I started running in earnest.

1) Running 16.2-16.6 miles in 2:10:58, which is between a 7:53 and 8:06/mi pace. Incredible. If I could keep that up for another 10 mi (yeah, right)... well, if I got to a point where I could keep it up, it'd be a 3:30 marathon finish - a BQ, which for me would require 3:40.

2) Running 7.5 mi in 54:23, a 7:17/mi pace. It was 53 degrees that day - I think that may be the exact temp of what's considered optimal running.

The past month. I've gotten to improve my biking skills, though, and I'm pretty ripped from my strength sessions. Today, though, my knees hurt too much to bike. Haha, I may have to move on to swimming if I'm to injured to run and bike... maybe I'll end up as a triathlete. I've considered it before. The downside: I don't have an Olympic-sized pool anymore, and if you want to be reasonably competitive, you have to fork out a lot of money for a wetsuit and roadbike - bikes cost sooo much. If it wasn't so cost-prohibitive, I might look into it. It takes a lot of time, too, but I have nothing else to do anyway.

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