Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sep 29

At work, I was feeling so fit to run. My legs had just enough soreness such that they were itching to run. By the time I got off work after nearly 12 hours, I was a bit drained. It would be more difficult to get out the door. Did it after a dinner that was fine but too big for 15 min before a run. Felt ponderous. Only 78 degrees in the gym, but it felt hotter than normal. Strange. The few miles I did felt like they lasted forever. The final part went by more quickly. Watched Hell's Kitchen.

n3's w/ stab (need to switch to arches), oxy. 4.5 in 38:27, 8:33 ave. Pretty slow and not even the 6.0 I had planned. At first, I was disappointed in myself for not nailing the workout, but you know what? I did what I could given what my body could handle. Yesterday's strength workout was no walk in the park, and it was on top of a bike session and the 11.7er. I did what I could, and that's good enough. Splits> 8:47, 8:44, 8:42, (27:06... wow), 8:23, 3:48 for 0.5.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sep 27

Tough decision... get an extra, luxurious hour of sleep? run? (despite feeling a bit banged up from yesterday, I was excited for more. It's strange b/c yesterday, I thought about giving up the marathon and just specializing in the half, b/c it's far safer. I can do it w/o risking a stress fracture and having to take significant time off.) But today, I wanted to run. Things weren't moving smoothly in my general ankle areas, so biking seemed like a good alternative. But I was tired. I ate beyond satiation, trying to get energy... b/c I needed it? b/c I was just trying to stay awake? Anyway, too much. Decided to go for the bike.

12.1 in 50 min, 4:08/mi. 50 and not 60 b/c the gym was closing. But it was right on target... between the goal 45 and 60. It was really nice. Just listened to Marathon Talk a/b Barefoot Ted, w/ my eyes closed to give them a rest from screens, and pedaled away. It was nice. Turnover was really high at resistance 9. It was a good workout.

Plan for the rest of the week:
Mon - bike (45-60)
Tue - strength (60)
Wed - run 6.2
Thur - rest
Fri - run 4.0
Sat - rest
Sun - run 13.6

...something like that.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sep 26

Nice to nail a run today. Got to spend the weekend with my parents, went for a short hike yesterday. Took a nap after they left today. Then, through rain and wonderful 66 degree temps in the dying light, got in 11.7 in 1:46:14, 9:04. The distance is about 0.5 shorter than how I estimated a similar run months ago. Dunno if I mapped it wrong this time... time's slow, but I meant to go pretty slow. Keep it low risk as I just build up.

With the rain, the visor was key. Protected my shadowpak w/ the iTouch by pulling my shorts over it. Oh, I also brought Jelly Belly Sport beans (just ate 4 throughout... helpful, even in that small qty), which now come in a handy zipping bag. Since it also has the little slot for hanging in a peg in a store, I was able to loop it onto my belt. Wore 1224's w/ arches and oxysox. It started off a bit chilly with the temps and the rain, but it soon warmed up once I got going. Listened to the Marathon Talk podcast a/b Scott Jurek. The miles just kind of rolled by. Excellent. No real issues. I was initially concerned a/b a bit of a strained achilles left over from the 2mile race, but the run seemed to work it out, and it was not an issue. My right quad had gotten tight, but nothing serious. In the 2nd half, I noticed that I wasn't doing much knee lift at all, and that it was impacting my form. It takes less energy to do less knee lift, but it's ultimately worse for you, causing more injury.

Splits> 9:08 b, 6:26 p, 7:58 c (23:33... like 2 min slower than normal), 7:53 p, 6:41 b, 6:46 p, 7:57 c, 7:53 p, 7:49 long way to b (stopped at water fountain and drank maybe 15oz... thought about going the whole way w/o water, but why not drink if it's there... won't hurt), 6:38 p, 7:57 c, 7:30 p (sped up some, since it was getting dark and I just wanted to get back and was feeling good), 6:15 b (yeah, flying), 9:16 car. The last few miles were in super darkness, besides streetlights.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

RACE REPORT: BMW Performance Classic 2-miler

My performance was below expectations, but it could still count as a decent workout, and it's fun to see new courses, especially when it's on the BMW Test Track.

