Monday, January 21, 2008

Jan 21

945: Skim Milk; 2 x Sprouted Grain & Legume Bread w/ Honey and Peanut Butter (v)
115: Bean, Onion, Mushroom, and Corn stew; Puffins Corn Cereal
230: Whole Grain Goldfish
730: Organic Multigrain Honey Bread; Mixed Greens w/ Radish, Tomato, Balsamic Dressing, Tofu; Skim Milk; Whole Grain Goldfish; Tea
1100: Apple
1130: Raw Almonds
1215: Plain Yogurt w/ Wild Berry Fruit Spread; Vegetable Chili w/ Carrots & Tomatoes

Fitness Team Meeting
KJ and I Papering our Examing Roomies
Started The Veritas Conflict by Shaunti Feldhahn

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