Monday, December 31, 2007

Dec 31


1100: 75% Light Sharp Cheddar on 2 x WW Bread; Large Orange
1200: Almost-Dessert Rice
115: Salmon; Red Wine; Egg Whites w/ bit of Green Veggie; Chunky Peanut Butter
515: 75% Light Sharp Vermont Cheddar
745: Bok Choy; Shrimp; Tarot Root; Turnip; Salmon; Carrot; Green Veggies; Mushrooms
845: Candied Pecans (egg white, brown sugar, pecans); 2 x Sticky Rice Cake topped w/ Ground Peanuts
1000: Some 70% Santo Domingo Single-Origin Dark Chocolate
1130: Apple; 75% Light Vermont Sharp Cheddar

Hurts to move towards a sitting position b/c of yesterday.

AL's house for dinner. Adorable kids with Buttercup the hamster.
Learning Combatives and watching other cool videos at

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