Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dec 15

945: Plain Yogurt w/ Wild Berry Fruit Spread; Veggie Pot Pie w/ Peas, Carrots, Mushrooms, bit of squash, Japanese radish, and onion
1045: 2 x Sprouted Grain & Legume Bread w/ Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chips
2oo: WW Noodles w/ Tahini, Tofu, and Onions; 2 x WW Corn Grits Bread topped w/ Salt, Olive Oil & Roasted Garlic - I had multiple cloves, I'm sure (it was delicious); Skim Milk (v)
300: Puffins Corn Cereal
700: Japanese Radish, Mushroom, Carrot, and Squash; Skim Milk; Daal w/ Tomatoes; Sweet Potato
745: Watermelon
1200: Falaffel; Gingerbread Stars and Moons; Plain Yogurt w/ Wild Berry Fruit Spread
1230: Gingerbread Moons (v)

Gingerbread stars and moons! and a single man (he had to be shaped by hand, so there's only one of him).
I kind of enjoy studying for humanities courses. You just go through it once, and bam, you know it. Time series and regression with S-Plus, stochastic programming, though...

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