Monday, June 15, 2009

Jun 15

Managed to get myself out of my new apt for a run today. It rained the whole time. This begins my exploration of the area. I need 1) even 2) grass. Today, I turned into the Publix and then went down towards the road that takes you to TJX, but the way there was uneven, narrow, and not consistently grassy, so I turned off in what looked to be grassy, but it turned out to be super uneven. I was running on a sloped side of the road, so that one leg alawys had to run on something lower. Terrible. But, that road happened to lead to a golf course, which turned out to be small - just under half a mile. It is even, though, albeit hilly, which isn't bad. I did 3 loops, to take advantage of the good course, and then decided to go home. I was going slow the whole time, largely because I was picking my way through uneven and unfamiliar paths. I hope I find something good soon. I ran at 7pm, when it was about 82 degrees, in a t-shirt, since there's perhaps too much traffic for sports bra only.

Total: 42:08 min, 5.12 mi, 8:14/mi, 428 Cal.

The average pace on the way out and during the first two golf course loops was 8:22, but the third loop, as well as the way back, went at 8:03/mi. The GPS is a wonderful thing to have when you're exploring new routes, and it should be very handy when I go on business trips. I really wish I brought it on the CO trip.

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