Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jun 24

7:30, 82ish degrees, 12oz water. Hip hurt on the way out, started hurting yesterday, causing me to walk with a limp in the past 2 days. On the way back, my knees were just pounded, feeling swollen. Maybe the hills? Maybe the 3.5ish miles of concrete (which is 10x harder than asphalt!!!). I iced them with frozen blueberries afterwards. Poor knees. They feel fine now, but my hip’s still messed up, like some stringy thing in it is totally gone or pulled or something. Wore my XC singlet. Had to stop twice to try to let my knees recover, but it didn’t help. As a result of the knee pain, I went slowly.

1:13:08, 8:55/mi

8:23, 0.92 mi, 9:11/mi
8:54, 0.95 mi, 9:20/mi
15:15, 1.75 mi, 8:43/mi
3:47, 0.42 mi, 8:58/mi
3:48, 0.47 mi, 8:06/mi
15:44, boo, boo
9:14, 1.01 mi, 9:11/mi
7:55, 0.92 mi, 8:39/mi

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jun 22

Sat Night: 40 min mat. Strong in crunches and pretty much everything else. Pushups improving - like 40ish this time. Look good, too, in terms of tone.

Today: It was sooooooooo hard to wake up from my nap and go out at 7:30 today. I went to bed at around 1am last night after being on the net a lot and then listening to a great semon from Grace Church. I am really excited about trying that church. It was hard staying awake at work. When I got home, I ate stuff and napped.

I ran in a wife beater and short shorts with about 12 oz water. I drank about half at the half point, which was supposedly 5 mi into the run, but when I got back to my area, it was only about 9 miles total, which is odd. It was about "feels like 85," but it was actually quite decent, maybe because there wasn't much sun, since it was late. I haven't run this far in so long, and I was suprised I did it and that it felt so easy. Maybe heat acclimitization is kicking in, since it didn't feel that hot and water wasn't a great need, even 5 miles in.

Run stats: 1:08:37, 9.76 mi, 7:02/mi, 697 Cal. I HAVE REASON TO BELIEVE THIS IS WRONG

8:19 p, 9:53/mi, 0.84 mi
8:37 s, 8:41/mi, 0.99 mi
14:45 z, 4:34/mi... okay, this is where it messed up... 3.23 mi...
14:18 s, 7:16/mi, 1.97 mi
11:38 g, 8:23/mi, 1.38 mi
3:16 p, 8:26/mi, 0.36 mi
3:06 g, 8:11/mi, 0.38 mi
4:41 h, 8:08/mi, 0.58 mi

So actually, it was 8.5 mi at an 8:04 pace... not bad!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jun 19

"Feels like 98!!!" The actual temp is significantly lower, but with the humidity, bam. I went at 7:30, even. I repeated the stoplight and back run, since I already knew the distance and it wasn't going to take too long. My parents were visiting, so I wanted to get back before they arrived. I brought 12oz of water in my Nathan Speed 4, but was okay without it, so I didn't drink any. It's good to train your body to need less water anyway.

The run was 32:26 for 8:32 pace, which is about the pace I can hold for 16 miles in good temps. I hope it's just the temps. Has to be. 98 degrees is crazy. I wear short sleeves even in 30 degree temps. I wore my black Starter tech tee and short shorts. Don't wanna go sports bra running on high-traffic roads in a new town.

Splits> 8:14 p, 8:28 s, 8:30 p, 7:13 h. Don't let different splits deceive you. With hills, they are going to be different.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jun 18

6am run. Temp decent but humid. Dewy grass means very wet shoes. This route was better in terms of flat grass. Not 100%, but I'm happy enough. And in any case, it's better than North Jersey. I went onto Pelham until the stoplight at the end of the more commercial area. I didn't get to go out until it got light enough out. I had woken up at 5 but it was still dark. And I had to get back by 7 to shower for work.

The run was 3.8 miles and took 31:46. Average pace was 8:22/mi. 329 Cal.

Splits> 8:14 p (Pelham - 0.88 mi, 9:20/mi due to warmup effect as well as trying to find good footing), 8:11 s (Stoplight - 1 mi, 8:21/mi - stepped in a small but deep hole at one point and was worried but was able to run fine on it, thank the Lord), 8:07 p (0.99 mi - 8:10/mi - speeding up!), 7:12 t (Thornblade - 0.92 mi, 7:51/mi)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Jun 15

Managed to get myself out of my new apt for a run today. It rained the whole time. This begins my exploration of the area. I need 1) even 2) grass. Today, I turned into the Publix and then went down towards the road that takes you to TJX, but the way there was uneven, narrow, and not consistently grassy, so I turned off in what looked to be grassy, but it turned out to be super uneven. I was running on a sloped side of the road, so that one leg alawys had to run on something lower. Terrible. But, that road happened to lead to a golf course, which turned out to be small - just under half a mile. It is even, though, albeit hilly, which isn't bad. I did 3 loops, to take advantage of the good course, and then decided to go home. I was going slow the whole time, largely because I was picking my way through uneven and unfamiliar paths. I hope I find something good soon. I ran at 7pm, when it was about 82 degrees, in a t-shirt, since there's perhaps too much traffic for sports bra only.

