Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jun 3

Bye Princeton.

Got back home, unloaded the car, ate some oatmeal, and went on a run. It was getting dark, and my parents don't want me running in the dark, so I just did 2.2, aka "the loop." I didn't push that hard, and I didn't start breathing heavy until halfway through the Colonnade. I beat my paces for the times I ran it in May and July '07 (7:29 at best) with my 6:48. I could've done better if I wasn't full on oatmeal and if I had pushed myself. Although I think I ran the July 4th race in 14-something as well (in shorter time that 14:58) two years ago. Anyway, I'm happy. I took 5... FIVE... days off of running after the breakthrough 16.2-16.6 because of all of the business of Reunions and Commencement. Not only were the events packed, but I always felt like I should be spending my last days with people, rather than running alone, although I did spend perhaps too much time on facebook.

The temps were decent, since it was after 8pm, and it felt good in a sports bra. Concerning injuries, the dancing (3 nights of it) did a number on my knees (twisted and pounded feeling) and feet (like carpal tunnel's syndrome from continuous jumping on my toes). Didn't feel bad during the short run. I hope it gets 100% quickly, though. I didn't count the dancing as workouts, but they should be considered cross-training. I did a fair bit of strengthy jumps and lots of moving, although there was no hard breathing.

Splits> 4:41 brickyard aka b, 1:46 retreat aka r, 3:07 clubhouse aka c, 2:08 path aka p, and 3:14 home aka h. I may change up split locations. We'll try different things.

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