Friday, July 24, 2009

Jul 24

Yesterday, 40 min mat. Immune system felt down again. Dead tired after a 6:30-3:30 workday. After dinner, I conked out for a 2 hr nap, had ff chocolate ice cream with cocoa almonds, then did strength. It included a 2 min plank, 150 crunches/side, 25 and 35 leg lifts, plus leg exercises to prevent injury. My right knee felt all wacked up after the first plank - worrisome since it was pretty bad, but it was okay afterwards. It was all tougher due to the tiredness.

Today, 45 min bike - couldn't do 60. Was drained after 45 min. What am I low on? A mineral? immune system? Watched the Tour de France. Did pretty well, 10.7 mi and 442 cal. I've been feeling physically down since the hike on Saturday. Strange. Garlic seems to help, though (it's scientifically proven to fight colds), so I've put lots on my salmon.

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