Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jun 23

Was going to nap since I was tired after a looooong day at work, but my legs felt decent. They were still a bit tight from two days ago's run, plus last night's strength session, so no LR or even a decent base run. Just squeezed out a speed session.

Brooks Trance 8's w/ arches. 81 degrees, plus whatever humidity adds. 1 degree treadmill. 3.1 in 23:44, 7:39 ave. Aaah, to think I need to drop that down another 0:40/mi. Let's see... heat adjusted... oh yeah, I was thinking after the run, that the heat adjustment factor of 1% per degree over 60 degrees may not apply as much in shorter distances where the body doesn't have as much time to heat up from ambient temps, at least in the extreme cases of sprints, so maybe by extension shorter distances as well.

Sooo... what I did...
0.5 mi warmup, 4:17.
0.25 mi @ 10mph, 1:29... mile race pace.
0.25 mi interval, 2:10
0.25 mi @ 10mph, 1:30... mile race pace.
0.25 mi interval, 2:11
0.25 mi @ 9.5mph, 1:34... due to pending muscle/connective tissue damage more than tiredness
0.25 mi interval, 2:10
0.25 mi @ 9.5mph, 1:34... as before
0.25 mi interval, 2:08
0.6 mi cooldown w/ speedup, 4:38.

Last time I did quarters was the epic 20 quarters run, where I averaged 1:30. It was rainy, cold, and glorious, but I did complete stops of like 45s after each rep and didn't have asymmetric injuries.

I'm happy for today, though, and since it was so short, I think I may be able to recover quickly. We'll see. Left achilles a bit strained, but it's not a chronic thing, so I think it'll pass.

After the run, you always wonder "how could I have wanted to sleep before this?" because you feel so energized and happy afterwards.

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