Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jul 13-p

20 min elliptical. HR from 155-185. Set out to do 30 min but wore out by 20. No water. Hip felt fine.

Decided to go on a walk. Turns out the Holiday Inn by the Rochester Airport is right by the Eerie Canal. At the point where I enter, there's a berry tree. It looks like blackberries or something, but I'm not sure if it's poisonous, so I pick them and put them in my camera case. Also in my drawstring bag are a GPS running out of batteries and a cell. I follow the path, and when I get to the Genosee Park about a mile later. I see a sign that says Rochester - 4 mi. I think that this is the absolute worst time to be injured. I'm in a beautiful place with all kinds of wildflowers and waterways, in running distance to a city I could have explored. It's close enough to run but too far to walk to - 10 miles. I started trying spurts of running again on the grassy sides. At first, I could only take about 20 ft at a time before my inner thigh gave out. Soon, though, I could manage a continuous shuffle. The air smells like cross country. Grassy and humid. The temperature is incredible, too, must be in the 70's. I follow the wrong path for a ways (I saw a sign saying, "now leaving rochester"), then run across two runners who point me in the opposite direction, so I retrace my steps and find the way to the park. I follow the path, asking for directions to downtown every now and then. It seemed like I was running a long way, but I was going slowly and trying to poke my way through a new place. Finally, I realize from maps that following the river will take me right into the heart of downtown. If I don't head back now, though, I won't make it in time for the 9:00pm close of the hotel's restraunt, so I decide to save the rest for another day. In all, it's 4.8 miles, but it was untimed. My gait is all screwed up. I felt like I was bounding semi-laterally on two crooked sticks. My legs were just so unused to the motion of running. I walked back and had salmon with mounds of baby carrots and fries. Literally huge mounds.

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