This race was held on a Friday, after work, at 6:30pm, just 4 miles down from where I work. The t-shirt was very disappointing... like t-shirts ran through a bad photocopier, and it was just to print a very small, simple, and not particularly artistic logo. Oh well. Next time, I'll go with the no t-shirt option. It was 85 degrees, and after I warmed up a big, I doused myself in cold bottled water. It had an incredible cooling effect. Did dynamic stretching, strides, then race time.

I started near the front b/c I had big expectations - 6:30 pace. Didn't work out that way, though. Maybe the heat, maybe the energy lost during the workday/workweek, maybe yesterday's interval session. The course was kind of fun b/c it was the test track, which isn't like a big racing loop but with many curves and loops, so that they can test the car's performance. I heard that the mile split was very off, so I won't even bother to give it. It had a small hill.

Oh, I didn't wear a Garmin - figured that with the curves, it'd be inaccurate, and it felt heavy, and I thought that I may want to try a race with pacing by feel some time. One negative result: I did my finishing kick way too late b/c I thought that we may still have a ways to go. If I had my Garmin (and if I could trust it with the curves), I'd know that the end was close. I'll know better next year, though, assuming no course changes. So I finished knowing that I could've gone faster if I had kicked earlier, but no big loss. You learn at each race, and this one was just for fun.

Wore oxysox... felt hot. Usually doesn' t feel that way. Dunno. Left achilles a bit strained afterwards.

Afterwards, the winner of the race came up to me and asked if I wanted a coach. He had seen me run at the last race and even remembered seeing me with my sister and dad, haha. Got his card... I'll check out his website and prices and think about it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sep 23

Debated for a long time whether to run today.
1. Yesterday, I felt as if I might be getting a stress fracture on my left shin. Was depressed all day because of it. Today, the left felt better, but the stingy feeling (with slight aggrevation when you touch/press it) turned up on my right.
2. Felt very tired after work this week, every day this week. So I'd have an extended dinner, trying to eat more to perk myself up, when what I really needed was to sleep or something, not eat past satiation.
3. Race the next day, so don't want to drain myself.

So I didn't follow the schedule, and I slept from 8-4ish (felt luxurious), did some PT, did the dishes, slept for another hour and a half.

Today, the right shin thing... being tired after work... eating to try to perk up but not feeling satisfied... time was runnig out before The Office seasion premier would show. Decided to run. Was feeling sooooo blah that running could only make me feel better, as iffy as I was about it.

So 3.1 in 23:48, 7:41/mi. Intervals, as planned, although a day late. Maybe not the best idea the day before the race. It felt easier today than it has in the past, thouh. 1 mi warmup at about 7.1mph, then 4x[9.0mph for 0.25mi, 7.5mph for 0.25 mi], 0.1 mi to finish up. No real issues. Right shin felt a little funny still, but the footstrikes didn't affect it.

Not sure how long it takes to reap the benefits of a speed session, in terms of neuromuscular changes, v02max changes, muscular changes. In HS, it seemed to do wonders, although I don't remember if it was 2 days before or the day before... probably 2 days before races, that we did those sessions. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

3's w/ stab. Oxysox. It's going to be like 88 degrees tomorrow... ridiculous. Not sure if I'll wear oxysox tomorrow. so hot.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sep 21

Making this quick, b/c I'm tired. 6.2 in 50:07, 8:05 ave. Have a good training plan for this week.

Mon - Strength
Tue - 6-7
Wed - 3 intervals
Thur - rest
Fri - 2 mi race
Sat - rest or 12
Sun - rest or 12

Got in my miles for today. 1224's w/ arches, pak w/ iTouch that I didn't use b/c I watched Biggest Loser, sox. Tread 1 degree, 79 degrees. Right TA got a little numb toward the end... nothing serious, didn't really notice til afterwards.

