Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jul 28

Wow, haven't been so tired after a 30 min workout maybe.

Did 30 minutes of plyos with the awesome trainer Kevin Cambell at Anytime Fitness Pelham Road.  He looks like Bob from Biggest Loser.  My intention had been to work on my legs, but I had to give in and ask for arms and abs. Part-way through, I felt as if I could happily collapse on the floor and fall asleep for a while.

Still sleepy (and it's not really because of lack of sleep... typical week of sleep, but I'm more tired than normal), but we'll see if I can remember some of the stuff I did...

- warmup of step-ups onto a jumping block, 2 min
- 30ish 25 lb squat deadlifts (gets back, arms, and legs all at once)
- 180 degree squat jumps, 1 min
- jumping lunges, 1 min
- side step onto the jumping block with a small hop at the top 30s per side
- hands on step with legs a couple feet behind, to do hand-standy arm presses to get deltoids/shoulders
- ~100 Russian twists, touching the ground on each side
- 30 jackknives
- 1-legged X jumps
- 30 partial pushups
- 1-legged burpees w/ pushup
- 40 normal squats
- weighted squat jumps w/ [attempted] knee-to-chest at the top
- 1 min scissor kicks
- 20 tricep dips
- 1 min roundhouse kicks
- step on and over a step laterally
- cooldown step-ups onto a jumping block w/ knee to chest at the end, 2 min

Serious stuff... seriously tired.  Went to failure w/ most of them... had to eek them out.

Afterward walking around and getting water, I got on a treadmill and started running, but I only got maybe 20 steps before I was like "no... not today".  Legs were tired.  So I did the recumbent bike.. no spin bike... wanted to just relax/sleep... watched the Cooking Chanel.  I think that may be the best TV while you're working out.  So mesmerizing you forget you're working out, and it's motivation, in case you're not mesmerized for a moment.

30 min plyos
60 min easy bike (levels 5-7 for 1/2, level 8 for the rest, out of 20 possible levels... so chill... don't know how anyone could do 20, even for a little while... 8 was hard enough).  480 cal.

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