Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jun 20

3 days ago - 7 mi hike at pretty slow pace, limped (i couldn't tell but my fam could) but okay besides downhill pain on my knees aaah, left calves almost inperceptibly sore the next day. Also did strength, including 4 min plank! and 130/side crunches, 40 pushups, 25 leg lifts. Strong.

Yesterday - 13.8 mi, 570 Cal, 60 min on reclined bike, reading a/b the Boston Marathon in Fodor's Traveling Marathon guide. Excited to beat the last mileage by 0.6 mi.

Today - felt like my immune system was down, took a nap, decided not to work out, started reading Ultramarathon Man, was inspired, did 14.1 mi, 580 cal, 60 min on the reclined bike, still felt down afterwards, 101.5 w/o the soaking wet shirt afterwards, really like to ice b/f and after workouts now, makes me feel so much better, also trying to stretch more to recover and avoid injury in the future.

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