Friday, August 31, 2007

Aug 31

1000: Savory Tofu topped w/ Shrimp; 75% Lite Vermont Sharp Cheddar; WW Bread w/ Cinnamon & Honey; Peanut Butter (g, v)
200: Instant Oatmeal fortified w/ vitamins and minerals; Savory Tofu topped w/ Shrimp; Leafy Green Veggie; Shrimp
300: Pear
830: Grilled Cajun Salmon; Organic Mixed Greens w/ Cherry Tomatoes, Asian Sesame Vinaigrette, Sunflower Seeds, Shredded Veggie Mix; Tortilla Chips (g, cc)
1200: Dagoba Organic single-origin Concado 73% Dark Chocolate
200: Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Watermelon; Peanut Butterrrrr; Reduced Fat Pringles

Plyos with my new Agility Kit> Warmup: 25 Double High-Knee Jumps; Ladder: 5-step, single-leg hops, in/outs, laterals; Cone: R/L Slalom; Forward/Backward run slalom (10 min total)

Hanging out w/ AD and her A-ROTC buddies.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Aug 30

945: Protein Shake of Vanilla Whey & Skim Milk; Toasted WW Bread of Cinnamon & Honey (vc) 200: Seafood Teriyaki (crab, shrimp) w/ Veggies; Garden Salad w/ Ginger-Wasabi Dressing from Sakyo (g)
745: Fish; Brocccoli, Bok Choy, Mushrooms, Bamboo; Shrimp; Tofu & Mushroom Soup; Orange & Cantaloupe; Fried Tofu topped w/ Shrimp (excellent, but decreasing marginal returns with the second one); Dark Green Veggie; Lots of Oolong Tea
1145: 1/2 Guava; Pain au Chocolat; Peanut Butter (cc)

Lunch w/ LS, printing shirts, visiting Sawgrass ppl.
Long-time Charlestonian Chinese "Family" Reunion at C&W.
Homemade agility ladder- gotta see it to believe it. Very functional.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Aug 29

1030: Chinese Squash; 2 Personal WW Pita Pizzas w/ garden tomato sauce, Sharp Vermont Cheddar; garlic & herbs, tomatoes (g)
145: Kashi GoLean w/ Skim Milk & Flax Seed Booster; Peanut Butter & Jalapeno Smokehouse Almonds (v)
445: Pear; Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Peanut Butter; Brown Rice... very full
815: Broccoli, Zuchinni, bit of carrot; Watermelon; Jalapeno Smokehouse Almonds
1115: Instant Oatmeal fortified w/ vitamins & minerals; Vermont Sharp Cheddar (g)
1230: 1/2 Tomato; Vermont Sharp Cheddar
315: Jalapeno Smokehouse Almonds

Instant oatmeal, a wonderful thing I almost avoided all summer since I ate it so much for breakfast last year at school. I like it and didn't want to get sick of it. It's nice to have again.

- 2.2mi warmup/cool-down total, to and from gym.
- 30 min Elliptical... supposed 1306Cal (but ellipticals lie like nothing else, maybe b/c they discount the carrying over of momentum from the elliptical motion itself, so you're not really doing that much work, just a theory... there's no possible way), ave 55rpm, resistance 10.
- Arm strength.

I went at night (like 5 min after eating at 815), so I used reflective arm bands and my new hand-crank led light (gear guides eventually), but neither saved me from stepping in dog doo somewhere along the way :(

Just some thoughts. I think I've developed a new understanding of running some time during college, specifically this summer. I used to go running websites and RunnersWorld just to check out nutrition and physio-related articles, perhaps a few training ones. I thought the other articles about runners and their expeirences, what running did for them, how they feel during their runs, etc., was boring and for older runners who maybe wanted to live vicariously through these guys or identify with these feelings. But now, I'm into them.

In HS, I was just about competition. Pushing myself as hard as I could, doing what I could nutritionally and somewhat training-wise to put it all on the table when it came to race day. Now that I don't have a team to run for, and am not fast enough to do anything competetively, I've enjoyed new aspects of running. In HS, I would also use running as a good time to think about things (though with oxygen in the head lacking, I think the type of thinking is different, maybe different speed or something) and meditate on the words to Christian songs, and I still do that.

But now when I go out, it's not so much to train - though with ultimate that's a big motivator, too - but also just for the adventure and excitement. I like to shop and run, so I go 6-10mi round trip to get both in. It's wooonderful. It's one of the things I look forward to most, big blocks of time in my day that are free (since it's usually a 2.5-3hr affair, plus showering afterwards) to use it on this. Campus can feel so stress-filled sometimes, with schedules and assignments and commitments very rigid. But running is free. I go where I want. I can take my time. With the orange Jansport Diablo on my back, stuffed with my wallet, phone, maybe camera, and food or clothes I bought, I'm set to explore.

So now I am able to savor all of the articles and podcasts (another wonderful thing to listen to, better than music in getting your mind off the physical running). Ones I really think are cool are the stories of ultramarathoners and endurance runners (350 miles in one sitting!!!!!!!!!). I wish I had the body to do that. It would be amazing. But my knees and ankles start giving out at mile 11 for sure, if not before that. One day, though, I'll have a new body. I wonder if there's running in heaven. Maybe an even better analog. Let me explain. Someone who's totally 2-D and only knows 2-D can't really comprehend what a cube may be like, though they can sort of get a picture with a square. They could never quite wrap their heads around what something 3-D is like, though they get a glimpse, and the 3-D really is there and possible. It's similar to God and spiritual things. We get a glimpse of what love is and the goodness of God, and even that 2-D taste is good. But you're in for a treat, because you can't even imagine yet what the 3-D will be like. I read that idea somewhere before, maybe from C.S. Lewis. He probably articulates it much better, but I don't remember the source.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Aug 28

1030: Jalapeno Smoked Almonds; Kashi GoLean w/ Skim Milk and Flax Booster; Vermont Sharp Cheddar (g, v)
845: Fish; Green Beans; Watermelon; Chinese Squash; Brown Rice w/ Tofu, Edamame, and Black Sauce; Peanut Butter (cc)
1015: Few Mixed Berries; Brown Rice w/ Tofu, Edamame, and Black Sauce; Fish (g)

I had cavities filled today. I would've eaten earlier, but I couldn't tell the difference between my food and my tongue for a long time.