Splits> 8:20, 8:17, 8:09, 8:02, 7:59, 7:52, 1:26 for 0.2.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sep 19

Last day to fill some miles in for the week. Cooler in the gym today. Not many miles, but wanted to have something speedier, since yesterday was the LR and I've otherwise had a whole week off from running. n3's w/ stab, pak belt w/ the iTouch worked really well... preferable to the imbalance caused by an armband with a hefty load.

4.1 in 32:12, 7:51 ave. Splits> 8:23, 7:52, 7:43, (24:45 5k), 7:30, 0:41 for 0.1. The latter miles were far quicker than the first one. I'm happy. My heart was working hard, though. I think I detrained. You supposedly loose 10% of fitness in a week. Yikes! Just a week. And I think it takes 2 weeks to get back every 1 week you lost. I have a 2miler in 5 days. I guess I'll underperform there, but it'll help me get some speed back. It's going to be a killer race - all intensity in something that short. I'll wanna start up near the front, since I'll undoubtedly be cranking it the whole way. 6:30 miles, is my guess. Yikes!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sep 18

A lot I could say about Argentina... a great first trip. Challenging, for sure, but I learned a lot. My team was super kind and welcoming. Had good food... not my usual level of what I consider optimal for fitness, but delicious. Steak and fish. An allnighter and a halfnighter. No real downtime, between work and meals, but got to talk with some really nice Argentinians at the plant. Tired.

10.9 in 1:31:07, 8:22 ave. Slower, but I was somewhat dehydrated from the week and from the long flight. And I videocasted for about 1/2 a mile. It was kinda hot at the start, too. Dehydration was the biggest factor, though. Wore UA compression socks, which were surprisingly hot, hotter than normal soccer socks, it seemed. Maybe I was just used to cold weather this week. Blaaaah. It will be good to get to my usual food. Wore 1224's w/ arches, shadow pack with the iPod touch, visor that I didn't need and ended up clipping to the belt, sunglasses that I didn't need... and might've lost the band to.

Splits> 8:32 b, 6:01 p, 7:16 c (21:49), 7:22 p, 6:11 b, 9:49 car (45:13), 15:04 p, 7:44 c, 7:30 p, 6:12 b, 9:21 car. Positive split, but glad just to finish. Maybe the less than ideal diet from this week clogged my arteries a bit. I could feel it during the week, and breathing was more difficult during the run. My legs don't have any chronic issues, since they had a week off.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sep 11

Gotta make this update quick, since I'm off to the airport in 30min. Got in a LR today, good for the week, and a good way to move a bit before a 10hr flight to Argentina. I -ed the course again today, and I came up with 10.9, not 10.2 like I had guessed using the Garmin. I won't bother to update my old post from last week, but I've updated my log book.

Nothing special about the run. Got in miles. My TA's had been swollen lately, but they were find today, thank goodness. It was 70 degrees and occasionally sprinkling. Ran with the mp3 in n3's w/ stability insoles that rubbed my arches and prevented pronation maybe too much. May switch to using arch supports always, instead of stability supports. No water or fuel on the run. Maybe could've used water, but it was fine without.

Splits> 8:28 b, 5:57 p, 7:09 c, 7:12p, 6:05 b, 9:20 car (44:14), 8:31 b, 6:12 p, 7:34 c, 7:09 p, 5:53 b, 8:42 car (44:03)... nice, a neg split by a little. Perfect. 10.9 in 1:28:17, 8:06 ave. Beat last time of 1:31:18... ooh, 3 min... it was 78 degrees then, so understandable. Can't wait til cooler temps!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sep 8

Bleh. Feel sick from being sooo sleep deprived. I used to have 4-hr nights consistently in HS and in college, but at that didn't include naps. No more time for naps. Just 3-4 hr nights. Force yourself to wake up again to pound away at work some more. I get a weeeeee bit dizzy, as if my brain is trying to auto-sleep or something. My appetite is reduced, and although I know I need to eat something at meal times, nothing really appeals to me. Like even if I could've had anything in the world, I couldn't really name anything that I would want to have, let alone find something in my whatever-is-cheap-and-healthy -stocked fridge.

