Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oct 31

Oct 21> 3.1 mi in 22:44 on Treadmill. 1 mi @ 8:00/mi, 1 mi @ 7:30/mi, 1 mi @ 6:30/mi = 7:20/mi ave. Went about 14->20 steps per 0.1 mi. Broke Jr Yr PR of 22:54!!! Sweet. 8:00 not 'hard' but no cakewalk. 7:30 out right knee twinge. Decided to go for 6:30 for at least 1/2 mi and could slow down later, but distance passed fast so held on somehow in last 1/2 mi. Sportsbra, after eating 1 Margarita Shot Blok, wearing Progrid.

Oct 22> 50 min Strength on Mat and Chair. Rt butt testy after nap, but needed S. 85-65-45 extensors, 50/40/30-30 leg lifts/clam, 2:00 plank and 1 min side planks, 175 crunches/side, 2x1 min 6 in, 15 tricep dips, 30 slow and 35 fast pushups, 2x40 quad dips, 45 calf raises. 105 lb. Tired today w/ 7 hrs sleep (vs. 8-9 usual)

Oct 24> Hiked 2x3milers, Graveyard Fields (stinky, wet mud by creek; dry blueberries exciting; rocky and streamy climb to great waterfall) and Daniel's Ridge (boo detour, grassy growth to wade through)

Oct 26> 3.1 mi in 26:26 on Treadmill, 8:30/mi the whole way. Rt butt (hurts to do hamstring stretch) hurts all day, decent during run though, worse post b/c it tightened up. But desperate for run, plus good opportunity to memorize Marathon pace. Tried to glide to lessen impact and therefore used little calf. Trance 8 for first time, no forefoot cushioning, it felt like. Knees some trouble today. 7pm, in sportsbra. Next day: hamstring has lump and mid-butt strand means pretty bad walking. AD the PT says to deep massage it - helps almost immediately!!! Waking up next day, various kinks in different parts of though, though. Probably was just masked before, but still worrysome.

Oct 28> 45 min Strength on mat, chair. 175/side crunches, 2x1:15 6 inches, 2x2:00 plank, side planks, 2xextensors, 45/40/45 leg lists/clam, 15 tricep dips, 25 tri pushups, 30 pushups hard to do.

Oct 29> 5 mi in 39:50. 5 mi!!! on treadmill. 8:00/mi the whole way. 6 hrs of sleep last night, but still fine. Longest run since June!!! Mostly fine besides knee dings @ work today. 9pm in Progrid and bra, w/ iPod. 1st mi of 8:00 was medium and not ez, worried about residual kinks, but coasted through 3.5 mi. Then breathing got tougher for the rest, felt tired, legs getting more spotty. Had chips and 2 cookies today, plan to eat more produce in future - makes me feel better.

Oct 31> 35 min Strength on mat, chair. 90-60-30 extensors, 50/45/40 leg lifts, 30 pushups and triups, 1:15 side planks, 200 crunches, 35 quad dips. Butt sore today. ~600 cal of chips, 5 fruits, plus carrots. Need more veg.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oct 18

Oct 11> 2.2 mi CI (1.2, 1 mi w/ playground break). 75 degrees, 11am, bra fine, although beady sweat afterwards. Was hoofin' it. Wore the Progrid on moist ground. Calves were hard but not sore the next day, and my right back hip had a slight twinge.

Oct 12> 35 min Strength on mat, chair. 2:15 plank, 30 pushups, 75 extensors, 40/40 leg lifts, 30/30 quads/calves. Next day, rt butt some pain.

Oct 14> 3.1 mi run. Rt butt some pain again, but ran anyways. Did treadmill b/c it was 9pm and wet, dark, and cold outside. WHAT A CONFIDENCE-BOOSTER!!! I started w/ a mile at min marathon pace (8:30/mi), which felt so easy breathing-wise, like it was nothing, so I stepped it up. For the next mile, I did 7:30, which wasn't hard either. I hadn't done 7:30 in a while, so that was exciting, and the thought of 7:00 was a bit like woah scary, but it was doable, so I held it for 0.5 mi. Then, I went the last 0.6 mi at 6:30/mi. By the end, I was ready to be done but not spent. So it was about 23:33 for a 5K - my soph yr PR was 23:24, so I'm happy, considering the circumstances. I think I was in 21:00 shape in May, but thanks be to God for 23:33. I'll take anything these days. It was in a warm room, too.

Oct 15> 45 min Strength on mat, chair. 2x2:00 plank, 35/45/35 leg lifts/clam, 1:30 6 in, 40-35 calves, 50-40 quad dips, 25 tricep pushups, superman, 50-45 hip extensors. Back of rt hip tight, muscle protruded quite a bit. Medial lower rt knee temporarily a sharp pain afterwards. Felt pretty good today, with calves a bit sore/hardened.

Oct 17> 10 mi hike on Big Creek Trail (an out and back) in the GSM. about 1K ft of elevation increase over that big dist barely noticeable. Lots of rushing water and water trickling down sides of rocks and tree roots. Rainy most of the way, brisk temps. Cold, rainy dinner. Slept in tent.

Oct 18> 6 mi hike on easternmost part of the GSM AT. Slope increase about 1.5K ft over 6 mi, so considerably steeper, muddy too. Fun to be on the AT and explore Davenport Shelter.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oct 8

Oct 3 - Hiking the Smokemont Trail (5.5 mi) and nature preserve mini-trail (0.75 mi). Flat for first 2 mi of trail by river. Had 4 lbs of rocks (but little H20) after that flat part. HR @ 130 bpm @ uphill. Downhill steep and hard on upper knees.

Oct 4 - 35 min Strength. Muscles in legs keep increasing. No leg exercises besides 75 hip extensors, 50/35 leg raises, 40 slow pushups, 150 crunches/side while trying to crunch higher to increase difficulty, 1:15 side planks, 2 min plank capped to avoid knee trouble.

Oct 5 - 4.5 mi in 38:46, 8:37/mi. 6pm, wet grass = slower pace. Cotton knee, ran in Evol 3's, 3 hrs sleep last night, rt knee pounded for last mi but wanted to finish. Listened to Phedip. It's fairly flat, but there's less grass, less traffic risk. Right butt hurt earlier today but seemd ok during run. Knees red afterwards.

Oct 8 - 40 min Strength. Rt knee testy all day. 2:00 plank, 35 med pushups, 90 extensors, 60 calves, 55 quad dips. Right butt sore from injury.