- Megaloop> 22:12 Course Record :) It was so cool today compared to how it has been the rest of the summer. I went at like 5pm, and it was sunny but windy and not boiling-hot.
- 45 min abs

Last night, I stayed up until 530am packing. My room at home's no longer going to be my room. I went through old stuff, trying to decide what to keep. It's an interesting task, and what one picks tells you a lot about a person. I felt like I was dying or dead or something, and someone was trying to tell the story of my life through the things I selected to go into the boxes. So what do I have? 2 boxes of college notes/textbooks. This knowledge is worth 40K a year, and I forget stuff so quickly, so I'm keeping it so that I have something to show for all of the time and money, and so that I can look back on what I used to know and try to relearn it when I need or want to. Then, there are running shoe boxes for various categories. One for HS, of old emails, mementos, cross country stuff, etc. There's one of souveniers of all sorts from my Europe Trip in 2000. And there's one of little objects from my childhood, like a Valentine's Day snow globe of two cartoon-ish dalmations on a see-saw that my mom gave me waaaaaay back, NASA objects, medals that give a picture of my interests (piano, running, academics, french), stuff like that. And then there are yearbooks, newsletters that highlight personal landmark events. And then there's my coin collection, sticker album, special t-shirts from special events.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Aug 27

1030: Protein Shake of Vanilla Whey and Skim Milk; Peanut Butter; 2 Portions of WW Pain au Chocolat Noir; Too many Jalapeno Smokehouse Almonds; Emerald Chocolate Brownie-flavored Glazed Walnuts... boo (g, cv)
330: 2 Personal WW Pita Pizzas (2 x 1/2 pita, garden tomato sauce, diced tomatoes fresh from our garden, Cabot Sharp Cheddar, garlic & herbs; broiled to perfection)... delicious
800: Lemon Pepper Salmon; Emerald Chocolate Brownie-flavored Glazed WalnutsChinese Squash; Pain au Chocolat; Broccoli; Peanut Butter
1100: Raspberries & Blueberries; Vermont Sharp Cheddar
1215: 70% Dark Chocolate; Boiled Peanuts

I think it's time to run again. Break's over.

- Shopping spree w/ mom> semiformal black dress, high sierra orange sport duffle for ultimate team travels, white hooded v-neck shirt w/ kangaroo pocket, red shirt w/ fabric gathering in the neck part (whatever that's called, clearly not an expert in clothes) and a cloth string of the same material that has a heart outline pendant.
- Long-awaited catching up with JL (another one) on the phone.

To complement yesterday's "YUCK" category, there was a turtle crossing the street today as I drove w/ my mom to go shopping.


First, I'd like to spread awareness about the Bottled Water Problem:
- It takes 1.5 million barrels a year just to make the plastic water bottles.
- And then even more to transport the water that it carries.
- Then there's the problem of all the trash from discarded waterbottles and the extra energy required for the recycling process, if we're that lucky.
- Save the environment, and save your pocketbook by going Nalgene.
- The little bottled waters hold so little anyways.
- We're fortunate enough to be able to get free, clean water from the tap, without having to kill the environment at the same time.
Back to the gear review: This guy's are pretty self-explanatory and well known everywhere, so I'm just going to give my Nalgene some lovin' here.

At home, I use a knock-off 1L blue-green, Rocky College Nalgene. It's a good thing it's big, since I've been drinking 2 gallons/day this summer. I fill it up so often and down it quickly. I carry it with me in my purse when I go out, and I bring it to church, even.

At school, I use a knock-off 1L orange Rocky Nalgene. It's tougher to bring around at school, since I don't drink as much there, and my orange Camelbak's kind of small. I just use that one in my room. I love water fountains near my room. 101 last year was really sweet, with nice access to the water fountain and the bathroom (the two go hand in hand). To carry around campus, I've kind of long-term borrowed (commandeered) a friend's mini-0.5L Nalgene, though, and that fits in the front mesh pocket pretty nicely. Water in Pton tastes nasty, but it's water. Hopefully, I'm not getting high concentrations of mystery toxins by drinking as much as I do.

I went biking to the gym once and dropped my blue-green Nalgene while it was full. It made a huge noise, since it was heavy. It got couple short but sorta-deep scratches, but other than that, it's doing great. Also, I once got mad while talking to my dad and started ripping at the plastic lid attachment chord of the Nalgene. The loop around the lid just got stretched to the point that it popped off, but I was able to pop it back on and has had no trouble staying on. It's very durable, I was glad to see.

Haha, nobody probably cares about the details of my Nalgenes. Oh, but I like them, and it's kind of late, so I'm just telling Nalgene stories.

Oh, it gets cloudy on the inside without you realizing it, so wash it every now and then, even if you're just refilling with water. You'll get around to washing it, and it'll look so different when it's clear that you hardly recognize it. True story.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Aug 26

845: Kashi Go-Lean w/ Skim Milk (v)
100-230: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrot; Cod; Egg Whites Sunny Side Up (well, it was sunny, I just took the sun part out); Chinese Squash, Emerald Dry Roasted Almonds, Pain au Chocolat, Vermont Sharp Cheddar (c, g)
800: WW Penne w/ Spaghetti, Zuchinni Chunks, and Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Plum
1000: Pear; Peanut Butter; Broccoli; Chinese Squash
1200: Dry Roasted Almonds

In Fitness news, I think I'll take a few days off. Some tri training schedules build in a week of rest, a whole week, about every 6 weeks. Seems like a lot, since you begin to lose fitness within two weeks of inactivity. At the same time, during XC season, I'd take a week off because school went on break or something, and I'd be more charged up and faster after the break. So it might be good for my training. In any case, my ankle's connective whatevers (ligaments, tendons, I don't know the difference) are still feeling damage. Let's not get injured.

haha, new category. Ran over a big long snake on the road.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Aug 25

1045: Protein Shake of Vanilla Whey & Skim Milk; Pain au Chocolat (v)
1245: Pear fresh from our garden; Emerald Dry Roasted Almonds
300: Broccoli broiled w/ Garlic & Herbs (broiling veggies brings out a nice crispy, nutty flavor you can't get with any other cooking method); WW Bread w/ Cinnamon & Honey (g)
730: Sushi (California Roll topped w/ assorted fish) with Wasabi + Soy Sauce; Garden Salad w/ Ginger-Wasabi House Dressing; Teriyaki Flounder
1100: Plum; Peanut Butterrrrr

