Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jan 22

845: Protein Bread w/ Buttery Sticks; Skim Milk; Vegetable Chili w/ Zuchinni, Tomato, Carrots
100: Apple; Whole Grain Goldfish
400: Bean Stew w/ Corn, Onions, and Mushrooms; Skim Milk
715: Onions in Tomato Sauce; Hulled Barley & Black Sweet Rice; Tofu, Peas, and Snap Peas; Vegan Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Cookie w/ Almonds... I made it, and it's delicious.
930: 2 x Sprouted Grain & Legume Bread w/ Wild Berry Fruit Spread & Almond Butter (v)
1200: Vegan Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Cookie w/ Almonds

Wholefoods Run - IN HAIL!!! That's a first. (In shorts and a short-sleeve t-shirt, too.) With the canal half frozen.

More Veritas Conflict.

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