Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jun 4

A rather nice 75 degrees and Cloudy today in MP at 10am. Did a 2.2 but pushed kinda hard, at least too hard to keep going for another 2.2, so I made it a 2x2.2 Cruise Interval. Had some water in between. Felt a bit sapped after yesterday's 2.2 effort. Not the umph of yesterday (which happened after 5 days of rest - FIVE! I still can't believe it. There was a 30 min strength in the middle of the five, but that was just maintenance).

Splits> 4:58 b, 1:52 r, 3:14 b, 2:20 p, 3:36 h (16:02), 4:50 b (faster than the prev time due to the warmup effect), 1:54 r, 3:23 b, 6:02 h (16:12). Total: 32:14. Pace: 7:20 for CI.

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