Watching Womens' Soccer on ESPN2 > US vs. Finland

Friday, August 24, 2007

Aug 24

1045: Sweet Mung Bean Soup w/ Skim Milk; Vermont Sharp Cheddar (v)
315: Peanut Butter and Almonds; Pain au Chocolat; Omlette w/ Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes, Cheddar; 70% Dark Chocolate; Plum (g)
745-1000: Kashi Go-Lean w/ Skim Milk; Celery Stalk; Dry Roasted Almonds; Watermelon; Brussel Sprouts; Raspberries & Blueberries
1230: (actually not-so) Sweet Mung Bean Soup (g)

LR> 2 Megaloops (5.8 mi), 52:04, 9 min/mi-ish, on ankles still raw on the lateral side from the jumproping

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Aug 23

930: Kashi Go-Lean w/ Flax booster and Skim Milk (g, v)
1200: Plum; WW Toast w/ Cinnamon & Honey; Pain au Chocolat via toast; Celery Stalk; Emerald Dry Roasted Almonds
445-745: Nature's Path FlaxPlus Pumpkin Granola; Vermont Lite Sharp Cheddar; Pear; Brussel Sprouts; Pain au Chocolat; Lean Beef... gasp!; Peanut Butter; Watermelon
930: Vermont Sharp Cheddar (g)
1015: Sweet Mung Bean Soup
1145: 70% Dark Chocolate

Art History Book.
Ultimate videos on YouTube and CSTV late into the night.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Aug 22

800: Bamboo Salad; Cabot Lite Sharp Cheddar; WW Dark Chocolate Chip Pancake (v)
1230: 1/2 Pear; Omlette w/ Peppers, Onions, Tomato, Mushrooms, Chile Pepper Flakes, ff Cheddar; Nature's Path FlaxPlus Pumpkin Granola (g)
745: Seaweed Salad; Boiled Cauliflower; Bamboo Salad; Big fillet of Cod; Toasted WW Bread w/ Cinnamon & Honey; PB and Dark Chocolate (c)
1030: Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Salted Cashews; Blueberries and Raspberries; Nature's Path FlaxPlus Pumpkin Granola

- 20 min of Jumprope on the tennis court (if you don't believe that it was an intense workout, you should've watched me wring out the sweat from my sportsbra afterwards, even though it was 830pm). Jump-roping is the newest fad to hit Fit360. Watch for a gear guide report some time.
- 10 min elliptical, b/c it finally got fixed, and to make up for all the little gaps of time after I'd trip up on the rope and have to reset. Would've done longer, but so sapped after jumproping.

Mad summarizing in my journal of The Jesus I Never Knew.
Not 1 but 2!! naps.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aug 21

830: Toast w/ Vermont Cheddar; Toast w/ Cinnamon & Honey (v)
1045: Omlette w/ Mushrooms, Tomato, Onions, Peppers, Chile Pepper Flakes (g)
115: WW (always 70% Dark) Chocolate Chip Pancake; Protein Shake of Vanilla Whey & Skim Milk; Peanut Butter
500: Vegan Chocolate Gelato (frozen banana, 2 tbsp cocoa powder, mashed to perfection); Vermont Sharp Cheddar
830: Bamboo; Seaweed Salad; Sauteed Green Beans; Nature's Path FlaxPlus Pumpkin Granola; Protein Shake of Vanilla Whey & Skim Milk
1030: Bamboo; Seaweed Salad; Sauteed Green Beans; Celery Stalk; Blueberries and Raspberries; Lite Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Boiled Peanuts; 70% Dark Chocolate (g)
1215: Pear
100: Cashews

20 min Stairmaster
65 min abs, bit of legs + plyometric jumps (right ankle's suffering a bit)

Finished Out of the Saltshaker and Into the World.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Aug 20-p

930: Protein Shake of Vanilla Whey + Skim Milk; Pain au Chocolat on 2 pieces of Toast; bit of PB (v)
1200: 3 Egg Whites; Celery Stalk; Cashews; Nature's Path FlaxPlus Pumpkin Granola
400: Cantaloupe; Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Spinach Pancake
800: Lemon Pepper Salmon; Napa w/ Shitake Mushrooms; Egg, Tomato, and Green Onion Dish; small Pear (g, cc)
900: WW Chocolate Chip Pancake
1015: Cantaloupe; Cashews
1045: Lemon Pepper Salmon
230: Kashi GoLean

Megaloop> PR: 22:18!!! (about 7:41/mi) HR 160-170, 170-190. Oh man, I so didn't feel like running as I went out. I had planned on taking a rest day after yesterday's stairmaster + abs. It was hot (heat index 101 degrees at 630pm), and my arms were not sore but feeling sapped of energy from yesterday's strength training. But I've seen time and time again, if you just go out anyways, you'll end up suprising yourself. Once you get going, you'll start thinking "let's just get this over with, keep charging forward." And the good feeling you get afterwards is amplified by the knowledge that you originally weren't going to run at all.

You know you're a runner if:
If you wash your "lucky" running shirt one more time, it'll disappear.
You almost wish that a pickpocket would grab your wallet so that you could chase him down.
48 degrees is the perfect temperature.
You think that same watch goes with any outfit you own.
You hate walking up steps.
If you are ever bored while at an event and you start checking your resting heart rate.
Racing is the only reason good enough to shave your legs.

Other Stuff about Me:
I get a high from the smell of the gym and unwashed soccer bags.
I've tried to take a nap while running at XC practice (close eyes for 10s, peek to stay on course, repeat).

Working on The Notebook's main theme on piano

Sunday, August 19, 2007

FAITH: Living With Margin

"Margin is the space that once existed between our load and our limits. Margin is the space between vitality and exhaustion. It is our breathing room."
- Swenson, The Overload syndrome, pgs 14, 132

At Pton, there is almost a felt need to pack each day with as much as we possibly can. This comes both from the inner drive that helped us get here and from outside pressure to excel in everything and work hard and play hard. Carpe diem... and noctem... as continually test the limits of my abilities. We're good at that, aren't we? But at what expense do we do this? There's the sleep deprivation and the need to de-stress with sometimes drastic measures, but there's also the inevitable neglect of others as the need to go from one class to another activity to meals to a workout to practice makes compassion for others atrophy. I see it all too much in myself.