I really wanted to go to a class on James tonight, but since yestrday, I've been feeling like it might've been dangerous for me to drive... I don't think it would've been, b/c my adrenaline shoots up when I drive b/c I know I'm no super competent and want to be careful. And if I went, I'd be trying to get in a run in the dark on the fields without a headlamp afterwards (sans headlamp to avoid bugs flocking to me). Not the best idea to run on tricky footing when you're tired and your reaction time is dulled. So I ended up taking a 2-hr nap instead (felt sooo good to know that I would have such a long nap and have it only be 8pm when I woke up), then I ran on the treadmill.

4.1 in 33:04, 8:04 ave. I felt very weak during the run, and the miles went by slowly. So didn't feel like a very good run, but given the 84 degree + heat index and the lack of sleep, it was probably just fine. 1224's w/ arches, sox, mp3 right. Left way upper medial TA had some issues in the middle miles, just banged/swollen. Right TA was inflamed yesterday and today, although it didn't give me trouble on the run. Right hammie seems okay. I really itched to run yesterday, but with the hammy and right TA, it was really smart not to, because I think it would've caused injury for sure.

Splits> 8:28, 8:06, 7:59, (25:21 5k), 7:46, 0:43 for 0.1.

I've been taking Emergen-C on occassion during rough patches, just to protect my poor immune system and to use the vitamin B to get energized. Helps.

During lunch, I read an excerpt from Matt Fitzgerald's book Run about the mind-body connection. Sounds like a wishy-washy fru fru book, but it's actually okay, it seems. And MF is a very un-fru-fru, trustworthy, scientific source. It talks about running by feel, and it makes me feel very good about the way I've been training, without a plan. Makes a lot of sense, I think. Going by a plan in my state would bring on injury, since I'd force things that I can't handle. I plan my runs based on principles I know (many of which come from having looked at different plans), and based on past experience. So maybe I won't end up going by a 26.2 plan. We'll see. We're fast approaching the time when I'm supposed to start a 16-wk plan, if I did do one. Those seem to typically start w/ 6-mi's or so as the LR, and I'm past that, although they usually build up way faster than I've been able to handle in the past (although their training paces are probably way slower because I always try to push it). So we'll see. I did 9 2 weeks ago and 10 last week, but rather than mechanically going to the next logical 11, I may hold it at another 10 this week. If that was my only other run this week, it would actually bring my weekly total to a good number... 18, which is a good step down from the past two, which were 21.4. Very logical. But I may do the 10 but also have another run... like another 4, which would be 22, which is also good. So either way. I do want to get a 10. An 8 or something wouldn't be bad either, though, since it would be a reasonable stepdown week from the 9 and 10, and if there's a 4 on top of that, we're still at around 20 for the week. So all good. Many options. Go by feel. Yes.

Hmm... just looked at my Fav Foods section, haha, and realized that I would enjoy berries or oreos right now. Soy crisps wouldn't be bad, either. Mmmm. Too bad I don't have any of those and all the stores are closed now.

God is good. Work is hard, but he carries me through. I'd be so much more freaked out if I didn't know it was all in his hands. I just try my best. God gave me this job. I do it to support my friends and the advancement of his kingdom. Whatever I do, whether it's in this job or not, it's by him and for him, so no need to worry. That's something I've come to realize recently, and it helps a lot to deal with what would otherwise be pretty stressful.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sep 6

Chugga-chugga-chugga. Couldn't really think of a good made-up word for today, but I do feel like I'm just chugging along, trying to lay down miles mechanically. Running's not like a joy-inspired act right now. I do enjoy it, but there's an element of having to stay on track and not falling off pace.

