Monday, January 14, 2008

Jan 14

1000: Daal w/ Wheatberries, Hulled Barley, and Black Sweet Rice; FF Plain Yogurt (v)
1100: Whole Grain Goldfish
230: Peanut Chocolate Crunch Clif Bar
330: Most of a Big Bag of Soy Crisps
715: Black Sesame Tofu; Baby Spinach and Mixed Greens w/ Mushrooms, Radish, and Balsamic Vinaigrette; some Wasabi Green Peas; Green Tea; Whole Grain Red Rice
800: Decaf Skim Milk Mocha Frappe, a $4.65 Fair-Trade Small World Coffee, on the class of '09
1230: Rest of the Big Bag of Soy Crisps; Tangerine
230: Roasted & Seasoned Onions, Sweet Potatoes, and Tofu; Daal w/ Black Mustard Seeds & Onions

Ich hasse 311.

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