"As we have seen, Jesus never seemed in a hurry. Time urgency was not only absent from his life, it was conspicuously absent. Creating a margin - that space between our load and our limits - is perphaps one of the best ways to put a Christ-like sponaneity and interrupt-ability back into our lives. Margin blunts hurry and allows us to focus on divine appointments God sends our way."
- Swenson, 132

And then there's also the issue of what a lack of margin does for one's relationship with God.

"It is normally impossible to hear from God when our hands are constantly full of our own agenda and activities, and there is no margin in lur lives."
- Pastor Buster Brown, East Cooper Baptist Church

I neglect prayer and time reading and meditating on Scriptures when I'm on overdrive trying to complete everything that I have on the schedule. We can't recieve all of the gifts God wishes to lavishly pour out upon us when our hands are full. If we are to love others as Jesus first loved us, we must first allow ourselves to be filled with the reality of his mercy and grace. Only then, out of the overflow of our thanksgiving, may we share with the world the message of hope that is our strength.

Aug 19

830: Pain au Chocolat; Protein Shake of Vanilla Whey & Skim Milk (v)
1215: WW Pita Toasted w/ Vermont Lite Cheddar & Garlic + Herbs; Canteloupe; Sweet Rice Flour Cake w/ Red Beans & Peanut Butter (g)
200: Roasted Squid Snack (like squid jerky)
300: Nature's Path FlaxPlus Pumpkin Granola
715: Lemon Pepper Salmon; Sauteed Zuchinni; Pear; Egg; Toast w/ Cinnamon & Honey; Peanut Butter (cc)
1015: Sauteed Zuchinni; 3 Egg Whites; Spinach Pancake; Nature's Path FlaxPlus Pumpkin Granola (g)
1200: Emerald Cashews

Here's something that has worked well>
I used to take all my meals while watching TV, a nice way to wind down or just not think for a while ;) But, I noticed that when I do that, I start mindlessly eating, and before I know it, the plate's empty, and I'm ready to reach for something else, since I don't feel quite satisfied. So instead, I've been consciously (it's hard to break the habit) not turning on the TV and instead just having a pure meal time, where I get to take the time to actually notice and savor the unique texture and flavors of the food. It helps when I made the dish myself.
Ever remark how good free samples of food at grocery stores taste, even though it may be something as plain as a bite of bread, or as convenience-oriented as a microwaved dish? When I take those, I savor and think about the food, so even a bite of frozen lasagne tastes like a million bucks.

20 min Stairmaster (easier than last time, prob b/c of massive rest)
50 min Abs, bit of arms

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Aug 18

915: Pain au Chocolat (just like it!!! WW Pita broiled w/ choc chips on it); Protein Shake of Vanilla Whey & Skim Milk (v, g)
100: Omlette w/ Peppers, Onion, Tomato, Mushrooms, ff Cheddar, Chile Pepper Flakes; Toast w/ Cinnamon & Honey; Sweet Rice Flour Cake w/ Red Bean + PB
430: Kashi Go-Lean w/ Skim Milk; Spinach Pancake
700: Seaweed Salad; Shrimp; Canteloupe; WW Toast w/ Cinnamon & Honey
1000: Boiled Peanuts; Watermelon; Seaweed Salad (cc, g)
1200: Sweet Rice Flour Cake w/ Red Bean + PB

Woah, it's "feels like 88" here at home, but it's "feels like 66" in Pton? We had "feels like 114" last week. You guys have it good, workout temp-wise. No excuses, northerners. But after training in 90-degree heat, once I get back up north, it'll be happy trails all the way.

a cappella singing Prayer of the Children w/ AL, BL, KT, NL

Friday, August 17, 2007

Aug 17

945: Kashi Go-Lean w/ Skim Milk + Flax Seeds (v)
100: 3-Egg (I always mean white) Omlette w/ Peppers, Onion, Tomato, Mushroom, ff Cheddar, Chile Pepper Flakes; Sweet Rice Flour Cake w/ Red Beans + PB; Banana (g)
330: Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Toast w/ Cinnamon & Honey
630: Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries; WW Pita baked w/ Vermont Cheddar; Celery Stalk; Sweet Peanut Soup
800: Pear; Kashi TLC Country Cheddar Crackers
930: Watermelon; Sweet Rice Flour Cake w/ Red Beans + PB; Kashi TLC Country Cheddar Crackers
300: Kashi Go-Lean w/ Skim Milk + Flax Seeds

Swim> alt free and breast, 25 laps, 34:00 (slower than I hoped, since that's the same pace at which I can do 50 laps, yet it was strenuous)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Aug 16-p

730: Iceberg Lettuce; Toast w/ Cinnamon & Honey; Toast w/ Vermont Sharp Cheddar (vc)
130: Tuna Sandwich w/ ff Mayo, Flax Seeds, Tomato; Kashi TLC Country Cheddar Crackers; Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries; Spinach Pancake; Sweet Rice Flour Cake w/ Red Beans & Peanut Butter Topping (g, cc)... could've stopped before I started with the simple carbs but variety availability got the best of me
445: Watermelon
800: Fish; Seaweed Salad; Egg, Tomato, and Green Onion Dish; Green Beans; Toast w/ Cinnamon & Honey (cc)
930: Tuna Salad; London Fruit & Herb Co's Blueberry Bliss Tea [hibiscus, apple pulp, blackberry leaves, liquorice root, blueberry juice, rosehip, orange peel, blueberry bits, blackcurrant leaves]
1115: Apple + Peanut Butter
1145: Kashi TLC Country Cheddar Crackers
300: Vermont Sharp Cheddar

Run> 4.11mi, 34:45, 8:28/mi, 333 Cal... would've gone longer, but two dogs started chasing me, so I turned around and ran back home. Bad experience w/ a dog when I was a freshman in HS. I was riding my bike, exploring the subdivision, and the wind blew my hat off while I was turning in a cul-de-sac. As I bent down to pick it up, a black dog bolted toward me. I threw down my bike (hard enough to make the handlebars go out of alignment), and I started running down the road. It followed me and caught up and his teeth grazed against my butt, but not at the right angle to break through my shorts, thank goodness. I kept running as the dog gave up the chase, and I ran a few houses down to a BellSouth truck where the telephone man was just leaving the customer's house. I told him about what happened, and he walked to the cul-de-sac with me, shooed the dog away, and helped me get the bike back in place. Nothing that bad since then, but dogs still bark or chase me pretty regularly. The main chaser's a little one, but he's still scary with all his barking. The barkers are big, but they usually are pretty good about staying on their turf.