I got them in today, in the form of speedwork. Last week, it was about slow miles, just laying down a foundation. I don't want to lose my speed, so I had to give my leg a little snappy session. 4.5 in 34:09, 7:35 ave. Pretty good!!! It felt hot in the room, too! And I wasn't even going all out. I did a mile warmup in 8:14, then 6x[quarter at 9mph (6:40 pace), quarter at 7.5mph (8:00 pace)], the another 0.5mi at 8:00 pace to cool down. That cooldown is where I could've gone faster, but I had extended the length of my usual intervals by a mile (including the "jogging" portions), so I wanted to manage the risk and build up gradually. In the past, it wasn't straightforward and equal quarters, so they're not comparable, so I can't say that I'm any better now than before, but this definitely went well. My right hammie is a bit off, but nothing I'm too concerned about at this point. It's one reason to cut the workout off there.

I wore 1224's w/ areches, sox, mp3 on the right, tread 1 degree.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sep 4

Whew - slept about 15 hours last night and today... 9, then 4 hrs, then 2 hrs. Much-needed. Now if I could only do that for another week, I'd be caught up for this month.

Training is going well, although I am a bit tired of having to keep it up. I haven't even begun real training yet; ie, I haven't started a plan. I'm just in base mode, trying to up my average weekly mileage and up my LR's. Maybe my body's just tired from a lack of sleep, and the groany feeling will go away once I'm on a regular schedule again.

Today, got in my LR, just as planned. Since I did 9 last Sunday very well, 10 for this week was a good goal. It was about at the 10% level LR-wise, and it would bring me to just over 20 miles for the week. It went from 79 to about 77 during the course of the run. The latter part brought some extremely cool breezes. I wore n3's w/ stability insoles, oxysox, the Shadowpack with a cell phone, shades, and an mp3 on the left arm. I turned my right ankle a bit at around mile 2, but it went along okay. My right knee still has something tweaked in one of the ligaments, but my strides were short, so it didn't give me big issues. I had an apple 20 min before and a Gu Chomp plus water right before. Was okay without water during the run. Another Gu might've helped during the run, but it was okay without that too.

10.2 in 1:31:18, 8:57 ave. Kinda slow, but that's okay for LR's. It's longer than I usually go. Plus, it's just 35s off my goal pace. Splits> 8:48 (0.98 mi) b, 6:07 (0.68) p, 7:25 (0.87) c, (22:21), 7:26 p, 6:14 b, 18:18 b, 6:10 p, 7:33 c, 7:33 p, 6:10 b, 9:30 car. Looks like I slowed down. I thought it was the opposite. Oh well. Good run.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sep 1


Soooo, today I went to Valley Forge National Park. I had two hours before I had to jump onto a teleconference call. I got my NP passport stamped (unfortunately, one upside down because I was so jittery... bound to happen), and I watched a helpful background video. The 40min walking tour was cancelled due to the heat... sad. But I found out it would've only been a quarter mile. The main park loop is 6 miles, and I had an hour and a halfish, so I decided to try to take in the park in that time by foot. It turns out that you can just drive it all, and you don't miss much. There are many soldiers' huts, and they're all about the same. There are a few special things, though, like the archway, the chapel with the justice bell... that's all I remember. Ooh, I saw deer. I got kind of lost. One part of the trail was under construction, so I did a detour. Turned out to be a good thing, because I think that path I had wanted to take would've taken me way off the main loop, and it would've been a long run indeed. I managed to come in just 10 minutes before the call, which ended up being rescheduled anyway. I went back to the visitor center to look at the exhibits. A good fun/fit combo! Progress was slow because I was wearing a backpack and a cotton shirt, and it was hot (96 degrees with no shade!) and hilly, and on grass. My back got chafed. Due to the wandering and siteseeing and some backtracking, I'll have to approximate... 6.0 in 1:00:00 let's say, just to make it simple.

Afterwards, back to Horizons! I had the BBQ Seitan atop potato salad. For dessert, Chocolate-Filled Beignets with a mini glass of Iced Coffee, plus the homemade Foccacia. Very good and very filling.