Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aug 20


My extensors were delightfully a bit sore today - both, which is a good thing - not just the right one, which has been injured.

32 min for 0.6mi - 5 x [3 laps free, 3 laps breast]. It was in the far left lane, which is on the curve, so it was always just 1 foot kicking off during the flip kick. I also had a number of embarrassing total misses.
Reps for 0.12 mi - 6 x 1 lap (1 lap = 36m). Splits> 44s, 42s, 43s, 44s, untimed, 42s. A big improvement (like 5s) off last time... it could be that the distances of the lanes are different, since it's an abnormally shaped pool... kind of like a peanut or curved hourglass.

Knees and ankles were a bit testy at times again. Should've focused a bit more on form and tensing it up just to protect the joints. Next time.

Mostly walk, but I got in about 0.6 mi of running in all, most of it at 8:00 pace. Even that pace, which is my goal marathon pace, felt hard. Kinda stiff during the run. I wore the gel inserts the whole time, and they felt good. Only a bit of knee trouble on the left lower outside towards the end. Nothing super serious, just nagging.

Watched the IAAF World Championships during that. High jump is probably the most impressive looking track & field event. It blows my mind how they do that.

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