Monday, June 28, 2010

Mid-Year in Review 2010

Each week, there's a section in my log for weekly summary notes. Here they are:

1. Fuel: Was like “oh” when I saw the tracking – hope it helps and not hurts.
No intensity factor b/c my 1-hr pace is hard to say – will prob do later once I’m back to normal.
2. Fuel: focused more on protein this week, to support my strengthening, allowing me to run.
3. Worried by eating more lately, harder to feel full. Maybe mileage increase-related, hope. Lots of that from Kettlechips, though. About 7 hrs sleep/nite this week, but not restful. Immune system down? Maybe related.
Verdict’s still out about barefoot running.
4. Lower mileage, recovering from negative effects of barefoot still, but seems like I’m getting stronger muscularly. More mass/weight – probably why I was so tired and hungry this week.
5. Another week of tiredness. First month done! Ave 2.02 mi/day – est 740.6/yr at this pace. I’m happy. Expect to get stronger.
6. PT seems to actually speed up recovery post hard run? Ok.
Sore 2x this week. Strange but good?
Good training pattern emerged.
7. Start of the week was scary terrible. Seems okay now tho.
8. 2 months. Time to step it up.
9. Glad to have 2 long runs w/in a week. Used to 5’s and 8’s now? Back in old groove now – now base #2. Just have to get LR’s up to 13-15, get rid of butt issue. Good progress!
Good to play ulty again.
10. Recovering from a big last week still.
Need to be better about keeping up w/ PT – knees not great this week. Don’t blow it w/ injury.
11. Scary Tibialis Anterior under stuff episode – prob b/c all running forefoot focus this week. In future, maybe mix it up and ease into changes. Unexpected, tho.
Poor sleep this week but prob caught up over weekend. Good progress LT-wise.
Want to start working on V02!!! Next step. Good timing.
12. Going strong. Keep it up, risk mgmt til race.
13. Endurance probably all here. Besides maybe upping V02Max, just do nothing stupid.
14. Just need to get my knee better!
15. n/a
16. Numbness concerning, but otherwise should be okay.
Just need hammies to recover.
Eat well, taper, sleep well.
17. Great way to end the season! Glad to have less pressure now.
18. Need to get my rt knee back to normal, then maintain as much as I can during the hot summer. Not expecting much. Just maint, b/c it’ll be tough.
Maybe more xtrain to escape heat, give legs a break.
Races to keep motivation but don’t expect much.
19. Need to fix TA issue.
20. Boo butt… at least it’ll give my TA a break.
21. Hope to be ok to take advantage of Pton sports.
22. Amy says I shd rest to get the TA better, plus ice cup 3x/day and maybe Aspirin.
23. Mix of Pton rest, ice, stretch helping?
24. Acclimatization.
25. Wanna take better care of myself w/ icing and stretching. PT, too, I guess.
26. Decided to go for marathon in 2011. Gotta somehow build base w/o injury.

And now my high-level summary:

I highlighted week 17, since it was the Half Marathon week. There's a difference between my training before and after that. Before, I was more willing to push through possibly risky discomfort to try to be able to finish the race. I had a few 20+ weeks in there, and even the other weeks were decently high. After the race, it's been lower because there isn't that same fear/motivation to press my luck a little. Also, it's been hotter. Hard to tell how much of it is affected by heat.

I guess you can see in the 26th week's notes that I, in a moment of needing something to look forward to, and also in being inspired to set out to do this thing finally, decided to go for the marathon. It's been in the back of my mind for a while, but it was often unknown when I could fit it into my work schedule with its trips abroad, and moreso with what my body can build up to and handle overall. I think I can do 3:50 reasonably, and based on some race result estimators, I am just a tad too slow... I'm talking 1-2 minutes... to BQ (if you use my best half race), and with others, I can do it with a whole 10 minutes of cushion (if you use my 5k races). I clearly have more speed than endurance. That's something that can be changed, if I can stave off injury, but that's hard. I think a lot of it's in God's hands, in his timing, and it may not be something that he wants me to have. That's okay. I'm okay with it. I really want it, but it's still fun just to dream and to hope and to try.

Next time I do a race, I will do more to taper. I got scared and did a LR a week before the race... not the best idea, but it had been so long since my last LR and I needed the confidence boost. Confidence boosts really do help, although maybe it was offset by the lack of full recovery. Also, I want to do some speed sharpening next time. I wasn't strong enough for it last season... or maybe w/ the higher mileage, I just couldn't do it w/o risking injury. In any case, ideally, I'll have a sharpening period next time to increase speed,V02max, and running economy. But I'm really happy with how it went. And oh yes, just to be able to run 13 again is more than I could've hoped for a year ago. I still haven't run 13 since then, and that's my longest run so far, so I'm still far away, but I just have to try to take care of myself and heal up. Maybe it'd be better to take a total break for a while to get my butt/hip/knee and all that connected stuff healed up, but there's no guarantee that it would fix whatever's wrong, and who knows how long that self-healing would take. I'm impatient. And I need the daily stress relief, so I'm just going to keep going.

I think I'll go for a January marathon, maybe the Myrtle Beach or the Disney. All the cool marathons (MCM, Chicago, Niagara Falls International) that are on my to-do list are unfortunately in the early fall. Why? It's right after that slow summer season, so you don't get a chance to get some decent training in. I wish they were in the winter, with fast times on race day and after a good season of longer runs and good training. Oh well. We'll see.

So this half year, I averaged 2.08 mi/day. At that pace, I'll reach 760.2. Not the 1K I was hoping for, but I'll take it. And maybe things will get better. Although with about a month of travel abroad planned, likely without a treadmill or safe places to run, running plans may be thwarted a bit, but we'll see. It was one of my dreams to be able to travel for work and get to run and explore places, but that's an ideal world, where every place is safe.

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