"Kickboxing Class" on TV.
Camera Fun.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aug 15

830: Peanut Butter on WW Toast sprinkled w/ Grape Nuts; Protein Shake of Vanilla Whey + Milk (v)
1000: Iceberg Lettuce
1130: Egg White Omlette w/ peppers, onions, ff cheddar, garlic, herbs, tomato; WW Toast w/ Cinnamon & Honey; London Fruit & Herb Co.'s Blackcurrant Bracer Tea [sweet and delicious blend of hibiscus, blackberry leaves, liquorice root, apple pomace, blackcurrant, rosehips, strawberry juice](g)
200: Cabot Vermont Cheddar; WW Chocolate Chip Pancake
600: Sizeable Sample of Billfish Bouiabaise w/ French Bread, paired with Pinot Noir from Wholefoods Cooking Class :)
845: Kashi Go-Lean w/ Skim Milk; Hot & Sour Napa & Mushroom Soup; Sweet Rice Flour Cake w/ Red Beans
1030: Watermelon; Kashi TLC Country Cheddar Crackers; Vermont Lite Cheddar (g)
100: Apple + Peanut Butter

Megaloop Recovery Run (glutes so sore after yesterday's strength train)> 23:17, 8:10/mi, 2.85mi, 229Cal

Learned about inflammation yesterday at (
Here are highlights >>

"Inflammation is an immune system response to tissue damage. When an injury occurs, inflammation removes cellular debris from the site of damage and initiates repair. There are three phases of the inflammation response. First, blood accumulates at the site of damage, causing the classic symptoms of swelling, heat and stiffness.

Next, specialized white blood cells called neutrophils migrate to the injured area and absorb the debris of damaged cells. Finally, other cells known as macrophages accumulate to complete the clean-up process and stimulate tissue regeneration.

In addition to repairing muscle damage from exercise, inflammation promotes training adaptations such as cell proliferation -- an essential step in the development of bigger, stronger muscle fibers. Inflammation even makes you more resistant to muscle damage in the future (known as "the repeated bout effect").

Although inflammation repairs tissue damaged during exercise -- and here's the negative side -- it also results in further damage between workouts. It's believed that in the process of healing injured tissue, active neutrophils also release cell-damaging free radicals that produce secondary muscle damage. This is the source of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), when you feel sorer the morning after a hard workout than you do immediately afterward, and why you sometimes feel sorest two days after the workout or race."

I had been wondering about why in the cold showers my knees were so ridiculously hot (in addition to my face and neck and heart). It's the blood. Do you guys' knees get that hot, or is it just my bad knees?

Wholefoods Cooking Class - happened to go there at the right time, on the right day. Good, filling stuff. Also bought Kashi TLC Country Cheddar Crackers ($1.29), GoLean ($2.49), Optimum FlaxPlus Pumpkin Granola ($2.59).

Finished Naked Economics.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

RECIPE: Cheese & Veggie Quesadilla

1 Whole Grain Lite Flatbread or Tortilla
1.5oz FF or LF Cheddar
1/2 C Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes

1. Heat stove to medium and place the bread on the pan.
2. A minute after the bread gets hot, flip it.
3. Sprinkle on the cheese and veggies and wait until it melts.
4. Add the salsa.
5. Fold the bread and heat another minute to get crispiness.

Aug 14

745: 1/2 Protein Shake (vanilla whey powder + milk); WW Chocolate Chip Pancake (v)
1115: Celery Stick; 3-egg Omlette w/ Peppers, Tomato, ff Cheddar, Onion, Chile Pepper Flakes; Mushrooms; Toast w/ Cinnamon & Honey (g)
345: 1/2 Apple; Smear of Peanut Butter (cc)
645: Black Pepper Salmon; Celery, Mushroom, Pineapple Dish; Broccoli; Watermelon; Toast w/ Cinnamon & Honey
830-1030: Celery, Mushroom, Pineapple Dish; Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Spinach Pancake; Toast w/ Cinnamon & Honey; Black Pepper Salmon; 1/2 Apple w/ Cinnamon; Peanut Butter (g)
1230: Berries & Nuts

Let's make it a good day of power meals. Maybe the power meals mentality rather than "what shall I eat next to satisfy this or that craving" will work.

I actually added a smear of peanut butter to the end of each meal today. It satisfies a desire for fullness, sugar, salt, and satisfying healthy fat all in a little spoon.

20 min Stairmaster... soaked in sweat, 335 Cal
1 hr abs/bit of arms

Some stats on the Megaloop>
Times ranging from July 12 to the present (recent first), accompanied by the est. mileage. Keep in mind, these weren't done in consistent intervals of time.
22:25/ 2.88
22:58/ 2.90
24:05/ - went purposefully slow this day
22:43/ - wore the Accumen HRM instead of the Garmin
23:00/ 2.73 (woah, what happened btwn last time and this time?)
23:51/ 3.22
24:30/ 2.87
So bad news, it's probably not a full 5K, but it's hard to say, since it's satellites tracking movement along a curvy course that varies slightly depending on which side of the road I choose to take. Good news, I dropped 2 minutes from the first to the most recent time :)

Catching up on the latest fitness news at and other sites.
Newsweek (usually, not a fan, but good article on facebook phenomenon this week).
Re-Began Out of the Saltshaker and Into the World.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Aug 13

845: Toast w/ Cinnamon & Honey; Skim Milk; Toast w/ Turkey, Dijon Mustard, Lettuce & Tomato (v)
1100: Many Wasabi Almonds (g)
300: Apple; Toast w/ Garlic & Herbs; Strawberry Special K; Dark Chocolate; Spinach Pancake; Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Cherries; Rest of the Wasabi Almonds :(
400: Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries
500: WW Penne w/ Tofu, Shrimp, and Sauce
1000: Watermelon; Omlette w/ Mushroom, Onion, Peppers, ff Cheddar
11145: 1/2 Pear from the garden; Vermont Sharp Cheddar (g)

Variety can be bad. It tends to make people eat more.
Planning out meals ahead of time so that you have a plan to stick to and ward off emotion or boredom eating is also something I should think about trying.

Megaloop> 2.88 mi; 22:25; 7:47/mi; 238 Cal

That's exciting news, given my HS pre-injury 5K-PR of 21:40-ish. With lower fall temps, race-day adrenaline, proper training w/ speedwork, and not having a big meal before, the time would be respectable. Well, I would have to add on the time for another 0.22 mi, which can be significant. Good progress, though.

