Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dec 27

1115: Instant Oatmeal; Tofu Chocolate Mousse (vc)
100: Crunchy Peanut Butter; 2 x WW Bread w/ 75% Light Cabot Cheddar, Garlic, and Herbs
545: Optimum Rebound Cereal w/ Skim Milk; bit of PB (v)
830: Indian-Seasoned Cauliflower; Chickpea Stew; Green Beans; 2 x WW Flatbread; Shrimp; Salad Mix w/ Tomatoes & Onions; Sweet Seasoned Cashews
945: Fruit Salad (mangoes, honeydew, cantalope, pineapple, red grapes); 3 cups of Milk Tea w/ nutmeg and other spices
130: Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter; 75% Cabot Cheddar

1 hr Pickup Ulty> no subs but not particularly intense either

Lots of Fetch w/ Archie & Moose, Chillin w/ MD & Crew.
Monopoly, Dominos, Chess.

Inspired by VP:

12 Things to do Before I Turn 21:
1. Fence w/ JJL.
2. Give someone a hug with my deer hat on.
3. Push-up contest w/ KJ.
4. Actually do some hard-core studying during a reading period.
5. Sing a song while doing a 4-min plank.
6. Actually do some hard-core studying during a winter break.
7. Defeat Yale at Ivy Risk.
8. Make a tofu or bean burger that tastes decent.
9. Show Lifehouse skit to 5 different people.
10. Apply for 7 summer internships.
11. Have a nice long conversation with someone.
12. Do something cool with my camera.

A Few Long-Term Goals
(b/c these will take longer than 2 weeks to fulfill):
1. See and hike the mountains out west.
2. Do a half marathon.
3. Go to Europe again.
4. Go to the top of Cleveland Tower w/ JJL.
5. Do a full BM Pyramid Sprint Session w/ no stops - just jogging in between... without dying at the end of it.

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