Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jun 5

It's acclimatization time. Went on a run at 3pm, hot and sunny. I figured I'd be slow due to the heat, but no biggie - two weeks of that and I'd be more used to it. Wore my cotton tee and sunscreen, for once, to not get roasted. Visor, sox, and 3's w/ arches, too. No iPod, b/c it ran out of batteries. Still using my Gamin, b/c the park course measurements are still inconsistent, and I still haven't replaced my broken watch. I think I'm waiting until the broken strap one runs out of batteries, since I can till use it for strength and the Garmin for runs.

3.7 in 31:29, 8:31 ave, 306 Cal. Splits> 6:26 (0.71), 6:18 (0.78), 6:14 (0.71), 6:19 (0.75), 6:10 (0.70). It actually cooled down significantly over the course of the run. The sun went away. Should've checked before I went out to find out about it, since it would've probably allowed me to go longer and faster. That's the thing about heat. Training in it makes you tougher mentally and adaptation to heat-wise, but you get more cardio and muscular benefit from being able to go faster and longer. Ah well. Benefit either way. Plus, in going slow and short, I didn't have time to hurt myself. No TA or butt issues thus far! Following PT's orders, I've been icing more... like 5x more than previously in the past few days... she said to do it 20x more, so I still have a way to go, but small steps...

It was crazy, though. At 3pm, it was "feels like" 95, but at 4pm, it dropped to 85!!!

Ended up stopping mostly b/c I had to use the restroom. But maybe I'll get in a longer run tomorrow. A few miles seem significantly longer when you're doing 0.73ish mile laps over and over again, and tomorrow's course will be an out and back 3+mi each way, if I manage it.

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