Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jan 1


1200: Mango; 75% Light Cabot Sharp Cheddar w/ 2 x WW Bread; Chinese Sweet Sticky Rice Four Cake topped with Ground Peanuts (in Chinese, the name of it is a pun - nian means "sticky" as well as "new," so it's sticky cake or new year cake!)
530: Optimum Rebound Cereal w/ Skim Milk; Bit of Green Veggies; Salmon
700: Spicy Indian Cabbage & Onions (cumin, ginger, cayenne, garlic); Crunchy Peanut Butter
845: Salmon
945: Mung Bean Soup
1045: Dark Chohcolate Dreams Peanut Butter
1215: Homemade Kettle Korn; 75% Light Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Pommegranate; Cheese on Wheat Lance Crackers
130: Chinese Herbal Soup

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