Things that pump me up:
Being inspired by the athletic feats of friends (IM the one and only original running buddy, and quite a few ultimate ppl, for ex)
Gatorade commercials

Things that feel soooo good:
Icing post-run
Stretching in the morning when everything's tight
Cold showers post run in heat

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Aug 12

830: 1/2 Toast w/ Cabot Sharp Cheddar; 1/2 Toast w/ Cinnamon & Honey (v)
330: Baked Salmon; Broccoli & Candied Carrots; Black-Eyed Peas; Sweet Potato; Mixed Greens w/ Mushrooms, Sunflower Seeds, Carrots, Broccoli, Raspberry Vinaigrette; Green Beans; Okra & Stewed Tomatoes; Canteloupe
730: Cashews, Walnuts, Almonds; Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries (cc)
1130: 1/2 Apple; Peanut Butter; Spinach Pancake (g)

Megaloop> 22:58, 2.90 mi, 7:56/mi, 236 Cal

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Aug 11-p

1030-1215: Flatbread topped w/ ff Cheddar, Onions & Peppers; Chinese Squash; Garlicy Spinach; Almonds, Walnuts, and Cashews (g)
300: 1/2 Dijon Turkey Sandwich w/ lettuce, onion, tomato; 1/2 Cranberry Mustard Turkey Sandwich w/ lettuce, onion, craisins (cc, v)
430: Frozen Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries; Garlic & Herb Toast
600: Nectarine; Almonds, Walnuts, and Cashews
900: Carrot Cake Clif Bar
1030: Salmon; Almonds, Walnuts, and Cashews; Cherries; Dark Chocolate

Megaloop Fast Pace Run> Leg 1: 2mi, 7:30/mi, 159 Cal, 14:59 > Leg 2: 0.72mi, 8:13/mi, 64 Cal, 5:54
1 hr Abs... what does this mean? What I do is alternate btwn plank, side crunches, side planks, crunches w/ and w/o feet raised, 6 inches, supermans, v crunches, single leg lifts, perhaps some arms w/ free or machine weights. Whatever is hurting the least, I do that exercise and then go on to the next thing that hurts the least. It's hard to say how effective the 2nd half-hour is, because it's difficult to get through the first, but by the second, you don't feel like you're working yourself that much anymore.

Battery Soccer Game w/ AL & BL

FAITH: And Can It Be

And can it be that I should gain
An interest in my Savior's blood
Died he for me who caused his pain
For me who scorned his perfect love

Amazing love how can it be
That you my God should die for me
Amazing love how can it be
That you my God should die for me

You left your fathers throne above
So free and infinite your grace
Emptied yourselfof all but love
And bled for adams helpless race

Amazing love how can it be
That you my God should die for me
Amazing love how can it be
That you my God should die for me

Boldly i come before your throne
To claim your mercy immense and free
No greater love will e'er be known
For oh, my God, it found out me

Amazing love how can it be
That you my God should die for me
Amazing love how can it be
That you my God should die for me

Friday, August 10, 2007

Aug 10

745: Turkey, lettuce, mayo, cranberry mustard on Toasted WW Bred (cv)
1015: Peanut Butter Sandwich
1115: Lipton Tea
100: Chili's Guiltless Grill Salmon; Broccoli w/ parm; Black Beans (g)
600: Nectarine; WW Penne w/ Broccoli & Peanut Sauce; Cashews; Almonds; Vermont Sharp Cheddar
800: Seaweed Salad; Walnuts; Much Much Dark Chocolate; Watermelon
230: Vermont Sharp Cheddar

Last day of work!
Finished's Beginner's Guide to Forex Trading (leverage is difficult to understand - 3 read-throughs so far and still picking up more and more each time)

Listened to Running Fitness & Nutrition Podcasts
Designed another shirt: My Sport Is Your Sport's Punishment (see Aug 20)
Mario Cart until 3am

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Aug 9-p

800: Turkey, ff mayo, lettuce, tomato, cranberry mustard, onion on Toasted WW Bread (cc)
100: Turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion on Toasted WW Bread; 1/2 Peanut Butter Sandwich (g, cv)
300: 1/2 Peanut Butter Sandwich; Bigelow Hibiscus & Rose Hips Herbal Tea
400: Emerald Dry Roasted Walnuts
815: Lemon Pepper Salmon; Zuchinni, Onion, & Peppers; Sauteed Green Beans; Pluot; Toasted WW Bread topped w/ Cinnamon & Honey (a great dessert that got me through many days in the dining hall); Almonds & Dark Chocolate (g, cc)
1230: Shrimp
130: Spinach Pancake; Dry Roasted Walnuts; Lite Vermont Cheddar

I was soo incredibly tired and a little sick-feeling after work today and took a 3-hr nap. I was still groggy until around 9, but after that, I was giddy with laughter and ridiculousness. Kind of strange.

Taking turns picking Pontiac Aztek Adventure magnets, trading them, decorating a mini-locker with them, w/ N.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Aug 8

730: Lox, tomato, ff cheddar on Toasted WW Bread; Watermelon; Seaweed Salad
1015: Bigelow Hisbiscus & Rose Hips Herbal Tea; 1/2 PB Sandwich
1230: Turkey Sandwich w/ Onions & Lettuce (g, vc)
315:Honey Nut Cheerios; 1/2 PB Sandwich
630: Teriyaki Fish; Cabbage & Other Veggies; Clear Soup; Salad w/ Ginger Dressing
1030: Many Homemade Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Cookies; Cashews; Seaweed; Broccoli, Cauliflower; Dry Roasted Walnuts (g)... stupid Jen

Dinner, Stratego, Set, Catching Up w/ DR

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Aug 7

730: Lox, tomato, ff cheddar on Toasted WW Bread (g)
1000: 1/2 Peanut Butter Sandwich; Hibiscus & Rose Hips Herbal Tea (vc)
1215: Roast Turkey Spinach Wrap w/ Cucumbers, Lettuce & Tomato, Dill Sauce; Cantaloupe; 1 strawberry
315: 75% Lite Vermont Cheddar; WW Toast; Lettuce
530-800: Watermelon; Tuna; Chinese Squash; Peanut Butter Sandwich; Seaweed; 2 Egg Whites; Cashews; Double Dark Chocolate Cookies
1030: Seaweed; 75% Lite Vermont Cheddar (g); Watermelon

