Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aug 29

Some catching up to do...

Aug 24 - Training session at D1:
1. 2 laps around a 50-ish yard indoor turf field in a warehouse-looking building, high knees, butt kicks, shuffle w/ arm swings (this hurt a lot, and I had to go very slowly to avoid injury knee-to-chest, straight-leg walk, hopscotch, fast feet + sprint, 2xsuicides.
2. 10x resistance band lifts out to the front and to the side, run 5 yds, 20 jumping jacks, run 5 yds, 10lb dumbell squat and pressups, run 5 yds, 5 burpees, 2 laps... x2
3. 15s of thrusting a 10lb rubber plate back and forth, duck walk with the plate 5 yds, 10 woodchops, duck walk 5 yds, sprint back to the start... x2
4. 3x10 of curls then tricep dips, assisted chinups, bench press (20lb), pushup machine, pulldowns

Aug 25 - 30 min leg strength w/Billy Blanks's resistance bands and using a bench and a mat

Aug 27 - Kicking/Water Running/Swimming
30 min: 3 x 1 lap freestyle kicking, 1 lap breaststroke kicking, 2 laps pool running.
15 min: death swims... maybe a bad name... anyway, 8 laps of seeing how few breaths I can take to get to the other side of the pool. At first, it took 3 including the start. Then, I got it down to 2. By the end, I could get across with just the initial breath repeatedly. I think it involved figuring out how to stroke in a way that use oxygen most efficiently. It's only 18 and not 25m, but if I do 18 enough, when I get to a 25 pool, I should be able to do it. I don't think I've ever done 25 - I've tried in my childhood but never managed it.

Aug 29 - Easy Biking, 1.5 mi run.
Biked maybe 6 miles, going really slowly on a foldable bike that's not easy to steer and has a really small wheel and pedal radius. Got to another section of spongy running trail. This one is shorter - maybe 0.75-0.8 mi instead of 1.2 like the other. It's not as slanted to the right as the other, though, and it's more scenic... more scenic than construction/junkyard storage. Splits> 7:00, 6:28 on the out and back. Pace: btwn 8:41 and 8:59/mi, depending on whether it's 0.75 or 0.775 one way. Big difference. Hard to tell b/c of all the curves.

Watching the USA Cycling Professional Time Trial Championships, including Floyd Landis. Arrived 1.5 hrs early and got a spot as close to the starting ramp as you could possibly get.
Also apt complex pool party w/ bbq.

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