Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nov 25

900: Apple insides (skin was waaaay sour)
1215: Animal Crackers
115: Zen Palate's Rose Petals (home-made soy crepes with wolfberry seeds & garden vegetables [cabbage, mushrooms, snow peas, & carrots] in a sweet rice ginger sauce) with a bit of Brown & Red Rice; Sweet Yam Fries
515: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Nasty Oatmeal Cookie... haha, I used no sugar- just some apple sauce, and yeah, nasty is the right word. It's not so bad when I just eat the parts right around chocolate chips, so that's what I do
545: Taro Spring Rolls, minus the rolls (just the cabbage and shredded veggie filing)
700: Moroccan Tofu Bastilla (turmeric, ginger, peas [not traditionally in it], onions, carrots, hazlenuts); Protein Bread w/ 100% Fruit Spread; Soy Milk; Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie with whole eggs... nooooooo! I found out after I ate it.
815: Sweet Yam Fries - fridge-cold and still superb (g)
930: Zen Palate's Rose Petals with Brown & Red Rice
1000: 70% Dark Chocolate by Green & Black's
1215: Enough to properly absorb all the goodness of (v)

Lunch at Zen Palate and a visit to Thousand Villages non-profit exotic craft store w/ NS.

Right now, my room is very colorful. There are strings of lights, Christmas and regular. Colors are so wonderful, and they make you happy. It's hard to be sad or apathetic where things are colorful. When I worked at the ink company both summers, I remember thinking how fortunate I was that the inks we made were colorful and not just black and white. It would be such a terrible job to only get to see and test black and white... oh, haha, I guess people don't make white inks that often... ink all day. Even if the job is boring, you at least get to see lots of colors where I worked. One of the highlights of my job the first summer was the two times that we dumped out old inks (environmentally bad practice - they no longer do it) in the sink. I'd alternate between cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. I'd release them in little splurts, in varying patterns. The colors would mix in interesting ways, and it looked like such awesome flowers or whatever else they turned out to be like. That's my thought for today. I had just noticed the prettiness of the lights while I was doing my readings (which are great and well-timed by God - it covers issues of when it's right to lie [I had been working out in my mind my thoughts on when it's right to kill recently], but it's also touching upon friendship), but a discussion of those readings will be saved for another day.

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