Megaloop- 24:05, cooler today than yesterday, didn't try as hard b/c only 30 min after eating lots, felt good post-run though

Catching up w/ KJ

Monday, August 6, 2007

Aug 6

745: Sweet Mung Bean Soup (c)
1030: Peanut Butter Sandwich; Hibiscus & Rose Hips Herbal Tea (v)
100: Cashews; WW Toast; 75% Lite Vermont Cheddar; Lettuce (g)
245: 1/2 PB Sandwich
530-730: Lemon Pepper Salmon; Chinese Squash; Sweet Mung Bean Soup; Chcoolate Chip Pancake; Peanut Butter; Spinach Pancake (c)
1030: Lite Vermont Cheddar; Watermelon & Honey Dew; Homemade WW Double Chocolate Cookies
1200: Cashews

Megaloop (5K-ish)- 22:43, HR 140-195, ridiculous heat was palpable ("feels like" 108C at 5pm, ran at 8pm)
30 min Abs

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Aug 5

845: Skim Milk; Peanut Butter on Toast; Watermelon & Honey Dew (g)
1115: Bowl of Sweet Mung Bean Soup; Lite Vermont Cheddar (v)
1230: Chinese Squash; a Jumbo Shrimp
500-700: Bowls of Sweet Mung Bean Soup; Lox, tomato, cheddar on Toasted WW bread; Dry Roasted Walnuts; Chinese Squash; Spinach Pancake
1100: Watermelon & Honey Dew; Dry Roasted Walnuts; Milk & Vanilla Whey Shake (g)

20 min Stairmaster
1 hr Abs (did my 3rd 4-min plank today)

Got a manual cranking 3-LED flashlight. One min of cranking gets you 30 min of light. Sweet. I used it on the bike ride home from the gym, where I watched 2 episodes of Friends while doing abs and some arms.

[Re]Reading When People Are Big and God Is Small (great book)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

GEAR GUIDE: Specialty Running Stores

In the old days, when people picked a pair of "tennis shoes" to exercise in, they would mainly go for one that looked cool and had nice colors. Now, we're smarter. Shoes have also gotten smarter.

A Plug for Specialty Running Stores:

Selecting the perfect shoe for you is as critical as getting "the one" wand for you from Ollivander's. A wizard wouldn't just pick any old cool looking wand. There's a special relationship, a necessary link fit-wise and functional-wise, that needs to go on between the shoe and the runner. Get a shoe suited for someone else, and injury results.

You've probably noticed how each person has a particular type of walk (gait, pace, etc.) that allows you to ID him/her from across a field. You may even notice how each person has her own funny way of running (the funny part sometimes from inefficient form). The strategic distribution of hard vs. soft foam, embedded gel, grooves in the outsole, specialized lacing, ventilation, shoe width, and much more, determines how fast you'll be, how hard you'll have to work, and how you'll feel during and after the run.

It is soooo worth the investment. Don't even buy online basing decisions off of descriptions and pictures. I could've gotten my Brooks cheaper, but to go and feel and test drive was priceless. You won't run in shoes that hurt you. Sitting out for the season is not worth the $25 you might save.

And running's great. You can get this sport's state-of-the-art technology for $200 at the very most, whereas with cycling, it's $3000 just for a competitive bike (and that's still on the lower end). Then, you have to add in maintenance, transport inconveniences, accessories (well, I guess running has its own - IPod, glasses, reflective gear, watch, HRM, clothes).

Aug 4

900: Cherry Vanilla Yogurt w/ Grape Nuts & Fiber Booster
1130: Lettuce w/ Balsamic Vinegar; Emerald Dry Roasted Walnuts; 75% Lite Vermont Cheddar; Spinach Pancake (g)
300: Cashews (cv)
430: Peanut Butter on Toast
600: Lettuce; Sweet Mung Bean Soup
730: 4 Tuna/Shrimp on California Roll Sushi w/ Wasabi/Soy Sauce; Cabbage & Other Veggies: Garden Salad w/ Fruit/Ginger Dressing; Giant piece of Teriyaki Flounder at Sakyo
1230: Sweet Mung Bean Soup; Honey Dew; 75% Lite Vermont Chedddar; Dry Roasted Walnuts

Apples-to-Apples, Catch Phrase w/ HF, RS, CH, LT, MS, and TM

Just a few of my opinions...

Movies- I rarely go. Most of the time, when I did go, I would leave dissapointed with the movie, having wasted a fair chunk of money and time. Does anyone else get that? I usually only go for movies I know will be good, like HP or LOTR. In my opinion, if you really want to spend time with friends, how about doing something that involves more interaction with those special people than all staring at the same screen?
Plus, a quality TV series beats out a movie (besides those few good ones) any day. Examaples: Lost, Friends, Raymond, Grey's. With these guys, you get to know the characters so much more intimately, and they are much more believeable. Plus, you get to visit them a few times a week, and they almost become like part of your family. You laugh, cry, learn, and grow along with them. And you pack way more action and plot development into what amounts to a 24-hr or 200-hr or however long the series ends up going through than in the meager 3 hr movie.
What I'd rather do is live the adventure rather than trying to vicariously go through a disappointing story in a movie. Go exploring with your buddies- hiking, running, kayaking, art museuming, sight-seeing, etc.

Restraunts- To me, making my own food is cheaper, healthier, more fun, more satisfying, and tastier. I know what's going into it. I can control the ingredients and the flavor combinations and the cooking times. I can get just the right crispiness. I can get the perfect portions. I don't have to deal with sitting hungry during long wait times in crowded restraunts and instead can get the food when I want it.
It is nice to go to restraunts for cullinary inspiration, to enjoy unique dishes, or to not have to worry about cooking and cleaning. That's why I'm a fan of Zen Palate ( and once went there 4x within one week. But on a more day-to-day basis, I'd gladly take home cooking over fast food or even nice sit-down places.

