Monday, June 7, 2010

Jun 7

Things went a little differently today. I felt pretty good, kind of like I did last year. My legs were stiff, which is probably a bad thing if it's sweeling? They were a little pebbly, like there were rocks interspersed between my muscle fibers. Not nearly as bad as last time, though. The stiffness kind of feels strong and efficient - less vibration? But also more injury-prone, maybe? The workday was pushing for a nice run to clear my mind, but it would've been a 3-in-a-row, which I haven't done of pure runs in a full year, maybe. But I was feeling pretty good, due to a combo of icing, stretching, and a reduced runload last week. Plus, the two previous days were slow due to the heat.

So I drove out to the park at around 7:30pm and started going, in sox and 1224's w/ stability insoles. At the end of the first lap, though, I sprained my ankle. I the past year, I've rolled it a couple times, and it was mild enough to run through with no problems. This time, though, I could feel some strands getting stretched pretty rough. Definitely had to stop, and I spent the next ten minutes or so assessing the dammage. Didn't feel too swollen, yoinked, but still fully functional. Last time it was kind of bad like this, when I yoinked it during tug-of-war, I was able to run again two days later or something, so there was good hope. So try to run (I drove all the way out there, and I wanted a run), or just wait 2 days (no loss of fitness, probably wouldn't have gained any fitnessanyway, could probably use rest after 2 days of consecutive running already)... decided to run. I was thinking about how stupid and insane I was, but it worked out.

6 in 49:28, 8:15/mi, 515 Cal. Splits> 6:30, 6:13, 18:22, 6:11, 6:05, 5:55. Nice. Afterwards, saw that my ankle (the part that sticks out, where the ligaments got stretched) was swollen, but not terrible. Made an ice bath.... too much ice. Anyway, good run. Felt good. Stopped b/c it was getting dark, causing tricky footing at certain parts, and I was getting a little tired towards the end.

I've been so into running lately, like wanting to just read and hear and think about running all the time. It's so exciting to feel so excited about something. Wish I could feel that way about God. I think I really wanna go for a Spring 2011 marathon.

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