Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jun 2

First day back home after a nice but EXHAUSTING time away. Got the full Pton experience, though, fun, exhaustion, and all... without the stress, though.

Sat, played about an hour of ulty, off and on. Wore XC spikes w/o the spikes. Felt super fast at first, but then you get used to it. With those, you pronate a lot, but it didn't seem to cause any issues. The grass scratched me up quite a bit, though.

Today, Wed, finally got in a run, and even that almost didn't happen. I had wanted to run Mon then Tue, but I didn't wanna have to take home yucky clothes, and I was tired. So I was itching for a run today. At 8pm, got prepped for the treadmill, but it was broken!!! Good news, though, my iPod has come back to life, at least for the moment. Ended up getting desperate and driving out to the park, hoping to get what I could of the setting sun, then using the headlamp if necessary.

5.2 in 43:52, 8:26 ave. It was rainy, and I wore no visor (forgot about the rain) in the rain for the first time in a long time. Also, 1224's w/ stab, short shorts. It was decent temps, due to the cooling rain, in an otherwise hot week. Splits> 6:18 (0.72), 6:25 (0.76), 6:32 (0.73), 6:17 (0.74), 6:19 (0.72), 6:05 (0.74), 5:53 (0.74). 435ish cal. Right leg wasn't 100% aligned, but no TA issues during the run, probably b/c it got so much rest recently. Afterwards, though, it got a little bit inflamed... that and my piriformis. Iced the TA and my hot knees. S'bout it. It was nice. I was so tired at work in the 2nd half of the day due to major sleep debt, but it was a satisfying, productive day, and a nice run was a good way to cap it off.

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