Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jul 22

Considered going to the gym again yesterday... could've... wouldn't have minded, but I had some work I needed to get done anyway, and 1-day recovery days are usually a good thing.

So I wen the next day.  I only had 4 miles for the week up to that point, and after the x-training, my body wanted to stretch out and feel those running muscles work again.  So I did 6.0.  I would've stopped at 5.0, but I had already told the gym manager that I planned on doing "at least 6" before the run.  It was good.  Pushed the effort a bit.  Watched TV while running. 

6.0 in 47:32, 7:55 ave.  70 degree gym, 1 degree treadmill.
Splits> 8:13, 8:08, 8:03, (25:13 5k), 7:54, 7:41, 7:31.

Next... another juicy bike session.  I had to walk around first, to get normal range of motion back.  Also did a wee bit of weights, just to give my legs a bit of rest first.

This time, no instructional video (would've liked it, but the option that I chose didn't give me one.  I picked the endurance workout, but really, you're controlling the resistance, so you can do whatever you want with standing or sitting.  Had water this time.  A must.  Sweat a lot.  Now I know what means whenever she talks about sweating from her eyeballs during workouts.  I guess with running, the jarring landings knock off sweat, so that it doesn't accumulate, but since you're not moving around as much on the spin bike, it just accumulates.

I've been stretching some (just ones that I can do while standing, so that I don't have to sit on what must be a nasty carpet or what are probably unwashed yoga mats) after workouts, but I haven't done full-body stretches all week, so the next morning's stretch felt really good.

For reals, if you like soccer at all, watch the US-Brazil Womens' World Cup Quarterfinals game online at ESPN 3.  The first half was okay, but after that, it's soooooo exciting.... tons of emotions.   If you want to see just a good game of impressive soccer from both sides, watch the US-France Semis. 

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