Friday, December 28, 2007

Dec 28

900: Instant Oatmeal w/ some Skim Milk; Chunky Peanut Butter (vc)
1215: Banana; 75% Light Vermont Cheddar on 2 x WW Bread w/ Garlic & Herbs
1115: Crunchy Peanut Butter
145: Cheese on Wheat Lance Crackers
600: 75% Light Vermont Cheddar
745: Bok Choy; Tofu w/ Mushrooms; Sweet Potato; String Beans w/ Mushrooms; Carrot Sticks; bit of Beef; Bean Soup; Herb Soup
1045: 2 Bowls of Bean Soup
100: Dark Chocolate Dreams PB; Chunky Peanut Butter; Cheese on Wheat Lance Crackers (vc)

4 min plank while singing Star Spangled Banner and the Mulan Song. Shaky (like singing in front of a fan), but all the words and special voices were there.

Monopoly, Outburst @ TT's party.
Cribbage - complicated game to figure out at first, but rather fun.

Craziest dream, crazy in that it was so complex in its plot, and that it had characters (real and imaginary) with whom I am very familiar, and that in it, I could go through a brainstorming process (I made a list in the dream) that I very well could have wanted to do while awake. Dreams are so intriguing - you wonder how they happen, what kind of info gets put into them, and whether they have any significance. But that part about brainstorming - if I can do that when I sleep, what other things can I do when I sleep? Maybe that's how some people think a little about an essay the night before it's due and then wake up, knowing exactly what they'll write so that they can just pump it out and turn it in. I can't do that. At best, waking up and going straight to work is effective when something's due that day and I have no choice but to buckle down and get stuff done.

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