Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jun 24

7:30, 82ish degrees, 12oz water. Hip hurt on the way out, started hurting yesterday, causing me to walk with a limp in the past 2 days. On the way back, my knees were just pounded, feeling swollen. Maybe the hills? Maybe the 3.5ish miles of concrete (which is 10x harder than asphalt!!!). I iced them with frozen blueberries afterwards. Poor knees. They feel fine now, but my hip’s still messed up, like some stringy thing in it is totally gone or pulled or something. Wore my XC singlet. Had to stop twice to try to let my knees recover, but it didn’t help. As a result of the knee pain, I went slowly.

1:13:08, 8:55/mi

8:23, 0.92 mi, 9:11/mi
8:54, 0.95 mi, 9:20/mi
15:15, 1.75 mi, 8:43/mi
3:47, 0.42 mi, 8:58/mi
3:48, 0.47 mi, 8:06/mi
15:44, boo, boo
9:14, 1.01 mi, 9:11/mi
7:55, 0.92 mi, 8:39/mi

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