GEAR GUIDE: Brooks Trance 6

Treadmill Test Drive at TrySports (
Nice cushioned ride (this is the '06 model, which includes the universal platform insole that the '07 model doesn't for some reason). Lower to the ground than the Asics Gel Evolution II, a max motion control shoe. This is on the low end of the pronation control spectrum. It's made of a foam that rebounds more, giving more mileage than the Asics give.
Road Tests:
According to reviews, the tongue moves a lot and is annoying, but I didn't have any trouble with that. That may be because I keep laces tied tight. It's more energy-efficient for your foot to not move around in the shoe. Seems to be less stable on uneven surfaces than the Evolution II was, but the nerves in my feet may just need time to adjust to the shoe and learn how to compensate for unevenness.
Here's what the experts had to say>>

The Shoe Fairy likes you very much. That's why she brought you this ingeniously designed shoe for your runs and workouts. She enchanted it with what Brooks calls MoGo™. Which means it gives you 40% More cushioning, 22% More responsiveness and 33% less fatigue. And of course the Shoe Fairy made sure that you got the best arch support for you medium to low arches. And with it's seamless slipper like fit, you won't want to take it off.

Features & Benefits:

Seamless slipper like fit. You wont want to take them off!
The cushy MoGo™ midsole absorbs impact-force and returns it back to you as power. The payoff - 40% MOre cushioning, 22% MOre energy return & 33% less fatigue

DRB Accel™: Promotes natural movement between the heel and forefoot, Brooks developed the DRB Accel™. This component utilizes varying durometers of thermoplastics which provide the torsional midfoot support runners need

E-Fusion [e-0™ e-1™ e-2™] : e-0™ is a new engineered outsole material that delivers unsurpassed skid and abrasion resistance compared to traditional outsole materials
High Performance Rubber : (HPR) a super-durable rubber compound provides greater resistance to high wear areas of the outsole, such as the heel, increasing the life of the shoe

HVAC: (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) technology is engineered to quickly and effectively move heat and moisture to the vented areas of the shoe for an easy escape. Thermo-conducting, silver-infused X-Static® fabric is placed in the shoe's hottest areas, creating a chimney through which heat is effectively run out of the shoe. The result is a dry, thermally balanced footbed and comfort on the run

HydroFlow® : Silicon-based system with a fluid-filled center chamber dampens shock at impact and dynamically disperses fluid at a controlled rate around the heel cushioning, stabilizing and rebounding on every stride. Plus, it's engineered to never wear out

PDRB Diagonal Rollbar™: Patented, wedge-shaped piece of high density foam is positioned on the medial side of the midsole to reduce the rate and speed of pronation

Substance 257™: Unique midsole compound is formulated to resist com-pression and rebound more quickly after impact than standard EVAs used in other brands. S-257 has been tested to be 15% more durable than EVA, which means your 400th mile has the same great ride as your first
My mom teased me about hugging it to sleep.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Aug 3

730: Turkey, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich (egg infused into Honey Wheat Bread, w/ melted Cheese inside, browned in the pan) - mom made it :)
1030: 1/2 Peanut Butter Sandwich; Bigelow Rose Hips & Hibiscus Herbal Tea
1145: Honey Nut Cheerios & Cashews
1245: Cucumber, Carrot, Vermont Lite Cheddar
115: Cashews
400: Honey Nut Cheerios
615: Garlicy Spinach; Sweet Rice Flour Cake; Chocolate Brownie Glazed Walnuts; 70% Dark Chocolate; Lox, tomato, cheese on Toasted WW Bread
1030: Flatout Flatbread topped w/ peppers, onions, tomatoes, and cheddar, broiled crispy; Garlicy Spinach
1230: Peanut Butter Sandwich; Chocolate Brownie Glazed Walnuts

20 min Stairmaster (went at 1016 Cal/hr w/ no problem today)
1 hr Abs (including my 2nd 4-min plank)

Bought Brooks Trance 6 Shoes. Sweet.
Got super email on frisbee fitness.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Aug 2

730: Lox, tomato, ff cheddar on Toasted WW Bread; Sweet Rice Flour Cake topped w/ Ground Walnuts; Spinach Pancake (g)
900: Lipton Tea
1100: 1/2 Peanut Butter Sandwich (vc)
1245: Banana; Lite Vermont Cheddar on Honey Whole Wheat Bread; Cashews
300: Cashews; Honey Nut Cheerios
600: Broccoli; Broiled Fish w/ Tomatoes, Peppers, Onions, Garlic, and Herbs; Sweet Rice Flour Cake w/ Ground Walnuts & Sweet Red Beans; Watermelon; Cashews
945: Vanilla Yogurt w/ Grape Nuts; Turnip, carrot, sea stick, & mushroom Miso Soup; Broccoli; Lite Vermont Cheddar

Slow run b/c of slow sister forced to run by mom, quit after a mile even at crawling pace. 44:27, 4.77 mi, 9:19/mi; 374Cal
30 min abs

Enjoying working on a PPT Presentation that's the culmination of my internship work. I've been thinking about whether I'm really cut out for an office job. Before, I thought no way. I can't sit all day. I can't stare at a screen all day. But it may not be so bad. Work's only painful if 1) it's boring, or 2) it's so difficult that even if I sat in front of it for hours, I couldn't solve it (like... ORF/math hw). Otherwise, even if it's something simple that keeps either my mind or body active (and healthy - no chems, no fast food greasy air, excessive sun exposure) with some achievable task, I'm happy. I think I'd be perfectly happy digging holes for a job (as a kid, it was a hobby and still delights me today). I can go without even thinking of food and sleep when I'm occupied making a scrapbook or doing some other kind of artwork. Thirst is another issue. I get irritable when I'm thirsty if it's not for toughening up during exercise.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Aug 1-p

730: Lox, ff cheddar, tomato on Toasted WW Bread (g)
1000: 1/2 Peanut Butter Sandwich (cv)
1230: Mixed Greens w/ Craisins, Vermont Cheddar, Tomatoes; Parmesan, Garlic, & Olive Oil Soy Crisps
215: Cantaloupe
400: Honey Nut Cheerios & Cashews Trail Mix
645-1000: Banana Creme Yogurt w/ Grape Nuts; Tofu; Chinese Squash; Watermelon; Sweet Rice Cake topped w/ Ground Walnuts; Spinach Pancake; 3 Egg Whites; Sunflower Seeds; Chocolate-Brownie Glazed Walnuts; Jalapeno Smokehouse Almonds; WW Pancake w/ Dark Chocolate; 70% Dark Chocolate; 1/2 Peanut Butter Sandwich; Vermont Lite Cheddar

Not so good of a start to the month...

Bought SET the card game at Goodwill. The last time I played it was in Elementary school, but it's a game for all ages. It's won 20 Best Game awards.

Harry Potter Photoshopping Madness until 4:30am. It's a wonder I'm so awake now.