Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jan 8

930: Black Beans w/ Cayenne; Sweet Black Rice & Wheatberries w/ Curry Powder
115: Vegetable Soup; Panera Whole Grain Baguette
200: bit of 70% Green & Black's Dark Chocolate
330: Heap of Hummus; Sambu (like Daal, but slightly different flavor); FF Plain Yogurt (v)
815: Vanilla Soy Milk; Vegetable Chili (spicy onions, green bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes, and multiple beans); Wheatberries, Whole Grain Barley, and Sweet Black Rice w/ Vanilla Soy Milk - instant and super delicious & easy and healthy and cool Rice Pudding!
845: Planter's Honey Roasted Peanuts
1100: Tofu, Mushrooms, Peas, and Onions in Lemony Sambu Sauce with Mustard Seeds

Went to bed 5am, woke up 830am to receive 2D order.
Meet w/ RO @ Panera a/b WRC SrYG.
Meet w/ Preceptor a/b PHI essay.
Some High-Quality Catching up w/ JJL - definitely counts as a check off the 12 b/f 21 list!
Small Group.
BCG Case Interview Info Session.
Frist Essaying Fun!

Wore 4 different outfits today: my usual Adidas "uniform," haha, brown short sleeve polo w/ jeans for RO, casual white tank w/ army green polo and jeans for Preceptor, All-Out Business Casual for BCG, and back to the uniform for some essaying.

Because of the post-dinner coffee (1/2 a Starbucks Venti), I stayed up until 5am last night. I was sooo jittery for the first few hours, and my heartbeat was very noticeably fast for long after. Since it was there, I used it to try to get some outlining done for PHI. It was an intiricate topic (when is it wrong to lie) w/ lots of exceptions, qualifications, etc. to consider, so it was hard to formulate that outline. I got a little done then and worked out the rest in the morning while waiting for the Albert's order.

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