Friday, June 5, 2009

Jun 5

I went out wanting to do 6.6, but failed. I ran a 2.2, went in to get my dad, who had wanted to bike while I ran but decided not to when it started raining (only for 5 min), so he joined me on the second. I set out on a third but stopped after 75m. I had been tired today from packing for my new apt and contacting people from my new job, my new apt, and my new furniture. I even napped today. I've also been having way fewer vitamins and minerals from food lately. My Mini-Wheats have some, but I don't get many fruits and veggies now that I'm home and that stuff's more expensive.

It was 77 degrees with 81% humidity but okay, since it was cloudy (bit of rain) at 6pm. I was in a sports bra again. Oh, and it's too bad that electronics and salt don't mix, since during runs is when iPods are great. My earbuds emitted a buzzing sound while I listened to the podcast, and when I tried to pause the podcast, the button didn't register, and I tried turning it off, but it still stayed on!!! After a few flips, it turned off, but man. Good thing watches are better.

Splits> 5:06 b, 1:55 r, 3:25 c, 2:24 p, 3:46 h (16:38), 4:52 b (warmup effect), 1:55 r (look at that split!), 3:23 c, 2:21 p, 3:35 h (16:08). 7:27/mi pace. 32:46 total.

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