Monday, July 4, 2011

Jul 3 - p

Run at my parents' house.  There for the long weekend.  It was good to see my family again.  My sister is my bff.  She said so herself, haha. 

Got to run while my dad biked... it's a tradition now.  He biked with me on my first 20miler ever.  I wanted to go long, but I only managed 4.4/6.6 that I ended up deciding to do.  It was hot and humid, I was kinda tired, and my joints weren't 100%. 

After the run, it was as if I had just gotten a shower, I was so wet.  I also had grass clippings all over me, since I mowed one last bit of the lawn afterwards.  A drity mess.

4.4 in 36:26, 8:12 ave.  372 cal.  8pm, 84 degrees.
Splits> 18:23 (8:10 pace), 18:02 (8:13 pace).  Hot mess.

Went kayaking with my roomie at 7am.  We saw lots of animals!!!  I love animals.

We saw funny birds:

We saw two Stingrays:
At least we were pretty sure they were stingrays... the two fin-like things were about a stingray's width apart, and the two of them skimmed the surface the whole time.

We also saw dolphins!!! 3, probably:

And here are some pretty pictures:

And a map of where we went:

It took about 2.25 hrs to go through 6 miles on the 2-person kayak.  We saw the bridge a little past 1/2way through, and I figured it would take maybe 15 minutes to get there, by the looks of it.  My dad was going to meet us on the island (really a peninsula) to which we were traveling, so I gave him a heads-up.  But we kept paddling and paddling, and the bridge wasn't getting any closer.  Without the shore closeby or something of determinable height by which to judge distance travelled/to be travelled, it's hard to know how far you have to go.  Maybe an hour (and many phonecalls later), we got to the bridge, which meant we were almost there.

It was really peaceful being out there.  It wasn't much of a cardio workout... mostly strength, even though it doesn't make you sore even if you work hard, for some reason.

After kayaking, I crashed hard.  Took a 4 hr nap.  Took another 4 hr nap the next day, too.  Work's fault.

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