Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jul 15-p

Yesterday, meeting LD's nice fam, seeing where she grew up, peaceful farmland, German Settlers!

Today, I did the run into downtown. I must've started off super slow with my shuffly gait. Today, my left quad has been super tight and knotty. Right leg seems okay during the day, though. At the start of the run, my right thigh seemed to threaten booing me, but it worked out. My knees felt a little poundy during the last mile.

As for the run, a little past where I turned around last time (at the Staybridge hotel on the Genosee River), there was a great view of the city. I went in, and at the turnaround point was the Dinosaur BBQ, where I had had lunch in a building that used to be a mill or something, which overlooked a bridge with trees going down a dam. Then, more grassy wonderfulness to the U of R, then back to the asphalty, weedy part that I walked back home.

7.1 mi in 1:01:50. Slow. 8:42/mi... eh... permissible considering the circumstances, I guess.

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