Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jul 31 - p

Oooooh, a good workout day.

Started off the day feeling a little tired in the legs... not really in the mood to work out after yesterday's "LR" of 9.1.  Haven't decided yet whether or not I'll log it as an LR... probably will.

Anyway, shopped a bit, then went to the gym afterwards, since it was next door.  That was the plan.  Got on the spin bike, read Running Times, and the 51 minutes went by quickly.  Incredible.  That bike gives you a good, consistent force.  If I ever buy gym equipment, it'll be that one.  I can go at a pretty good effort for an hour and have legs fresh enough the next day to do something again.  The recumbent bike... I don't quite like the angles and the way force is applied as much, although it is nice to recline if you're really tired and don't want to hold up your upper body at all.


So I did that for 51:15 (why such the odd time, bike?... I set it for 50-55 min, and it chose 51:15 for me).  Went 35.7 mi, ave cadence 158, 615 cal.  Bike says it was level 4 on the screen, but I don't know what that controls, if you're controlling the resistance knob manually.  Maybe it assumes you're jumping when the guy on the screen says to jump, and it factors that in to the cal count.  Who knows.
Afterwards, I used my punching gloves for 10 min to pound and every now and then kick something.  It was fun.  I have an inflatable water-based one, but that thing moves like crazy when I punch it.  Even this big plastic one moved some.

Afterwards, my body felt so loose and warmed up, so I tried a sprint session, and it went super well.  It was as if I hadn't just done 51 min of spinning.

4.0 in 29:08, 7:17 ave.  Although there was a min break before the last mile, when EMTs came in to respond to a false alarm that someone in the gym probably triggered.  But I think I could've managed holding it without the break.  It was a little challenging on the joints, but it went well.  

0.5 mi warmup @ 7.25mphish, 4 x [0.5 @ 9, 0.25 @ 7.5], 0.5 mi progression cooldown.  I walked around a bit afterwards to cool off.  Played a little with a hurdle (just step-overs) and an instability circle.  Then, walked to the grocery store.  On the way there, I was feeling so good, like I could take off on another 6 mi run or something.  I felt soooo good.  I think something has clicked today with my endurance.  It happened at around this time last year, too!  I don't know if this feeling will last, but last year, I suddenly became able to do 11 mi runs every weekend, and after that, I started marathon training.  I feel like my cardio system can take it, and with the plyos giving me some new muscle fibers to use, I feel like my legs could do a decent job, too.  Oh man, what a high.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow.  Maybe I can do another double (bike + run). 


lindsay said...

Is this still the coupon-deal gym? J/W which it is - equip looks nice!

One day when I am exercising again... We'll have to meet up.

Jen said...

Anytime Fitness on Pelham, close to Haywood. It's fun but a little far to go there as often as I'd like. I need my outdoor running time in any case. Yes, we should totally meet up for a training run once you feel better!