Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jan 2

1215: Chunky Peanut Butter; Turkey Sandwich on WW Bread w/ Spicy Brown Mustard (vc)
300: Chinese Herbal Soup
600: Celery, Carrot, and Tofu; Chinese-Style Egg White Omlette; Green Veggie; Hot Cocoa, JL-Style (Skim Milk, Sun Crystals Sugar Substitute, Cocoa Powder, and Vanilla Extract)
700: Half a Chinese-Style Egg White Omlette; Celery, Carrot, and Tofu; bit of Turkey
715: Tangerine, excellent recovery food w/ vitamin C & potassium
800: Emerald Dry Roasted Walnuts
1030: Garlicy Greens; Low Fat Cheesecake; Pomegranate Seeds; 75% Light Vermont Sharp Cheddar; 70% San Tome Single-Origin Dark Chocolate
430: Orange; Chinese Herbal Soup; 75% Light Vermont Sharp Cheddar; Optimum Rebound Cereal

Alright, so it's 4am, and I haven't slept yet. My whole body feels out of whack. After the 9-miler, I didn't have a meal for another 3 hrs or so. I ended up going 5ish hours without food for the meal cycle of that workout. I didn't feel particularly hungry at that point, so I thought, why not ride this and hold off on it? Burn more. But no. Big mistake. Right now, my left quad's cramping up, and my legs feel dead overall. I think part of this insomnia is coming from that survival mode find food switch that got turned on because I didn't refuel correctly post-run. And what do you know, look what article popped up from RW's newsletter, at 12:15, which I am now reading after I got a much-needed 4:30 night meal. The whole time I was eating, I was thinking about the optimal post-meal recovery. There are different schools of thought. Body For Life says don't eat in the 1-hr window to maximize the burn. But I'm thinking that's bunk.

Here's the article that I think has it right:
"After exercise, especially following intensive or prolonged bouts, the body is primed to reload muscle glycogen," says Suzanne Girard Eberle, M.S., R.D., author of Endurance Sports Nutrition. Wait more than an hour to refuel, and your body's ability to make glycogen out of what you consume drops by an astounding 66 percent. And the longer you wait, the more likely you are to feel sluggish. "Everything runners do is about how well we recover," says Lisa Dorfman, M.S., R.D., a sports nutritionist and marathoner. "That's when the gains from training come."In that crucial first hour, shoot to consume 300 to 400 calories-ideally containing three grams of carbs to every one gram of protein. Your body's already primed to make glycogen out of simple carbs, and a little protein helps repair muscle-tissue microdamage.

I made a big mistake today not refueling properly, and I'll have to take extra rest days and feel it. But, you learn from these things.

Phew, I thought it was cold here, but Pton's 23/15. I'm glad it's warming up by the time I get there. Right now, it's "feels like 19" here, but it's "feels like 7" there.

9 miler, almost>1:13:30 for 8.7 mi; 2.9-mi loop splits: 24:05, 24:29, 24:57; Windy; Chilly (40F)

Made my first Cheesecake.

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