Total: 42:08 min, 5.12 mi, 8:14/mi, 428 Cal.

The average pace on the way out and during the first two golf course loops was 8:22, but the third loop, as well as the way back, went at 8:03/mi. The GPS is a wonderful thing to have when you're exploring new routes, and it should be very handy when I go on business trips. I really wish I brought it on the CO trip.

Gray's Peak, CO

(Topo Map)

An unexpectedly snowy climb up Gray's Peak, one of CO's 54 Fourteeners, which has an elevation of 14,270 ft, or about 2.7 miles. The climb from Steven's Gulch trailhead was about 7 miles roundtrip, rising 3040 ft, or about 0.6 miles. To get there, though, there was a 2.5ish mile walk, which we did part of on the way up and all of on the way back. The climb from the trailhead took 6 hours. I hiked w/ JJL.

The tundra was a decently gentle climb, but the winds at times would blast icy snow at us, which would really sting. It even knocked us over a couple of times. As we got past the windy part, I noticed that my lungs would burn a little when I breathed in a lot of air fast, like with a laugh.

The amount of snow (it had snowed the previous night) made the trail visible only by disturbances in the snow, or by rocks. We blazed a trail that required horizontal movement across a steep mountain, which was tough on my left calf. Here, my lungs would burn a little when I went too fast.

After that, though, they were fine. There was some very uphill climbing, and then you were at a part that looked like a giant steep snowfield. Here, I put down my pack (after JJL told me not to) to return a ski pole, and then before I knew it, I saw the pack rolling down the mountain.

We decided to go for the summit, which involved a long vertical climb, first blazed and then later following ski boot holes so that it was like wall climbing. A skier offered to help look for the pack, and two more water bottles fell out of JJL's pack, which I was carrying. The carin at the top was near, though. A final push, and we were there... at a false summit. We gathered our courage and went the last bit up to the summit. It was windy, but the view was gorgeous. It soon got cold up there, and I was a bit concerned about how we'd get down, since it was so steep all around.

We took a few pictures, and some hikers offered us Gatorade. Then, we went down an easier route of switchbacks that some other hikers told us about. It was kind of fun. Farther down, JJL spotted the pack somehow and rescued it. As we went back through the tundra, much of the snow was melted or in the process of melting. Then, the 2.5-ish mile walk back to the car.

My quads were a tiny bit sore at first, then my calves and shoulders got a tiny bit sore.

Mile-High Acclimation Run

To keep up fitness and acclimate to the ~ 5900 foot elevation, I did a 3.7-mile run in Centennial, CO. It was a bit stop and go after the 25 min mark, since I had to find my way back, but it was about 30 minutes of running. I saw 2 tiny cute rabbits and perhaps a split second of a prairie dog on the grass by the more commercial area. The view from Smokey Hill Road was pretty, with mountains and Denver in the background. The elevation map on MapMyRun is very suitable this time. I don't have an accurate pace, since 30 minutes is totally estimated, but I went out for a 5-mile run at a decently brisk pace. There was a decent amount of grass by the sides of the road. I didn't feel the effects of the elevation, and the hills were okay. They were long, so you just kind of chug along.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jun 9

A quick run before my flight... and another dry spell of no running, most likely.

75 degrees, 93% humidity at 8am. Half shady on my paths. Shade makes a big difference, at least in the later parts of the day. It was only a 2.2, which took 16:17, so it didn't hit the 20 min mark that you're supposed to exercise for.

Splits> 5:06 b, 1:53 r, 3:23 c, 5:54 h. 7:24/mi.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Jun 8

Double workout lite today, since I'll be going to CO to hike (only one day, with 2 days of acclimitization).

Morning: 35 min strength. It's been a bit over a week since my last S, so I was worrired about how I'd do, but it was okay. At times, I felt like I wasn't doing much, so I extended the times I held stuff, doing 2:30 for the plank and 1:30 for 6 inches, and going to 35/40 reps for single leg lifts. Pushups were kind of lacking at 30, though. Not too concerned, though, since running doesn't require that much of that kind of strength.

6pm: 4.4 mi in 33:38, at 7:39 pace. It was 78 degrees, with 85% humidity in a sports bra. It was post-nap and fuel, and I felt kinda weighed down - maybe from the lack of nutrients or the heat or stress. The run was okay, though. My legs were even very slightly sore last night as I lay in bed. A feeling I haven't had in a while - it was kind of nice, like I know I did something. I don't know why 6.6 at a slower than I can do ideally pace would make me sore. Maybe it's just that they had to work under tougher conditions with extra blood needed to go to cool my skin rather than fuel my muscles. Well, now I have 2.2, 4.4, and 6.6 mile run times down to use as a comparison for when I come back home, whenever that is... probably Christmas!!! Wow, imagine the temp difference (although I never had to wear more than long sleeves during past X-mas runs).

Splits> 7:22 r, 3:31 c, 2:28 p, 3:47 h (17:09), 5:02 b, 5:20 c, 2:26 p, 3:38 h (16:29... wow, much faster)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jun 7

A little hard to get out today, after more packing, but I did. It's been a bit tricky getting back into running after the 5 days off, especially in a new place with temps rising. It's hard to see how well I'm doing. It was 77 degrees w/ about 71%H at 7pm. I did 6.6 straight, without water, in 50:41, making a 7:41 pace. I listened to Phedippidations with the phone's one-ear bluetooth, since it turned out that I fried my Shuffle with all my sweat last run. Sad. That thing took me through many miles and a little under 66 Podcasts, many of them an hour long, not to mention all the regular songs I've listened to, namely Jeremy Camp, MercyMe, Kindred Spirit, Shane & Shane, and a little Mark Schultz and Krystal Meyers.

My dad rode his bike with me during the run, and it helped me be determined to finish the 6.6 each time I passed by home and had the option of cutting it short, since I said that I was doing three loops. Right knee a bit poundy on loop 2/3, but it went away later on and feels okay for now.

Splits> 7:23 r, 3:30 c, 2:26 p, 3:53 h (17:13), 5:02 b, 5:24 c, 2:24 p, 3:47 h (16:39), 5:04 b, 2:00 r, 3:30 c, 2:30 p, 3:43 h (16:49)

Cumulative mileage: 388.8 + 2.2 + 4.4 ci + 4.4 ci + 6.6 = 406.4

Friday, June 5, 2009

Jun 5

I went out wanting to do 6.6, but failed. I ran a 2.2, went in to get my dad, who had wanted to bike while I ran but decided not to when it started raining (only for 5 min), so he joined me on the second. I set out on a third but stopped after 75m. I had been tired today from packing for my new apt and contacting people from my new job, my new apt, and my new furniture. I even napped today. I've also been having way fewer vitamins and minerals from food lately. My Mini-Wheats have some, but I don't get many fruits and veggies now that I'm home and that stuff's more expensive.

It was 77 degrees with 81% humidity but okay, since it was cloudy (bit of rain) at 6pm. I was in a sports bra again. Oh, and it's too bad that electronics and salt don't mix, since during runs is when iPods are great. My earbuds emitted a buzzing sound while I listened to the podcast, and when I tried to pause the podcast, the button didn't register, and I tried turning it off, but it still stayed on!!! After a few flips, it turned off, but man. Good thing watches are better.

Splits> 5:06 b, 1:55 r, 3:25 c, 2:24 p, 3:46 h (16:38), 4:52 b (warmup effect), 1:55 r (look at that split!), 3:23 c, 2:21 p, 3:35 h (16:08). 7:27/mi pace. 32:46 total.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jun 4

A rather nice 75 degrees and Cloudy today in MP at 10am. Did a 2.2 but pushed kinda hard, at least too hard to keep going for another 2.2, so I made it a 2x2.2 Cruise Interval. Had some water in between. Felt a bit sapped after yesterday's 2.2 effort. Not the umph of yesterday (which happened after 5 days of rest - FIVE! I still can't believe it. There was a 30 min strength in the middle of the five, but that was just maintenance).

Splits> 4:58 b, 1:52 r, 3:14 b, 2:20 p, 3:36 h (16:02), 4:50 b (faster than the prev time due to the warmup effect), 1:54 r, 3:23 b, 6:02 h (16:12). Total: 32:14. Pace: 7:20 for CI.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jun 3

Bye Princeton.

Got back home, unloaded the car, ate some oatmeal, and went on a run. It was getting dark, and my parents don't want me running in the dark, so I just did 2.2, aka "the loop." I didn't push that hard, and I didn't start breathing heavy until halfway through the Colonnade. I beat my paces for the times I ran it in May and July '07 (7:29 at best) with my 6:48. I could've done better if I wasn't full on oatmeal and if I had pushed myself. Although I think I ran the July 4th race in 14-something as well (in shorter time that 14:58) two years ago. Anyway, I'm happy. I took 5... FIVE... days off of running after the breakthrough 16.2-16.6 because of all of the business of Reunions and Commencement. Not only were the events packed, but I always felt like I should be spending my last days with people, rather than running alone, although I did spend perhaps too much time on facebook.

The temps were decent, since it was after 8pm, and it felt good in a sports bra. Concerning injuries, the dancing (3 nights of it) did a number on my knees (twisted and pounded feeling) and feet (like carpal tunnel's syndrome from continuous jumping on my toes). Didn't feel bad during the short run. I hope it gets 100% quickly, though. I didn't count the dancing as workouts, but they should be considered cross-training. I did a fair bit of strengthy jumps and lots of moving, although there was no hard breathing.

Splits> 4:41 brickyard aka b, 1:46 retreat aka r, 3:07 clubhouse aka c, 2:08 path aka p, and 3:14 home aka h. I may change up split locations. We'll try different things.